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Advanced Animation Techniques on PowerPoint: Let’s Explore the Benefits in 2021

Effective communication is crucial to convey the message properly. And, in a digital era, competition has become more complex. Because the world has become a small town and no boundary can stop them to build professional connections with one another. That is why they have to become more dynamic, advanced, and proficient to cater market. For that, every organization tries to deliver his brilliance in the respective field. Either communication skill, technological advancement, staff competency, or time management, every company pay attention to these factors to keep their clients or customers satisfied. Moreover, business persons seek to expand business boundaries all over the world. For that, they inculcate relevant and competent skills in their staff regarding communication. Because communication is the real-time element to impress someone directly. That is why almost all big organizations try to deliver their proposal in an eye-catching way to convince investors. For that, they are preferring modern techniques to make visuals more appealing. For instance, they are going from the plane text, boring images, and unattractive sounds to memorable animated videos. In these animated videos, you can present a complex idea or concept in a simple and fun way through Microsoft PowerPoint. This is the software application that enables you to present any kind of data, information, or other visual stuff through text, diagrams, images, and transitional effects. You just need to be more technologically aware and creative to impress your audience in an innovative way through eye-catching and memorable PowerPoint features.

1) Repeat Animation

The repeat animation technique is really helpful to emphasize a particular object or character. With the help of this, you can also make complex ideas to learn easily by repeating them according to the set timer. This so the best idea in the educational sector to use it in dry subjects. It will not only give life to the video or your topic but also grab more eye-balls at the screen for a long time. For that, you just need to select the repeating option from the given offerings list. Also, you will set the timer for the repetition. So it will keep repeating until the time finish. Or you can also energize any kind of presentation through multiple provided themes or backgrounds. This makes your presentation more eye-catching, focused, and result-driven due to its clever and subtle way of presentation.

2) Bounce Effects/ Auto Reverse

The bouncing effect means when your character does not stop at the finishing line but reverses again. For instance, if your character is a ball, so if you apply a bouncing effect on it, it will go to the finishing line and a little bit reverse to create a bouncing effect. This bouncing effect is created to give a lively and eye-catching appearance to the text or image rather than traditional.  Because with plain text or with a simple image you cannot mesmerize a huge and diversified audience. But, with the bouncing effect, you can attract dimensional mindsets with fun. Because this lively effect encourages the viewer to stop to look at the bouncing effect so that they will easily influence to click on the website. That means, this bouncing effect is generating more traffic as well ultimately. Besides this, it encourages more revisits at your website due to its amazing outlook. Also, it helps business to show their credibility by depicting excellence on their website.

3) Animation Sequencing

This is the intellectual option for those who want to create a lively animation video having multiple characters or slides. In this technique. You just need to put all animations together and it will show on your slide one by one automatically. It is a great idea to deliver extensive content appealingly. Moreover, your user does not have to click one and after to see all the animations. It works automatically to facilitate your user by providing ease with variety. This sequence of animation helps you to deliver a complete story step by step so that your audience can receive an accurate message from your side. Moreover, you can also increase your return on investment by providing a call to action button on your website with this sequencing effect. Like, tell about your offerings in sequence animation and then encourage them to click on the buy button. Because this engaging presentation or eye-catching appearance on the website will influence customers to keep connected with you for a long time. Moreover, it increases the interest through memorable visual effects. Same as it will help you to stand out in a crowd through advanced technological visual effects.

4) Start Animation with a Trigger

This is the cool idea to trigger your audience’s buy button through trigger animation. This is used to provide a simple trigger action by showing an animated character. This character must be on your current canvas to facilitate visitors if he wants to know more about features. Same as animators can use this feature to design more appealing and influencing videos by putting this trigger option into the main position. This actually acts as a button so if you want to trigger the viewers through the animated presentation, this is the wise choice offered by PowerPoint. This animated tool not only increases remarkable traffic on your website but show them your preferences as well. Because you highlight preferred parts through trigger options so they can get an advertisement idea more quickly. Like, this is the way to speak directly to your audience through interactive animated presentations. This not only helps you to increase engagements but also effective illustration ensures the competency of corporate executives. So viewers can easily judge the technological and delivery potential of the provider. So this is a great idea to showcase your excellence and quality and generate more leads on your website.


Every action wants some strategy or technique to be more influential or succeeded. Like, if we are appealingly presenting our content to attract a huge audience than simple text to bore them. That is why animators keep striving to utilize new and modern techniques to transfer eye-catching content through animation. That is why they are preferring some above-mentioned techniques to mesmerize an audience. And to get more clicks.

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