9 Modern Bathroom Design Trends for Your New Home


Having a modern bathroom is more than just following trends, it is a place where you will relax and forget about all the worries. Just like any trend, bathroom trends are always changing and evolving. If you are looking for a trend that will best fit your needs here are 6 modern designs that will make your new home even better.

1. Stone And Marble

This is the year when stone and marble bathrooms are coming back in style. The colours are grey, red and white. That will create seamless lines and your space will be very simple yet elegant and comfortable. But marble is not the only star in this trend. 

Natural stone is also there. You can play with combinations and use it not only for the floor but also for your countertops. There is nothing that will make your bathroom more breathtaking than playing with contrast while using natural materials to make your little sanctuary perfect.

2. Combine Modern And Organic

Another trend that has been going around to make a relaxing and elegant atmosphere in your bathroom is combining organic and modern styles. The most popular option is combining wood and glass. 

Make sure that the combination that you choose is of complementary materials and that the materials that you have selected are easy to maintain. The best way to create a balanced atmosphere in your bathroom is by having fun combining modern and classic along with some warmth and minimalism.

3. Play With Geometry

In the last couple of years, people have been starting to experiment with geometric designs. But in 2021 it is the trend to go for. The best way to incorporate geometry into your bathroom design is by experimenting with tiles. One of the most popular ways to go is rectangular tiles as they can go multiple ways and you can create different patterns. It is a great trend to go for if you want to add more depth to your bathroom.

4. Brass And Gold

Gold and brass fixtures are making their way back and they are not vintage anymore. Different shades of gold and brass are taking over anything and everything in your bathroom in 2021. If you are looking to add dimension as well as luxury to your bathroom, this is the way to go. 

It is the fastest way you can make your bathroom feel warmer because there will be cool tones from the shiny chrome fixtures. There are different finishes that you can choose from matte to spun gold to fit your needs. Decorating with fixtures is very popular as they are the best bathroom accessories you can experiment with.

5. Black Is the New Grey

As we all know, grey has been the number one colour to incorporate in your bathroom. But that is all about to change as black is taking over its spot. This trend is not only about painting your walls black or adding an accent wall. It’s about going all out. The point is that you can never have too much black when you are decorating your bathroom. It is the best way to create contrast. 

Combine white sinks and countertops with black fixtures, mirrors as well as light fixtures. If you wanna take it to another level you can even choose mat black fixtures that will make your bathroom, feel much more luxurious. Black details and accents are a great way to make your bathroom bolder and trendier.

6. Add Pops of Colour

If dark colours are just not your cup of tea, there is nothing wrong with that. Luckily one of the trends in 2021 is experimenting with pops of colour. Adding colourful accents to your bathroom is the best way to make it look airy as well as fun. We have seen this trend with kitchens and everybody loves it, that is why people are trying it in their bathrooms and it is looking like fire. 

Choose colours that will make you feel better when you see them. If you want to bring in the feeling of nature and tranquillity incorporate green accents but if you are looking to boost your mood add a colour that makes you feel fun and positive. There is no wrong coloured accent, it is your bathroom so choose colours that you like best.

7. Futuristic Bathrooms

More and more people are interested in making their bathrooms high-tech and not only by installing smart toilets. Even though smart toilets are amazing and they come with things like automatic lid openers, seat warmers, built-in deodorisers and many more impressive things, they are not the only things you can have in your bathroom. 

One of the more popular trends when it comes to modern bathroom designs is adding things like mini fridges, automatic sicks as well as smart showers to make the bathroom look and feel more futuristic. There is nothing better than being able to set up your shower while you are on your way home from work and just walking into it already hot. Another cool thing that you can incorporate into the design are Bluetooth speakers. 

That way you won’t have to carry your phone into the shower just to listen to some music. Long with that you can also add things such as voice activated features, smart mirrors, TV’s and many other things. Since we live in such a technologically advanced world your options are truly endless. 

8. Industrial Styled Sinks and Vanities

Industrial style is making its way back into 2021. Even though it is not everybody’s cup of tea it is one of the most modern popular bathroom designs currently. That is because with all of its metal finish possibly as well as the funky tile pattern and wooden accents it can fit just about anybody’s style and space. It is modern yet sleep and it will fit perfectly even if you prefer classy trends as well as edgy ones. 

If you choose to incorporate industrial sinks, they can be matched with just about anything. You can match them with brass and gold accents, pops of colour, fun tiles as well as simple matte black fixtures. If you have a smaller bathroom, installing an installed vanity will make your bathroom look amazing. When it comes to industrial sinks and validates you simply can’t go wrong with whichever you choose. 

9. Cute Compact Storage Spaces

One of the key things in 2021 trends is no cramped and messy spaces. In order to have a modern bathroom you have to maximise the storage space without actually taking up a lot of space. That is why most modern bathrooms have compacted storage areas that will be presented in a simpler manner and promote your minimalistic habits. 

That will help you be more organised as you will have to store your things neatly. There is nothing that will make your bathroom look sleek than having hidden cabinets as well as vanity under space storage because it will make it appear less cluttered.

When it is time to decorate your new bathroom, you should always go with something that you know you’ll like as it is your bathroom. Something that you should always keep in mind is that functionality needs to come first, no matter how much you like a trend you should always make sure that it is functional before you commit to it. There is no point in having a bathroom that is trendy but not functional. Always pick trends that you actually like and not just because they are trendy.