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A Guide To Walk Through The Vast Syllabus Of Civil Services Exam

The exam of UPSC civil services is considered one of the toughest exams in the country. If you aim to sit in this exam, then you must be aware of all the prerequisite. And prepare yourself to be able to take those three hours challenge by the Union Public Service Commission in which they test your knowledge awareness and analytical skills. Every year lakhs of candidates fill the form of UPSC civil services exam. However, only thousands of them can get through the preliminary test and only a hundred walk through the mains exam. The reason for such a small ratio is the syllabus of UPSC.

It does not require the knowledge of a particular field or area. It is vast enough to make one think that it can ask anything possible in the world. Therefore, understanding the requirement of the UPSC before appearing in the examination is vital for success. It requires understanding, the current trend of the UPSC exams and to prepare accordingly. A good coaching institute serves better in the preparation as:

  • Coaching institutes can help you cover your syllabus in the best possible way. They are in this field for a period now. And they have evolved tricks to complete the Civil Services program, developed by the UPSC to test the candidates, pronto leaving no stone unturned that ultimately helps students with extra time to devote in revision. For instance, They help you in understanding NCERT books, to making notes from standard authors, collecting crucial news headlines from the newspapers like the Hindu and Indian express.
  • The coaching institutes provide materials that organised effectively. So, they can easily be absorbed by the students reading them and get benefited with it. 
  • The coaching institutes help you meet like-minded people. It boosts your energy and gives you a better environment to study and focus on your dreams.
  • The Civil Services Examination is a year-long process in which the first stage consists of a preliminary examination which examines the objective knowledge of the candidate. In the second phase, that is called the mains examination, checks the understanding of the candidate through subjective answers. The final stage is the round of interviews, where the candidates are interviewed, by a panel of officers with long years of experience that examines the candidate’s personality and understanding that he has developed over a period. Coaching institutes help you nurture yourself, to compete for the interview round.
  • The competitive environment in the coaching institutes will help you get the exact idea of your preparedness which you might not be able to get studying alone at your home. There is more interaction with the fellow student’s, who will take this exam as you. And we all know that- one grows better in the competitive environment.
  • With a coaching institute, there is no chance of miss guidance. Therefore, it will always keep you motivated towards your goal and assures you of- you being on the right track! 
  • A coaching institute can help you deal with the mood swings of the UPSC. It is strenuous to do while dealing with the vast syllabus of the UPSC Civil Services exam. It is something that requires a holistic view and continuous eye on the changing patterns of the Civil Services exam.

We all know that good coaching is available in metro cities. The heart of our country-Delhi is a hub. It is the Macca and Madina of Civil Services aspirants. However, most of us lack financial support. Hence could not go there and study in these good coaching institutes. After all, living in a metro city is not a matter of joke! It requires money. And it’s not just the rental issue that one has to deal with but the travel expenses, food and everything. Apart from this, the fees of the coaching institutes are in itself a big challenge. The online coaching institutes cater to these issues. The role of online IAS coaching classes is very significant in the preparation as:

  • They provide you with the current trend analysis of the exam. They help you in decoding the UPSC syllabus and preparing notes.
  • The coaching institutes have excellent faculty with experience and knowledge. Sometimes, those faculties are Rtd. IAS and IPS officers themselves.
  • They understand how things work. Hence, they can guide you for the better and in a better way.
  • Most importantly, you save money and stay in your comfort zone.

Nowadays, they have various tools and techniques that they can use to reach a maximum number of candidates and benefit them. Online education is one such technological development that has opened up Pandora’s box where you will get all the advanced methods to teach effectively. Such as:

  • You can give online classes, live lectures to the students. The benefit of live lectures is that the students are not bounded to come or present physically. They can sit and study wherever they are without disturbing their routine or work.
  • The coaching provides notes in the form of PDF that not only save students time of writing but also helps in the ecological balance by preventing trees from falling.
  • The coaching institutes conduct weekly and monthly quiz and regular mock test at a broad spectrum. It benefits the candidates in judging their preparation and knowledge.
  • Candidates are allowed to discuss with their mentors through Live charts and other video conferencing method.
  • The coaching institutes have a collection of resources required in the preparation that makes it easier for students, saving them from the hustle of looking for material in the market. 

However, you must check previous records of the coaching institutes yourself. Talk to the students already taking IAS online study, know about their methodology, quality of the material. Before enrolling in any IAS coaching institute enquire about the facilities provided by them. The selection of coaching is a deciding factor in the preparation. Another important thing is that all these IAS coachings are expensive so investing your parents’ hard-earned money in the wrong places has no meaning. 

We all know that the ultimate way to achieve success is self-study. However, when the hard work of self-study and the coaching combines the results produced, is astonishing. The way to success will be a lot easier and faster.

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