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A Step by step guide to become a Celebrity Stylist

We live in a world of fashion and today in this 21st century we are inevitably surrounded by fashion from our social media accounts to the movies we admire and people we follow on Instagram. Being a celebrity stylist is a pivotal role in all these areas as they play a big in shaping the world of fashion and glamour. For instance, Basia who worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood everyone from Selena Gomez to Victoria Justice and tons of other red carpet regulars.

The celebrity fashion stylist is responsible for looking after the outfitting and dolling up of the celebrities, often in assistance with various other crew such as makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, and other creative professionals. Although to a larger extent when working as celebrity stylists we are not required to show or hold any degree, completing some post secondary education provides stylists with some of the specific career skills, such as forecasting trends, identifying designers, and understanding clothing design and textiles.

Following are the steps through which we can become a Celebrity Stylist:

Step 1: Take Fashion Styling Classes:

We can start by looking for various fashion styling certificate programs. We can find several colleges and universities which offer these types of courses. In the said courses we get exposure to things such as how to create looks for specific types of media and prepare merchandise and in the syllabus and course books, we may find fashion forecasting, clothing, and accessory design, color theory, and fashion business practices. If we want to go for more in-depth and higher studies, we can also lookout for an undergraduate degree in fashion design or fashion merchandising. Where we can learn about the history of fashion, trend forecasting, fashion show production, computer-aided fashion design, textiles, and fashion promotion.

Step 2: Gain Industry Experience:

Like any other profession as a professional stylist in the fashion design industry, we can look forward to gaining exposure and experience in the industry by internships or entry-level positions. Hence we need to complete work experiences or internships with professional stylists, designers, or fashion retailers while pursuing the degree courses or the certificate courses. By the following experience, we may get real-world training in interacting with celebrities, learning new designing styles, also coordinating with professionals in this industry, and running a celebrity stylist business. For instance, Sammie Moussallam who is a stylist and designer in Toronto for the past seven years? Sammie Moussallam stories have been published in the hottest magazines including Zink Magazine, Dress to Kill, Spade, Fantastikmag, and many more. He has also worked with many high profile photographers such as Josh Cornell, and David Ho for collaborations with BCBG, HerveLege, Nine West, and Dean Davidson.”

Step 3: Build a Portfolio:

While working in the fashion design industry usually portfolios are used as a way to impress and attract potential clients. And as a Celebrity stylist, we must look forward to including pictures of the stylists in our portfolios. At the start, as a beginner, our stylist’s portfolio may include photos of work we have completed in our courses, and further on we can update it as we evolve and develop as a stylist

Step 4: Keep Up With Style:

We as a celebrity stylist must be well aware of the fact that this industry is highly influenced by the changes going around us, let it be economy, politics or technology, we as a celebrity stylist must be abreast with all the latest happenings along with trends to dress clients in the latest styles. Win order to keep up with the same with, we can start by conducting continual research, which can include reading fashion-related articles, going celebrity photos and thoroughly examining them, or attending fashion shows, and watching entertainment awards shows and observing and noting the changes.


Celebrity stylists generally complete a post secondary certificate or degree program in fashion design or fashion merchandising, and they also need industry experience, as well as a strong portfolio to attract celebrity clients.

If we implement the above and go through the said process by completing a course or post secondary certificate or degree program and gaining Ample experience from various internships we will be able to build a strong portfolio which in turn will help us to attract celebrity clients.

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