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8 Ways to Reward and Show Employee Recognition

Rewarding your employees and showing them recognition is a crucial part of the employee retention programme. If you want to keep talented people from leaving your organisation, you need to show them that you truly care about their wellbeing. How can you do so?Any way of gratitude is desirable, even the smallest “thank you” notes can make your employee’s day. However, if you want to reward your employees to enhance their importance, consider using one of these 8 unique ways to show appreciation!

1. Breakfast club

In this modern world, nobody has time to drink coffee and eat breakfast in the morning before work. It’s commonly known that grumpy and hungry employees tend to have lower success rates. Besides that, skipping the most important meal of the day can be dreadful for their health. So, organise breakfast clubs before you and your employees start your work.

Start your workdays right by having a delicious cup of coffee with your co-workers and some of the healthy breakfast options. Provide your employees with a buffet of different food each morning. This is the ideal time to eat their breakfast, chat with colleagues and catch up on the news.

2. Invest in their brains

Is the zombie apocalypse coming? Luckily, there is no such thing as zombies, so you can reluctantly invest in your employees’ knowledge. Many people choose their jobs based on the experience and skills they can obtain there. So, why don’t you provide them with learning opportunities to show them you’re thankful?

Enrol your employees in the courses they’ve always wanted to attend. Give them a couple of days off to attend seminars with their colleagues in a nature resort. It can be a true vacation for their body and mind to spend some time learning something they love while being in nature.

3. Surprise gifts

Have you reached a milestone or the certain number of sales your employees are responsible for? Maybe it’s time to show them some appreciation and reward them with surprise gifts. Surprise presents can be anything from little things to making their dreams come true! Who doesn’t like receiving a cute reminder they’ve done a wonderful job!? 

There is no right time for surprise gifts! Leave your employees at the loss of words by gifting them surprise presents for their achievements. It could be something they’ve always wanted or something you think they’ll find useful. It’s the element of a pleasant surprise and appreciation that matters the most to them.

4. Ready, set, go!

Do your employees have an adventuristic and competitive spirit? Show them appreciation by organising and hosting interesting team building activities in which they can take part in. Healthy competition is fantastic for the atmosphere in the organisation and relationships between your employees. 

Pick a nice, sunny day and instead of heading to the office, host an outdoor BBQ and picnic with different sports and team building games your employees will love. Instead of being stuck in the office and daydreaming about a wonderful day outside, invest in the team and their relations. So, are you ready?!

5. Cheers with peers

Have you given your employees a chance to show appreciation for one another? Believe it or not, many employees thrive more when their hard work is recognised by peers and teammates than by managers. So, let your employees bloom by organising no-management parties and gatherings on your company premises.

Let your employees have fun and show appreciation for one another without having the pressure of overwatching managers. Allow them to hold speeches and spend time getting to know their colleagues and teammates better. A couple of drinks in the right atmosphere can really make your employees valued!

6. Cosy work-from-home days

Imagine sitting in your office from nine to five. What would be the best reward for you? To go home! Walk a mile in your employees’ shoes. They might have a child or a pet that’s waiting for them to return home after long hours at the office. So, why don’t you reward your hard-working employees with occasional work-from-home days?To stay productive while working remotely, assign them clear tasks they should complete. Give them clues about work from home setups they can use when settling in their home office and organise video call meetings from time to time. Even something simple like a day of remote work can refresh your employees and motivate them to work harder.

7. The power of the flower

How can you show your employees you’re truly thankful for their contribution to your business? Take famous athletes for example, when they win the race, they receive a bouquet with magnificent flowers. Everyone loves to receive beautiful flowers and hampers. So, what’s stopping you from following that example? Show your employees your gratitude by gifting them gorgeous flowers. Only the best flower shops offer afterpay flowers where you can shop now and pay later for all of your special occasions. Have some of the prettiest flowers delivered straight to your premises and surprise your employees with such classic gifts.

8. Introduce the wall of fame

Have you noticed that sometimes some employees stick out more than others? They try harder and stay motivated longer to finish all of their tasks. Doesn’t that deserve special recognition and a reward? So, instead of lazily neglecting yet another responsibility and turning a blind eye, consider introducing a special wall of fame. Pick an employee of the month and hang their photo with the list of achievements on that wall. Each month, pick a different employee to keep everyone motivated to work better. Besides sticking their photograph to the wall, consider rewarding them with some time off, their favourite food or even promotion!


Organisations consist of endless loops of showing appreciation and getting productivity, motivation and creativity in return. So, if you want your employees to feel happy and work efficiently, consider rewarding them for their hard work and knowledge invested so far. If you show appreciation and gratitude frequently, employees are less likely to leave your company and search for a job elsewhere. 

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