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A Simple Guide to Contracting with Box Manufacturers for Apparel Packaging

Fashion is a creative business to operate in. it is surely pleasing to see people wear your creations. Marketing and promoting the brand has historically been a tiresome process. On top of that apparel makers desire packaging made by pro box manufacturers that carries their products confidently and securely.

Stats show that the advent of social media has fueled the demand for apparel and modified the way brands promote themselves in this market. The current pace of the industry growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The escalation in sales figures and never-ending customer demand has pushed apparel makers into newer markets such as plus-size clothing among others.

Working with professional box makers is definitely a wise decision. After all, the packaging is a diverse unit that can be used for multiple marketing and transport purposes. It must be made to cater to every set brand objective. Below are some handy ways that the box makers can become the most important part of your marketing mix.

One: Determine a theme for the packaging

Of the many tasks that professional box designers offer, the most relevant one is their ability to be creative about box styling.

Even though apparel makers are fashion-sound, they don’t always know how to deal with packaging designs. It has to do more with being comfortable with the tasks through extensive hands-on knowledge. Box makers are seasoned designers who know what works best for each type of apparel. Sellers just have to give them insight into their brand values and the brand image they wish to project.

Ever wondered why Dior has survived years of apparel competition and evolving trends? Apart from the fashion sense the makers have placed utmost importance on the packaging designs. The world-famous logo and brand image instantly relate to every apparel lover globally.

Not every apparel maker has the means to maintain an exclusive team of in-house specialists who create custom packaging for the brand. SMEs hire professionals and outsource the production of packaging boxes for attaining a sleek yet quirky brand identity.

Two: Plan advertisements for every event

There are 2 types of packaging boxes; one is the regular boxes that are used to package the whole product line and the other is made for special occasions.

Box makers align with individual desires of apparel sellers and so are the best choice for churning out packaging that meets with all events. New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Halloween, yearly fashion weeks, sports events, are among those events that require offbeat packaging to cash in on the holiday spirit and boost sales.

Professional box manufacturers are preferred for the task because they provide boxes within a short turnaround time. It saves time for the apparel makers and pushes the brand visibility factor as the boxes are packaged and displayed right during the occasions.

They also help to create a suitable blend of colors hues and box textures so the boxes look custom-made for the specific event and instantly capture customers’ attention.

Three: Get the materials you desire

Using box designers helps brands to get the precise box materials they deem fit for their apparel items. They not only advise on the right stock paper but save them the hassle of acquiring the materials by themselves.

For instance, e-apparel sellers need stronger packaging than usual. Corrugated stock is ideal for such a distribution channel. Cardboard is effective for retail displays and so on.

Apparel makers can get their preferred choice of materials molded in any way they desire. Packaging works productively when it fits with the products’ dimensions. Moreover, the boxes can be designed with a bow and tie, tied with matching ribbons, creative locks, and much more. Customers buy brands that look different than the rest. It creates a sense of brand recognition through innovative brand presentations.

Four: Use the boxes for premium custom box printing

Box designers are effective mediums to extend branding to new customers and retain existing ones. They have the necessary printing tools that churn out impressive box looks. State-of-the-art designs and printing equipment creates high-grade boxes that make an immediate impact. 

What generates a higher effect? Boxes adorned with creative designs but printed with poor ink quality or one that is professionally styled and printed accordingly too. The latter we imagine!

Apparel are fashion items and need packaging that is modern. Sellers can pick the exact custom box features they think would add value to the brand. For instance, children’s clothing is packaged in boxes designed with cartoon characters to appeal to the target audience. Similarly, high-end clothing is targeted with sleek boxes designed according to customers’ tastes and demographics.

Consider apparel packaging types

Clothes come in all shapes, sizes, and seasons. Can one box type fit all? Absolutely not!

There has to be variation in the box structure that pertains to the apparel being packaged. For instance, customers would be more pleased to receive their skiing boots in thick and strong boxes so they attach the same feeling to the shoes too. Skiing boots are much bigger in size than casual flip-flops that appeal better when boxed in sleek and compact boxes.

Box makers create suitable boxes only when the apparel manufacturers guide them on the required box measurements. Nike ships shoes in triangular boxes to stand out. Your assigned box designers are the right people to guide on the box shape depending on the product’s nature.

Next, the important part is to pick out the essential stock paper. Shipping requires more durable boxes as compared to transiting apparel to the local stores. Choosing the right packaging materials ensures the right aesthetic for the brand while protecting the contents until they reach the customers.

The good news is that folding cartons, corrugated mailer boxes, rigid boxes, cardboard tubes, and other custom box forms are attainable to make transport and product protection much more impactful.

Five: Foster customer loyalty

Packaging is directly proportional to customer loyalty. How is that so?

Surveys have time and again revealed that customers judge the packaging appeal before buying products. This is even more relevant for the apparel industry.

Box makers are perfect designing partners who work with the brand owners to assign captivating elements to the packaging boxes. They are the reason behind giving customers retainable unboxing experiences. A little creativity goes a long way in maintaining healthy relations with customers and giving them a reason to repeat orders.

Particularly, when customers order online, the shipment is the first tangible feel they get of the apparel brand. It makes it all the more important that the box designers are given sufficient brand info so they culminate packaging that looks like an extension of the brand and prosper future sales growth through a satisfied customer base.

Achieving a good budget target

While customizing may seem like a lot of work, hiring box specialists helps to ease out the hassle. Brand owners get more time at hand to invest in creating better-quality apparel items that set the brand apart from the crowd.

Professional box-making companies offer expert accountants who generate cost-effective packaging solutions that are manageable and attainable for new and existing apparel brands.


The above are some creative ways that box manufacturers can function to elevate the brand’s position in the apparel industry.

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