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Advantages of Elementor Pro website builder

Do you know BlogPress is now offering an open-source website builder? Haven’t heard about that?

If you are among those few who are still limited with the traditional website building strategies, this piece of information would really be exciting.

BlogPress now brings the very incredible and trending – Elementor Pro website builder for building creatively stunning landing pages, blog designs, customized online stores, etc. Everything you need to design an attractive and eye-catching website is available with the Elementor Pro website builder.

There are both free and pro versions of Elementor website builder; you can choose any one of them according to the needs and requirements of your business. However, if you want to be sure to select this fantastic website builder, look at the various advantages it brings along.

Advantages offered by the open-source website builder – Elementor:

This website builder offers many outstanding advantages but lets us talk about the most special ones first.

Interested in exploring the Elementor Pro website builder for designing the most beautiful, stunning, and distinguishing website?

Here are the top advantages why you should choose Elementor Pro – an open-source website builder without any second thoughts:

1. Customized Advanced Themes:

When it comes to customizations and changes, the Elementor Pro version may come in handy. The Elementor Pro website builder offers the leading and most popular industry-leading theme builder. You can choose from the available theme options, or this open-source website builder also offers the option to customize the advanced themes according to your preferences and likings.

It allows users to design every part of their blog or website without any hassles. You can customize your headers and footers for catching everybody’s attention towards your blog. With the customized theme option, you get a better and focused control over the theme designing without knowing in-depth coding. You can use a variety of different ideas and designs on your website. The Elementor Pro version has a significant advantage over the free version in this area.

Don’t you want the same for your business website? Try it now! It can be your true and all-in-one companion to design a dynamic and advanced website visually.

2. Choose from 90+ available widgets:

With 90+ top-notch widgets, you get amazing premium media widgets with Elementor Pro website builder. You can choose any of the desired widgets from the available complete set of social media widgets.

You can give your website that special touch using the menu widget, search bar, and similar features. There are also marketing and conversion widgets that help to optimize your website to know your true potential customers and visitors.

The available comprehensive single post widget is all you need to enhance the single elements of your website to leave a remarkable lasting impact on the visitors.

3. Appealing marketing:

Thanks to the visual form builder with built-in integrations, this open-source website builder brings you the benefits of more appealing and better marketing. Design your high converting forms on the front end like never before.

The advanced form fields ensure the hassle-free addition of specifically desired sections on the form. It also helps in easy customization of the forms to offer maximum convenience to the website visitors.

Another appealing benefit of this very amazing website builder is the seamless integration of all your favorite and required marketing and integration tools. Its best part is the spam filter and protection feature, which helps in reducing the risks of any fraud, cheating, illegal or unauthentic access.

Marketing was never this much fun before. Wouldn’t you agree?

Don’t you miss putting your hands on the Elementor Pro website builder?

4. Use it for your post and portfolio:

Showcase the best of your blogs and portfolios using the Elementor Pro website builder. The advanced post-filtering feature quickly filters all the posts to deliver you the best ones. This helps in making your post more relevant and specific.

As it can work on any custom post type, it can be the most reliable and trusted companion to bring the most beautiful portfolios and card skins. You can also make your favorite choice from the endless grid layout and style options to make your business website stand out from the competitors.

5. Layouts

Your website’s design can make or break your company. The goal is to make the site as interactive and user-friendly as possible. So, if the layout has been properly created, the site has a good chance of working. This is why the Pro version of Elementor includes a variety of layouts and structures to assist you in creating different designs.

You could, for example, use a grid format or a masonry style to display your products. You could also go with a more traditional approach and use a standard blog layout. All of these can be used to draw attention to specific areas of the website and present products in a more informative manner.

6. Add cool motion effects:

Animation is the latest popular trend in website designing. Most reputable and well-known websites are now fetching the benefits of cool motion animations to stand apart from the crowd.

One of the most attractive benefits/features of the Elementor Pro website builder is its ability to add powerful animations to bring your website to life. There are vast options to add cool motion effects to the website.

You can use the following available options:

●        Parallax scrolling

●        Horizontal and vertical scrolling

●        Rotation, transparency, blurring, and scaling

●        3D tilt

●        Mouse tracking, etc.

It is an endless list of such amazing features that this website builder brings along to make your website the best amongst the rest.

7. Popup builder:

Use this open-source website builder and start designing amazing and attractive WordPress Popups without any complications. The Elementor Pro website builder stands distinguished from the others as the only design-oriented popup builder.

Just imagine the immense possibilities you can get to play with the popup designs. Fascinating, isn’t it?

It is also quick to incorporate 100+ Elementor widgets into the popups without any struggles. You can also integrate it into your favorite marketing tool to widen the scope of designing the most amazing popup builders.

Moreover, you get an easy hand to add the required relevant content from WordPress to the required website sections.

8. Make money:

What if we say you can make money with the Elementor Pro website builder? Wouldn’t you be excited to use it?

Well, you read that right. You can make money using the Elementor Pro website builder. You can build your online store with the WooCommerce builder for customizing single products and product archive pages.

With the use of 18+ dynamic WooCommerce widgets, you can design unique sales pages. Last but not least, it also helps in the easy and quick addition of products and categories to the desired website page. It needs no guessing that with unique sale pages, it won’t be tough to make money.


Elementor Pro gives you a lot more options for visualizing your content and enhancing your creativity than the free version. With other attractive features like 24*7 premium support and assistance, 200+ pro templates, quick access to all updates, custom field integration, etc., the Elementor Pro is the best open-source website builder you can trust. So, when are you trying it?

For any more doubts, connect us in the comment section.

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