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A Quick User Guide to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 1904 (3 Simple Steps)

QuickBooks being the best accounting software, has always been the support of many small and medium-sized business owners. This software is very easy to use and understandable, but QB too generates errors & glitches just like every other software. Most of the errors can be easily fixed on-screen, but some of them need guidance. One such error is QuickBooks Error 1904. The error occurs while installing the application. Users might encounter this error very often if the system is not maintained correctly.

Some important factors you will learn in this:

  • Let’s learn about QuickBooks installation error code 1904?
  • How to recognize the symptoms Error code 1904?
  • What are the reasons that may trigger error 1904 in QuickBooks?
  • Some common points to keep in mind
  • Simple & basic ways to troubleshoot installation error 1904

What are the grounds behind the Error 1904?

There can be various reasons for this error, including corrupted Microsoft components forces QB to display error 1904 message that the module was not able to register icwrapper.dll, and RcnFndRequestHandler.dll. There are more reasons which are mentioned below that you need to know before continuing with the resolving steps.

Let’s learn about QuickBooks Installation Error 1904

When the error code 1904 shows up on the screen, it comes with an error message that displays, “Error 1904: [file path/name/extension] failed to register”. This error is a complicated issue that needs to be resolved promptly, but it doesn’t hamper any user’s data or company files.

The error also arises during QuickBooks Desktop installation, once we have updated the OS such as Windows Vista to Windows 7 and when the system doesn’t get rebooted after updating. The error can also be spotted when you try to install the application, even if the system is unstable.

How to recognize Error code 1904?

As mentioned above, the main reason for this error to occur is when users try installing the QuickBooks software. There are some symptoms too, which are listed below:

  • One of the symptoms could be essential company files start getting disappeared.
  • The error code comes up with an error message on the screen.
  • Windows might get crashed or will frequently hang.
  • The user’s system keyboard might respond to the inputs slowly.
  • Users will not be able to locate the update from the system automatically.
  • Also, installing QuickBooks software might get difficult for the users.

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Reasons behind the error 1904 in QuickBooks

There are multiple reasons which will lead you to this error. In order to get rid of this error, you need to know the error’s reason to resolve the error in the best possible way.

  • The user may face this error whenever the security software doesn’t allow the installation of QB.
  • One of the reasons could be QuickBooks installer file got damaged or not in a working condition.
  • The error shows up on the screen mainly when the users don’t have the permissions for installing QB in windows.
  • Missing components of the Microsoft Operating System might lead users to this error.
  • If in the case, the new operating system is installed on the device, then the users can face this error.
  • Damaged or corrupted Hard-drive read-write can also lead you to this error code.
  • When the user’s installation source generates issues while creating a direction for software installation, the error code might show up on the screen.

Common points to keep in mind:

  • Users need to configure the Avalara Avatx from their system.
  • Using admin credentials, run QuickBooks as an administrator.
  • Repair the installation error by running the new QB installation source.
  • Users need to check their internet connection on their system or the server utilizing the QuickBooks application.
  • Check & refresh the LAN connectivity.
  • Also, upgrade QuickBooks on the server if using QB in multi-user mode.
  • Go for an internet service provider in case the internet connection isn’t working correctly in the system.

Easy ways to troubleshoot QuickBooks installation error 1904

Solution no. 1: Install & run QuickBooks Install diagnostic tool

Step 1

  • At first, exit from the QuickBooks software.
  • After that, download the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub and store it where you will be able to locate it quickly.
  • In case you already have the Tool Hub, go and check the tool hub version from the home tab.
  • Now, right-click on the downloaded file, i.e., (QuickBooksToolHub.exe)
  • Next, you need to follow all the instructions given on the screen and then accept the terms & conditions provided.
  • Further, when the installation gets completed, double-tap on the icon located on your windows to open the tool hub.
  • If you cannot find the tool hub and then go to the search bar, type QuickBooks Tool Hub and tap on the program to launch it.

Step 2

  • First of all, go to the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Now, select the installation issues.
  • After that, open the QuickBooks install diagnostic Tool.
  • Here, you will have to wait for some time for the running process of the tool till it gets completed.
  • At last, when the tool has ended up with its process, start your system again and then open QuickBooks.

Solution no. 2: Modify the settings of the Window account

  • Hit the Windows start button
  • After that, type CMD in the search box
  • Now, click on the CMD run options list and select run as admin.
  • Type “net user administrator/active:yes” in the command window and hit enter.
  • Close the command window after the command gets completed.
  • Go to the Windows start menu and tap on sign out.
  • In the end, go to the account (administrator) and log in from there


CONDITION NO. 1: If you have a bit defender

In this case, you need to add the C:\Program Files\Common Files (for 32-bit machines) or C:\Program Files\Intuit (C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit (for 64-bit machines) to the bit defender exclusion list only when you are installing QuickBooks on the system.

CONDITION NO. 2: If the error shows up during the installation of Adobe Flash Player
  • Install & download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • After that, uninstall the Adobe Flash Player.
  • Then, press WINDOWS + R concurrently from your keyboard to open the run command.
  • Scroll down to the search box and then type control panel (located next to the start button) and hit enter.
  • When the control panel appears on-screen, choose to Uninstall a program from there.
  • Further, click on Adobe Flash PlayerActive X.
  • At last, hit the uninstall button.
CONDITION NO. 3: If the error references QBversionTool.dll
Step 1: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  • Firstly, download & run QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool
  • Start the system again and re-install the QB.
Step 2: Check permissions and utilize Hidden (built-in) Admin account
  • At first, an open Run window by pressing WINDOWS + R concurrently from the keyboard.
  • Now, from the start button, search for notepad and press enter.
  • In the notepad, type QBTEST.
  • Go to the File menu and hit save as an icon.
  • Finally, save the file in the installation directory.

(32-bitC:\Program Files\common Files)
(64-bitC:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files)

In this article, we explained the QuickBooks Error 1904, which appears while installing QuickBooks when the system is unstable. Hopefully, you were able to resolve this issue manually. This is a very complex issue, so you must solve it promptly.

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