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A guide for fathers on raising their daughters

From not knowing how to tackle with their daughter’s long hair to people thinking you might have kidnapped her while others, saying that she would be better off with her mom. Raising a female child, especially when you’re a single dad is not as easy as falling off a log. Mothers are often seen as playing a single parent role and raising their kids in the best possible way. However, a single father may seem inexperienced when it comes to raising their daughters. It is often said that a female child is likely to be more comfortable with their mothers comparatively.

Any dad can be a father, but it takes great efforts and hard work to be a mother too. We are playing our role in getting off their load and making it easier for them to play both the roles with flying colours by writing down some tips that might help them in overcoming the challenges they faced as a single parent. Have a look!

Learn how she develops

It isn’t easy growing up without a mother, but it becomes easy when you have a father more like a friend. Raising a girl in her initial stage might be a bit easier, but the process gets harder when she starts growing older. As a father, you’ll need extra skills to understand what to expect from her in her developing years. Physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially, she’ll undergo a lot of changes. Here you have to be calm, polite and support her in the best possible way.

Don’t be overprotective

Being protective is a feeling that’s god gifted to every dad unsurprisingly. However, this sense of feeling must be avoided. Imposing your decisions or making her do what you want her to do won’t work. This sort of behaviour will make her go against you. Just give her the freedom to express herself and let her go all out.

Have conversations with her

Communication is the only ingredient to a successful father-daughter relationship. She needs you more than you need her. There will be billions of times where she’ll need you to hold her hand and make her understand the world; she lives in. Create a bond, have conversations where she can pour her heart out to you. Doing this will make her able to share everything she experiences and discover.

Be her best friend

Have you ever wondered how secure and comfortable your daughter would be if she could count on you to be her best friend? Being a best friend to your daughter is as important as being great to your mother because they are the most important women in your life. Try to be the shoulder she needs to cry on and the one she needs to share her exciting moments with. This will make her believe that she’s the luckiest girl who owns the best dad in the whole wide world.

Everyday Photobook

Presents for first-time dads must evoke pleasant memories that he can always look back on. An everyday photo book would be perfect for honoring the novel and amazing role that fathers and dads-to-be plays. For all that he is experiencing and many more yet to discover, this book will give a lifelong habit of giving permanence to moments spent as a family. Years later, when you and your baby together will look back on this book, your child will thank you for giving him the chance to live his childhood.

A Complete Grooming Kit

There is no day better than Father’s Day to gift him a complete grooming kit that comes handy. Upgrade his grooming supplies with a good-quality kit. There are a bunch of high-end brands that sell amazing kits, yes, they are a bit on a pricey side but do not forget that it’s his day! You should invest your money in a luxury brand. Another option is that you can create your gift basket full of goodies catered to his preferred taste. Some grooming tools that you should consider in your kit are beard oil, Scissors, comb/brush, deodorant, cologne, toiletry bag, shaving cream and aftershave cream.

All in all, make sure that you put your heart and soul into making this Father’s Day, one of the best days of his life.

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