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Abeer Salamah; a Ray of Hope of Saudi Women Business Community

Living in the men-dominated world in divergent fields of life, women are also ambitious that they can compete with men in these elaborated fields of business like all other fields of life.

The Term “businesswomen” is comparatively more modern, not to say in the Arab world but also in the West. Broadly, Saudi women are opting the business as a field of work very enthusiastically. By starting it just as a hobby from commercial projects, they are gradually entering the business world and industry.

Nowadays, due to self-confidence and continued struggle, many Saudi women are remarkably managing and super-visioning diverse kinds of business. Some of these pioneer women who worked as a model for motivation were interviewed, Miss Abeer Salamah is one of them. She is a well-known Saudi businesswoman who is very resolute and proved practically that a woman can play a pivotal role in her country and society by setting up her own identity. Miss Abeer Salama is one of the most successful businesswoman in Saudi Arabia – nay the region- being the best demonstration of the saying “where there is a will there is a way” proving that gender does not make any difference to accomplish your objective.

She embarked on her business life by saving her pocket money, but that money was not enough for initiating her business and she had no assistance from her father. She did not give up but started to contact the concerned officials until the loan was permitted. Then, she contacted a construction company whose contributions set up the bakery at Industrial state in Jeddah. Further, it was fully established into a bakery for all types of sweets and bread preparations. After 20 years, her projects were grown by days and nights, and she entered the business community. She set up a computer maintenance and training center for men as well as for women and 300 employees were working on my projects.

Miss Abeer’s basic field of work was engineering because of her interest, and at first, she set forth in the construction business. Later, she moved on and opened a bakery for which she requested the loan. And now her latest field of work is marine maintenance and it is fully computerized.

Initially, she launched a computer training center for men and later for women also. And today, she has successfully opened five different branches of her company providing services to 2000 employees in total. Miss Abeer has one son and being a good mother, she also manages to have a good time with him. She is planning on grooming her son as a businessman so he can take over the setup one day.

Being a successful and inspiring businesswoman, she has planned on making society for Saudi women so that, they could have a better understanding of business and their country can flourish. She played a very constructive and leading role in the fields mentioned above, and tried penetrating the banking industry. As she joined the banking industry in the 90s and 2000s. She has been awarded the agency of HSBC – private banking, where she tried to connect Saudis with the international banking, however the Saudi restrictions made it difficult to continue which lead her to close this side of her business and focus on other aspects, and overcome other obstacles. During her time she worked with other prestigious private banking firms such as Coutts & co which is the 8th oldest bank in the world.

Even though Abeer Salama duration in banking was short, she helped to introduce women into the field nationally and internationally, alongside her trying to stand her ground. Which lead banks and firms to appreciate her experience and role in the industry as a successful businesswoman.

They also wished her good luck and success for her coming projects. Her achievements in the business industry are not only enough to make her country proud but are also a good enough example for other women who are struggling to start their business. Even though Abeer Salama durantion in banking was short,


Kamran Sandhu
Content writer & Blogger

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