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Actualize Your Aspiration To Work In Australia With Visa Subclass 186

Are you skilled in a particular subject? Well, you can make the best use of your skills to work in Australia. Thinking how? You will get a clear answer to your question once you apply for the Visa Subclass 186 without a failure. This visa lets Australian employers recruit overseas skilled workers if they cannot fill the vacancies with native Australians. This visa is available to both applicants who are staying in Australia temporarily as well as outside the nation.

An extension

Moreover, the 186 visa ensures a permanent residency for skilled professionals. If you want to apply for this visa successfully, then, you must be nominated by an eligible Australian employer. There are three individual streams pertaining to the 186 visa. These include the Agreement stream, Directly Entry stream and the Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

The three streams of the 186 visa

 As already told above that the Subclass 186 visa has three different streams. The Temporary Residence Transition Stream, Agreement Stream, and Direct Entry Stream. Let’s introduce you to each of these streams one after the other.

  1. Agreement Stream

The Agreement Stream has been designed for applicants who want to obtain an Australian PR through a direct pathway. To prepare an application for this visa stream the candidate has to get nomination via a valid agreement from an employer in Australia. 

  • Direct Entry Stream

The Direct Entry Stream of the 186 visa also allows you to obtain an Australian PR through a direct pathway. If you are not considered eligible for the Temporary Residence Transition Stream, then, you can apply for this particular stream. It is also suitable for those who have been nominated by an Australian employer with no work experience in Australia.

  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream

Are you already holding the 457 visa and working in Australia as a temporary resident? Then you can easily obtain a permanent residency by applying for the Temporary Residence Transition Stream. You must have worked for at least 2 year under same employer on your 457 visa to apply. Besides, your Australian employer must have approved you a permanent position in your nominated occupation.

What else?

Your Australian employer must lodge a legitimate nomination with the Department of Home Affair under this visa stream as well. Once all these criteria are met effectively, you can apply for the Temporary Residence Transition Stream without any hesitation.

Benefits of the 186 Visa

So you have obtained your Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186visa successfully? That’s why you should also know that it ensures the following benefits both for you and your family.

  • Both you and your family members can travel to and from Australia as many times as possible.
  • This visa makes you and your family members to get enrolled in Medicare. This is because it is considered as a significant healthcare program in Australia.
  • You and your family members can apply for Australian citizenship as well.
  • It may happen that suddenly you or any of your family members wishes to study in Australia. If that is the case, then the 186 visa also lets you do that.
  • You can even sponsor any of your relatives to apply for a permanent residency in Australia.
  • Last but certainly not the least, this visa allows you to stay and work in Australia permanently.

You need to know that a substantial employer nomination must be lodged by your employer on your behalf. It is after this that you will be able to apply for your 186 visa successfully.

Eligibility Criteria

 To apply for the 186 visa, there are certain eligibility criteria which you must meet effectively. These include the following:

  • You should be nominated by an eligible Australian employer at least 6 months prior to applying.
  • You should meet all the pertinent health and character requirements properly.
  •  You should be below 45 years.
  • Make sure that you have a reasonable knowledge in the English language before applying.
  •  You need to prove that you have all the necessary skills and qualifications to work for your nominated occupation effectively.
  •  The 186 visa also requires you to prove a minimum work experience of 3 year in your nominated occupation.

This was the general 186 Visa Checklistof requirements to make you eligible for applying. Depending on which stream you apply for, these eligibility criteria can vary somewhat.

How to apply for the 186 visa?

Well, there are 4 effective ways, conforming to which you too can apply for the 186 visa successfully. To get a clear understanding about these 4 strategies, please refer to the following bits of information.

Compliance with your visa requirements

Before you apply make sure that you have met the relevant requirements of the 186 visa in general.  You must also ensure that you have met the requirements of the particular stream you are applying for.

Get your employer nomination lodged

The next step has to be carried out by your employer and not you. Your employer needs to lodge a nomination for you with the Department of Home Affairs. After this, you need to apply not before 6 months from your nomination’s approval date.

Gather your documents and apply

Prior to applying, make sure that you have collected all the required documents to submit along with your visa. These credentials will help you to prove all the circumstances about yourself stated above. After you have gathered all these documents, it’s time for you to apply for the 186 visa online. While applying, you need to upload each of these documents digitally back to back. This should be followed by paying your visa fees to ensure a successful application.

The final decision

Depending on your individual circumstances and mode of submitting your application, your 186 Visa Processing Time will vary reasonably. In general, the DoHA might take a   few months to finalize on your 186 visa.

Get impeccable migration assistance!

So, do you want to apply for the 186 visa well? If yes, then contact the best Migration Agent Perth right now. Your migration agent will recommend a compatible visa stream according to your current immigration status. This way your Immigration Agent Perth will ensure a stress-free application for you pertaining to your 186 visa.

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