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A Beginner’s Guide to Bulk Grocery Shopping

Buying in bulk is a necessary evil in cases where grocery is involved. Bulk-buying occurs in two conditions. First is a planned way where the big requirement is to be fulfilled. The second condition of bulk buying is fueled by panic created of any sort.

Very recently, the whole world has witnessed the second condition when the people stuffed their homes with as much grocery as possible to manage the lockdown situation. Irrespective of the reason, the bulk buying does require proper planning.

Apart from buying out of compulsion, that is, to fulfil the requirement, buying grocery in bulk offers the advantages of zero wastage and better price. So, knowing how to buy grocery in bulk can make a difference to monthly expense structure.

We bring you here a comprehensive guide on buying grocery in bulk to help you as a procurement beginner.

Go on discovery trip to shop in bulk

The bulk-buying of grocery items is not restricted to grains only. One can enjoy the ease of buying in bulk the items like canned vegetables, dairy items, cheese products, etc. The buyers need these items on a daily basis.

Also, these items, when bought in bulk, can offer the price advantage. Apart from grocery, washing essentials, cleanliness products, etc. can also be bought in large quantities.

However, going for bulk buying of various kinds of items can become easier if the shop is keeping all these materials for sale. The buyers can find the combination of products to purchase at low cost.

Also, searching for specific shops to buy only one kind of grocery item can become more expensive in terms of transportation cost. So, going on a trip to discover the shop that offers all sorts of items in bulk can help in finding cost-effective ways of bringing the purchase home.

Weight is the purchase consideration and not the numbers

While buying the items in bulk, the price is decided in terms of weight. Accordingly, you must ask for a zero-waste package item from the seller. Many bulk sellers may ask you to bring the carry bags of your own.

Hence, before you step out to shop, have the purchase bags handy. Also, you can know about the shop’s policies from the buyers who use the same shop for bulk purchase. Some wholesale supplier shops maintain fulfilling the essential supplies, maintain their websites, which buyers can refer to find about the pack-and-carry policies, and act accordingly.

Research more on utility part to achieve zero wastage

Buying in bulk should never be done out of impulse. Managing large quantity is a task and so, the buying decisions should come out of three filters:

  • Do I need this item more than frequently?
  • How much have I used this item in the past?
  • Is the consumption rate of this item too high and is it not found so readily?

If you find that all such questions yield ‘yes’ as an answer, then going for bulk purchase is a wise decision, else not.

Never buy foods, that have limited shelf-life, in bulk

Unless you are running a restaurant where canned vegetables or fishes are fast moving products, these should never be bought in bulk. Purchasing in bulk quantities serves good purpose only when the consumption is too high or frequent, especially when the item under consideration is a packed food. So, one can avoid putting items as mentioned below in the bulk buying list:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Perishable products like fish and poultry
  • Milk products
  • Some sunscreen lotions, cosmetics and medicines.

Though it is not advisable to stock these products in large quantities, the exception to the rule will be their high consumption rate. So, if your setting or needs allow you to finish these products before their expiry date, and the freezer space is available amply, you can consider purchasing in excess.

Be thorough with price calculation

When buying in big amounts, you need to be sure of getting a good deal. The price per unit or price per weight can be a bit confusing sometimes; and these are the only parameters to decide whether the deal is good or not.

So, the better option is to shop around with a pocket calculator in hand. Just punch some numbers, note down the per unit costs and compare. This can help you achieve the main purpose for which the bulk buying is done, and that is, low cost purchase along with zero wastage.

Sometimes, the shoppers keep some promotional scheme ready for the bulk purchasers. As a beginner, you may be tempted to fall for those. Again, finding the cost per unit will help in finding if the promotional deal is worth considering or not.

Prepare for the storage in advance

It is one of the must-dos while you consider to buy grocery in bulk. The idea is to ensure palatability of the grocery and prevent it from any kind of pest infestation. As a beginner, you need to restructure the storage space.

For example, have a larger freezer if you need to store perishable products for a long time. You can also go for multi-tier storage to maximize the storage area and have more products stuffed, but systematically, in a given room.

 Use reusable containers

Packaging and carrying of bulk purchase need some intelligent planning and preparations. Reusable containers offer eco-friendly ways of managing storage of huge purchases. Also, you can repurpose the old jars of pickles and other materials to take out and use small quantities.

Also, one must know about the tare weight first. It is the weight of the container minus any content in it. While buying groceries at work, this weight should be taken into account while weighing the whole order. It can help prevent waste of money.

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