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8 Worthy Travel Destinations in Mexico to Feed Your Wanderlust

Mexico is literally a hub for all things a wanderlust is looking for. 

If you’re looking for a vacation place where you can relax at beaches, explore both modern and ancient cities, visit a volcano, follow tribal trails, then this is the country that should be on your list.

You can do everything in one country, only if you’re patient enough to hop on trains and buses a couple of times. all while carrying the luggage brands with you where you can put all your travel essentials.

If you can do that, then let’s not keep you waiting any longer. Here are eight travel destinations in Mexico that you should visit:

1. Cozumel

This pretty undeveloped island off Mexico’s eastern coast is famous for its scuba diving sites.

There are plenty of resorts that you can choose from depending on the level of adventure you are willing to take. There are resorts that offer different activities for all sorts of travelers. Some are meant for relaxation, while others are made for those that could send your adrenaline through the roof.

If you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have the extra time to spend a night, you can always do a day trip to Cozumel instead.

2. Tulum

Tulum is another Caribbean coastline in the Yucatan peninsula. Apart from its beautiful beaches, it’s also a historical town replete with well-preserved ancient ruins of the Mayan port city.

But despite its “ancient” vibe, it has now become famous among millennials especially during this modern age where they’ve come to Tulum for different reasons — to do yoga and do a vegan restaurant hopping.

If you’re after a wicked party scene, there are also bars along the coastline where you can spend a fun night with your friends.

3. Playa del Carmen

We can’t get enough of Mexican beaches so here we are adding another coastline in the list.

Probably one of the most famous tourist spots in Mexico, Playa del Carmen is everything you need and more. Amazing seas, beaches filled with palm trees, and a historical city within your reach, there are so many reasons why you should never skip this place when you visit this North American country.

And the best part about it? It’s only 55 minutes away from the international airport of Cancun.

4. Mexico City

Mexico City alone is a treat in itself. An avalanche of art scenes, cultural spots, and foodie hubs to satisfy your Mexican food craving are everywhere in this city.

It was named the top global destination to visit because of the many things and activities that you can see and experience without having to transfer from one place to another.

Although it may have been under a negative light for the past decades because of their open fight against narcos, Mexico City has done everything to redeem its persona and come back as a renewed tourism spot.

Imagine, it’s only a five-hour flight from New York City and you get to have all these different flavors to welcome you.

5. Cancun

As for a splendid and spanking nightlife, the best place to go to in Mexico is Cancun ‒ and we’re confident party-goers would agree.

Its stunning beaches and turquoise waters are enough reasons to visit this place, but the town itself wants to surprise its visitors every now and then.

When all you could think about is the wild parties in Cancun, you’ll be surprised to discover that this place is also home to a lot of Maya artifacts — 400 to be exact.

If your party battery runs low, you can always take a break and visit temples and attend ancient ceremonies within Cancun.

6. Oaxaca

After you’ve done all the beach-hopping, have a moment to slow down in Oaxaca and revel in their rainbow-colored houses but still looking very much colonial.

It’s one of those Mexican spots where your followers would agree and say, “Oh I’m sure that photo was taken in Mexico.”

Oaxaca is also famous for the Museo de Sitio de Monte Alban — an archaeological site. And since it’s a popular Mexican site, we suggest visiting very early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

7. Guanajuato

If we are to describe Guanajuato in one word, we’d definitely use “mummies”.

The well-known Museum of the Mummies in Guanajuato is an interesting place to explore if you’re looking for something exotic. But once you look past the corpses, you’ll find that Guanajuato is one of the most beautiful Mexican cities that’s worth a visit a couple of times.

This mountain colonial city is filled with beautiful multi-colored villages and alleys perfect for every photo opportunity you can imagine. It’s one of those few cities in the world where you can walk in the streets and feel so much better.

8. Puebla

Puebla is another town that you can visit to fill your soul with Mexican culture and fantasies. With its pottery scene that’s popular across the country, you can easily fall in love with its crafts and artifacts.

It’s two hours away from Mexico City, so if you want to experience a more relaxed vibe, this should be your destination.

Packing Checklist for Your Mexico Adventure

Now that we’ve identified all the top places to visit in Mexico, let’s not forget the essentials on how to make this trip the best one possible.

The first one on our list would probably good walking shoes because as you know by now, you would need to do a lot of walking. Summer dresses and skirts will also be a good addition to your list as the weather in Mexico can sometimes be a bit humid and annoying. You don’t want body-hugging clothes to ruin your sunny disposition.

We suggest bringing in a couple of bug sprays and sunscreens if you’re hopping from one place to another.

The rest is now up to you, depending on what type of adventure you are willing to take once you’re in the Mexican state.

We hope your imagination hasn’t gone tired from all that virtual traveling. Mexico will remain one of our eternal favorite countries to visit, and we’re sure it would be on your list too once you’ve experienced all its vibrance!

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