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9 Effective Yoga Poses Can Be Done At the Work Desk

Working at the office or home desk has an effect on both mind and body. If the mind falls under tension then the neck, spine, shoulders, and eyes in the body become the victim of stiffness and pain. While stress makes us suffer from frustration and adversely affects our nervous system, sitting on the seat continuously for 8 to 9 hours causes stiffness and pain in the neck, shoulders and spine. Apart from this, people become victims of headaches, respiratory diseases, constipation and unnecessary fear, etc.

8 Yoga Poses You Can Do in Your Desk Chair

First, you learn to sit in the correct posture on the chairs. Relaxed and comfortable sitting or standing should be most essentially practised. Often we are surrounded by problems due to not standing or sitting in the correct posture. This causes complaints in the spine, shoulders, neck, and eyes. Here, I am going to tell you about the movement of yoga and some yoga asanas that can be done at your work desk. 

Meditate for five minutes

If you have time, only meditate for 3 minutes. You will feel refreshed by this. Meditation is great for calming down the mind, relieving stress, mental duality, anxiety, sorrow: or brainwashing. Concentrate on your breath and keep breathing slowly. Do this five to six times.


There can be many reasons for stress in the office. To get rid of stress, just do 1-minute Anulom-Vilom pranayama. Do not let negative thoughts and feelings get snapped near you with regular practice. Excessive thoughts, crowds, noise, and pollution disturb the peace of our brain.  Only meditation and pranayama can relieve the above habits during office hours.

Asanas on the chair

You can do postures on home or office chair like Marjari-Bittilasana, Upadhyasana, Uttanasana, Uttara Pankonasana, Ekpad Rajakapotasana, Garudaasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Virabhadrasana, Antar Veerabhadrasana, Parvatasana, Tadasana etc.

Namaskar Mudra and Tali

You give light pressure to the palms of both the hands in the greeting posture, that is, press each other. This will open the veins of your shoulders and neck and blood circulation will be good in them. Secondly, by playing the palms, it also provides health benefits.

The fibres of our hands are connected to the fibres of the brain. By pressing or keeping the palms pressed, there is an activation in the heart wheel and the command wheel, which increases the awakening. The above awakening produces peace of mind and happiness in the mind. There is confirmation in the heart and fearlessness increases. This mudra has an effect on our entire emotional and ideological emotions, which increases positivity.

Organ operation

It is also called subtle exercise. Organ movements are done standing, sitting, and lying down. To perform this, you need to rotate your wrists, ankles, waist, eyes pupils, neck, and shoulders anti-clockwise and clockwise for about 5 to 6 times.

Move your eyes, tongue, wrists, and toes of the hands, feet, waist, neck right-left, and up-down. Open and close the hand fist. Repeat the above steps for your feet and fingers. Rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise while keeping both palms together at the waist.

This exercise is a complete hand-foot, cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder, joint pain, sciatica, eye disease, tension, headache, neck pain, back pain, back pain, stomach disease, weak bone, weakness, blood impurity, laziness, Constipation is beneficial in diseases. 

Exercise of the extremities

Hold the right shoulder with the right hand and left shoulder with the left hand and press it. Then hold the opposite wrist with both hands and lift it up behind your head. While inhaling, pull the left hand from the right hand to the back of the head. The neck and head remain stable. Then exhale, move the hands up. Repeat the same for the other side.

Blink Meditation

Wherever you are sitting or standing in any position, while keeping yourself still, close your eyes completely and do a nap meditation for just one minute. Take a nap whenever you feel sleepy. In case you feel the breathlessness of breath in it. Take a deep breath. This one-minute nap meditation is very important as it increases brain activation and keeps the person always fresh. It is a nice way to relieve the eyes and reduce mental tension. This revives your heart and lungs by balancing your breathing.

Hand postures

Learn at least 10 important hand postures. It is very useful. Due to this, while the circulation of blood runs smoothly in the body, many types of diseases cry away. This is very easy to do. There are references to 25 postures in Grand and 10 postures in Hatha Yoga Pradipika, but there are a total of 50 to 60 hand postures, including the postures of all yoga texts.

Mainly ten hand postures: Apart from the above, the main ten postures have importance in hand postures which are as follows: – (1) Gyan Mudra, (2) Prithvi Mudra, (3) Varuna Mudra, (4) Vayu Mudra, (5) Zero Mudra, (6) Surya Mudra, (7) Prana Mudra, (8) Linga Mudra, (9) Apana Mudra, (10) Apana Vayu Mudra. If you would like to gain more knowledge and insights about yoga, you can join 200 hour yoga teacher training in India and learn everything that yoga has to offer.

Laugh Yoga

Never miss an opportunity to laugh. With laugh yoga, your heart, mind, and blood remain healthy and pure, because by stretching the entire body including the stomach, the internal organs are healthy. Exercise is a great way to keep the body young and healthy. So every morning, afternoon, evening, and the night before going to sleep once in private and then collectively, laughed out loud. You don’t have to worry about what other people are going to say about it. Laughing is contagious so, play your part in spreading the medicine of happiness.. Listen to more jokes in your life to remain happy. 

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