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A Quick Guide On How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi

Are looking for methods of how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi? Do not waste your time on looking for the same any longer; instead, go through this blog and learn various ways to connect Canon printer to WiFi. 

Whether you are looking for how to connect Canon MG3620 printer to WiFi or connect other Canon printer models like MX490, MG3600, TS3122, and more. This quick guide will come in handy for every Canon printer irrespective of the printer model. 

Preparations Before You Connect Canon Printer to Wifi

Before you jump into the various method of how to connect Canon printer to Wifi, let us take you through some important instructions that will ease your job of connecting your printing device.

  1. Please ensure that you’ve correctly inserted into your Canon Printer. When the printer requests an internet connection, connect your Canon Printer to the wireless network or assemble a USB wire to connect your printer to the router if you are using a non-wireless printer.
  1. You must have a strong internet connection to be able to connect Canon printer to Wifi. You must take the help of an LCD screen of your printer, select a wireless link, and have the right access as the printer will check the Wifi network.
  1. It’s imperative to have an installation program on your system for the new Canon Printer. When you’ve purchased a Canon Printer DVD, update the program and configure it to run the printer system.

Once you make sure of the aforementioned instructions, you can move forward with the next section.

How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi?

If you want to learn easy and effective ways to connect Canon printer to Wifi, you must follow the enlisted steps. 

Step 1: Turn on your Canon printer by pressing long on the ‘Power’ button of the printer.

Step 2: Navigate towards the ‘Settings’ button beside the screen of the Canon printer and click long on it 

Step 3: Use the ‘Arrow’ buttons beside the screen and navigate towards the ‘Device Settings’ and press on the ‘Ok’ button 

Step 4: Choose the ‘LAN Settings’ to open it by pressing long the ‘Arrow’ button 

Step 5: Wait until the ‘LAN Settings’ opens, then press on ‘OK’ by using the ‘Arrow’ buttons.

Step 6: Now, choose the ‘Wireless LAN Settings’ folder to open by pressing the ‘Arrow’ button on the printer 

Step 7: Press on the ‘Ok’ button. You will see the Canon will be scanning for the presented Wireless networks, click on the WiFi network by its name. 

When the Wi-fi network will be found, the light near the Wifi will blink. 

Step 8: If it is taking too much time to connect your Canon printer to Wifi, 

At times, Wifi takes a longer time to connect the Canon printer to wifi.

Press the button of ‘Stop’ and you will be driven back to the previous section that is ‘Wireless LAN Settings’. 

Step 9: Use the ‘Arrow’ button and click on the ‘Ok’ and access your Wireless network in a jiffy. 

Step 10: Once you have found the Wi-fi network on your Canon printer, enter the ‘Correct Wifi Password’ and press on the ‘Ok’ with the help of the ‘Arrow’ buttons.

Once you have followed the aforementioned steps of how to connect Canon printer to Wifi, your Canon printer will surely be connected to the Wifi network. 

How To Connect Canon MG3620 Printer To Wifi?

If you cannot connect your Canon MG3620 printer to the wireless network that is connected to your computing system by following the aforementioned steps, then, follow another way to connect Canon printer to Wifi.

Follow the enlisted steps and connect the Canon printer to any Windows operating system. 

Step 1: Start your Windows system by clicking on the ‘Power’ button and once it starts, press on the ‘Windows’ key and ‘R’ key on the keyboard altogether. 

Step 2: The prior step will open the ‘Windows Run’ dialogue box. Here, enter ‘Control/ name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters’ and hit the ‘Ok’ button on the ‘lower-right’ corner of the window. 

Step 3: Then, find and click on the ‘Add a device’ option and follow the instructions prompted on screen. 

Step 4: Choose the correct Wireless network by its name that you often use and click on the ‘Authentication’ tab 

Step 5: Provide your password and click on the ‘Add Canon Printer’ tab. 

Complete the procedure by entering the correct details of the Canon printer like model name, version, and more. After connecting the Canon printer to your computer and wifi, you should start your printer to test the print quality.

The above techniques have been very successful for all the users seeking help to connect Canon printer to wifi, and we hope the information must have given you fast and simple results. In any case, unless you can not start or connect your Canon printer by using any of the above methods, you can contact our customer service providers for assistance or for any tech-related query feel free to reach us at tech support hotline

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