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Add value to your products with mesmerizing custom E-liquid boxes

E-liquid is one of the most widely used vape products across the world. Therefore, manufacturers are introducing a variety of E-liquid flavors to enhance the experience of consumers. As the demand for E-liquid products is increasing in the market. The demand for custom E-liquid boxes is also surging. Because every manufacturer wants to get top-notch encasings for their products. That will not only give their products a stylish appearance but will also protect them during shipment.

Moreover, usually, custom E-liquid boxes are made with eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. These materials are not only sturdy and durable but also very environmentally friendly. So, by using these eco-friendly customized E-liquid boxes you can increase the value of your products and brand.

Customize the structure of your E-liquid boxes

Fast Custom Boxes offers a mesmerizing collection of custom E-liquid boxes. you can avail customized E-liquid boxes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs here. Besides, our custom printed E-liquid boxes are a perfect marketing tool for your brand. Moreover, our team creates quirky and unique packaging solutions as per the packaging requirements of customers. So, you can freely choose the structure of your E-liquid boxes without any restrain. Our design team will assist you in the designing process without any cost. We also offer E-liquid boxes wholesale at unimaginably low rates to reduce the packaging cost of customers.

1.      Win the trust of customers with high-end custom E-liquid boxes

Are you planning to expand your business? Or do you wish to enhance the sales of your E-liquid boxes? If you do, the first step you should take is to focus on your product presentation. The packaging material of your E-liquid boxes matters a lot. As most of the customers judge the quality of the product on the parameter of product packaging. In short, the first step of customization is the selection of packaging material for your E-liquid boxes wholesale.

Choose the material as per your packaging needs

  We provide various packaging material options along with a variety of stock options. So, you can choose the material of your custom E-liquid boxes as per your packaging requirements. You can choose from the following options:

·         Eco-friendly

·         Kraft paper

·         Rigid

·         Cardstock

·         Cardboard

·         E-flute corrugated

All these materials possess unique qualities. For instance, 

ü  Kraft is very economical and eco-friendly.

ü  The rigid material is very robust and sturdy. So it will add a touch of luxury to your custom E-liquid boxes.

ü  Cardstock and cardboard materials are very suitable for custom printed E-liquid boxes.

ü  Corrugated material contains flute and comes in a variety of qualities. Like a flute, B flute, C flute, and F flute.

So, you can choose the material of E-liquid boxes wholesale as per your packaging preferences.  Moreover, we offer the stock option of 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 22pt, 24pt, 28pt and 32pt.

2.      Exquisitely showcase the features of your E-liquid products

Customized E-liquid boxes will provide your E-liquid products an alluring and lively outlook. That will spark up the interest of potential buyers in your product. Moreover, custom-printed E-liquid boxes will mesmerize onlookers and spark up their interest. With their eye-catching printing patterns, lively color combinations, and attractive visuals. Besides, by availing of custom printed E-liquid boxes, you can also promote your brand.

Select the printing method for your custom E-liquid boxes

We offer premium printing services to enhance the packaging experience of our clients. We use the latest printing methods and color combinations to deliver high-definition printing. Besides, we also have highly experienced staff that will deliver mesmerizing printing results. So, you should select the printing method for your custom E-liquid boxes as per your presence. We offer:

·         Digital printing

·         Offset printing

·         Screen printing

·         Flexography printing

Moreover, we use CMYK and PMS color schemes for the printing of customized E-liquid boxes.

·         CMYK color scheme is very economical and comes with a small color range.

·         The PMS color scheme is a bit expensive but it has a wider color range.

Select the fishing for your custom E-liquid boxes

The beautiful finishing of custom E-liquid boxes will highlight the presence of your products on the retail shelves. Therefore, we offer a variety of finishing options. So, you can freely select a suitable finishing option for your custom E-liquid boxes. We offer:

Matte finishing:

 it will add a dull, deep, and profound touch to your E-liquid boxes wholesale.

Gloss finishing:

 It will add a glittery and sparkly touch to your products.

Spot UV:

It will add a shiny touch to the printed portion while the other parts will remain matte. It is best to highlight the brand name, product flavor or visuals, etc. 


In conclusion, Fast Custom Boxes offers premium quality custom boxes at wholesale rates. Besides, we offer free design support, free shipment services, and free sampling. So, you can get your desired custom printed boxes within your budget. Place your order now, if you want to avail quality custom wholesale boxes.

