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9 Remote Recruiting Tips To Keep Your Hiring Going

Working remotely is no longer an idea, but it has  become a reality for some people. In the U.S. about 4.5 million employees work at home for half the time in the working week. That number is ever increasing, and as more and more industries are adopting remote work, remote hiring is increasing. As we have seen, due to covid-19 pandemic, many people have changed the way of working and started working from home. Due to coronavirus, the recruiters have changed and strengthened the method for recruitment. 

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What Is Remote Recruitment?

Great talent isn’t contained in one area; it’s scattered all around people the globe. Fortunately, time remote hiring process of this modern technology is possible. Remote hiring involves sourcing interviewing and employees who are far away from us or elsewhere. We use remote hiring to connect with remote people wherever they are. The adoption of remote hiring is now important because so many global organizations are working from home to avoid the infection of covid-19. Tried to reduce the impact of covid-19 on its business and companies have turned to technology to maintain consistency in this time. In other words, if you want to continue hiring right now, simply put, you need to adapt or risk missing out on top talent that’s snatched up by the competition.

Useful Remote Recruiting Tips

Here are some tips to help you develop and implement your own remote recruiting strategy. 

  • Write Accurate And Engaging Job Ads

When we recruit remote candidates, it becomes very important that when the advertisement for the job is dated, it should be absolutely accurate and attractive.  To do this effectively , ensure good responsibility and underline expectations. For example, you may want to note if your company is remote-first, remote-friendly or mixed, as well as if there are any required working hours. You should also consider using video vacancies to engage potential applicants.  In order to add more personal connections with the candidates in the job description, the rebels should also do this.  As per reports Career builder posting jobs with videos brings 15% applications, while posting advertisements, with text brings 30% more advertisement than these. You can send video clips via phone with the company managers and members and share information about the company’s expectations and culture. Do not forget to mention that you are still hiring in the period of the pandemic to encourage potential candidates to apply.

  • Have A Structured Hiring Process

Recruiting from a distance is also a structured recruitment process, it is systematic and a good way to keep things running smoothly. It helps drive consistency across interviews, There is little or no chance of bias in this and this gives the candidates a better experience. The key to creating structure in the process of which assignment to take and what steps to follow and which steps you are responsible for. It would be good for us to choose the right application system tracking for our recruitment technology stack. This will help us to ensure that our entire process is going well or not.

  • Put A Good Shortlisting Process In Place

This is also a good way to use the shortlist process for your candidate to work well. Some people also believe that it is very difficult to shortlist the right candidate from so many applicants. But this shortlisting process can prove to be a big difference in the recruitment process. We have to give a criteria of the score of the candidate, by which we speed up the recruitment process, and fill open roles faster. First of all, we have to tell the candidate that what we should get from them and what they have is the qualifications.  First set up going to impact what you are looking for in candidates.

  • Check Your Candidates Equipment

With the help of modern technology, we can do any work anywhere, this will require a good internet connection with a computer and some software and hardware. When we expect employees to work from home, those employees are not permanent employees so it becomes necessary for us to give them the necessary equipment so that they can focus on their work.

  • Utilize Video Interviewing

  Video interviewing technology is much easier than the previous recruitment process. During the time of covid-19 companies like Amazon, Facebook have offered jobs by using video interviewing. You should do video interviewing in one way or both at different stages of your recruitment process. There are companies that give those people the idea of a virtual meeting to overcome the fear of video interviewing.

  • Stay Aligned With The Team

It is very important that you and your team are on the same page when there is a remote recruitment process, and your hiring team is distributed. Make an alliance with your team to make sure which steps should be taken to do something and when they have to do it. This will help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks while you are recruiting from a distance.

  • Consider Using A Work Assignment

To know the skill of the candidates, we can consider the assignment done by them as an audition, what is the job without our candidates on the site of. We also have to see that when the candidates do the assignment, check their assignment at the time, so that we can know how different candidates can work under pressure.  A good idea is to assign a work assignment to the candidates in the last phase of the hiring process, because by doing this assignment, we all also be able to know which candidate is not necessary for us here. And perhaps no company will hire such candidates.

  • Keep Your Candidate Engaged

We will make a point to keep our candidate busy in the recruitment process. Candidates will have to tell what is the situation and how to proceed in the recruitment process. The Candidate Relationship Management tool will help us in connecting the candidates with us.

  • Ensure Your Data

 And last of all, there is the issue of securing the data, which is a challenge for all of us in this digital world. It is very important for us to secure the data of our candidates, and make sure you are meeting data privacy laws EU-GDPR, which might differ in different regions. And to secure the data, candidates from all the countries need to pay attention to it. 

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