How Can Custom E-liquid Boxes Increase Product Sales By Serving Their Purpose?

Every year or decade, a trend emerges that captures the world’s attention and draws people in. For today’s young, vape pens may be a trend that they are excited to be a part of. People have begun to abandon cigarettes as a result of the widespread use of vaping pens. To err on the side of smoking that is far less risky without really breathing too much nicotine.

People nowadays, particularly the youth, regard vaping as a fashionable trend, and many are beginning to purchase vaping kits along with their juices. With the rise of vaping comes the inevitable growth in the sale of Custom E-liquid Boxes. These e-liquids are becoming increasingly diverse, with new flavours and colours being introduced. These e-liquids are well-known all around the world, with flavours ranging from peppermint to coffee.

What exactly is e-liquid?

A cavity inside a vape pen contains fluid that provides nicotine and flavour to the vape. This may result in a better taste for vape enthusiasts. In the market, this juice is recognised by three different names. It’s also known as E-liquid, E-juice, and vape juice, and it’s quite popular because it’s what keeps a vape pen useful. You can’t use a vape pen until you have e-liquids.

As time passes, more and more tastes of these drinks are being introduced. And, as the sales of vape pens and the juice that goes with them have skyrocketed, companies that sell them have earned more in the last three years than in the previous three years combined.

With social media extensively influencing a generation, people began to be impressed by vape smokers all around them and adopted the habit for themselves, resulting in increased use of vape and e-liquid. Nowadays, vaping is very popular, and clients like attractive forms of vape package. So now is the time for every brand and organisation to experiment with stylish designs of Vape Boxes in order to achieve high market sales

The Vape Industry

Now is the time to step up your game if you own a business that sells vape pens and businesses. With the surge in sales of these things, people have begun to open up more businesses in it, and you will not stand a chance and your products will not be looked at if they are not on par with the others.

When starting a vape business, one must guarantee that the product they are selling, as well as the vape juice that comes with it, is of good quality. Not only that, but they make every effort to sell as many various tastes as possible. But do you grasp the power of packaging and are you aware of the type of audience you are aiming for? And how you may reach out to them through your packaging.

Also, how can you persuade people to buy your products over all the others? So, keep reading to learn some marketing tips for selling more Custom E-liquid Boxes. All you have to do to make these marketing methods work on your customers is to be creative and allow your imagination run wild. And keep in mind that the folks you’re creating for are our generation’s youth.

Methods for Selling More E-liquid

Some people choose to buy the liquids that come with the vape pens. Others prefer to purchase e-liquids in addition to the one that comes with the pen in case they run out. Now, if you must showcase your product in public, bear the following points in mind:

The majority of persons who purchase vape pens and vape juice are between the ages of 18 and 25. As a result, you must build packaging boxes based on the age category that you have available. This will play a role in drawing customers, and you must attract them in the appropriate way with your packaging boxes.

Your packaging boxes will make a significant contribution to your sales rate

As a result, make certain that you acquire custom-made e-liquid packaging for your company. This will contribute to the expansion of your company. While customising, you should experiment with different e-liquid flavours and promote them as effectively as you can. Try coming up with distinctive titles for your tastes or phrases to make them appear more inventive and appealing.

Using current printing illustrations on your E-liquid Boxes will undoubtedly draw notice to you. In addition, think about the audience you want to sell to. Making several sizes of e-liquid cartons might be an added plus for a more successful business.

The Packaging Industry

Packaging is an important aspect of any business. Whatever you sell, it is always critical that you ensure the preservation, presentation, and portrayal of your items and your organisation. However, you want good packaging to convey to your target audience that your organisation sells high-quality products.

You must advertise your brand, which is easily accomplished through the use of packaging boxes. Our organisation can help you customise your packaging boxes and order in quantity. Ideal Custom Boxes and take advantage of our exclusive discounts on a wide range of innovative e-liquid boxes. That is, you may put your vape pens or vape juice in there and show them on retail store shelves. So that more people will notice your new boxes.

Packaging is a simple approach to get your product in front of individuals who need it. More individuals will buy from you as the demand for Custom E-liquid Boxes grows. You can place an order with us, and we will supply you with the greatest printing and design services available. So that your e-juice cartons are known as the best in town. paving the way for an unavoidable route to success for you

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