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8 Remarkable Online Tools You Can Use to Identify Your Target Audience

As of July 2020, there are 4.57 billion active Internet users in the world. No wonder it can be challenging to identify and reach out to your target audience.

But why is it important to know who your target audience is?

To put it simply, identifying your audience gives your business a clear picture of who you want to serve. This is also what we tell our clients at VoyMedia Marketing Agency NYC.

Your target audience can vary depending on your business’ nature and the products that you sell. For instance, a company that sells cloth diapers has a different audience than a business that sells bike parts.

Sure, identifying your target audience can be challenging. But there are online tools that can help you do it with ease:

Google Analytics 

This is a great tool that you can use to find your target audience’s interests. You can gather important data from your target demographic like gender, age, location, and device. 

With the details gathered by Google Analytics, it will be easier to find which people are interested in your products and services. It’s also become likely that they will turn out to be paying customers. 

Your Google Analytics data provides you with an opportunity to plan the perfect campaigns suitable for your audience.

You can share the right content, which is valuable and informative to your audience. 

Keyword Research

Keyword Research lets you find the terms and language used to describe your products or business. 

Conducting keyword research is helpful in content brainstorming. It also lets you craft content that your target audience is looking for and would want to read. 

Keyword research also allows you to do the following:

  • Find popular topics in your blog.
  • Look for ideas for marketing collateral.
  • Search for related markets that you can tap on. 

Facebook Business Page Insights

Almost every business nowadays has a Facebook Business Page. You can easily take advantage of the Insights Tab wherein you can conduct a quick research on your audience. 

To see a detailed breakdown of your audience’s age and gender, click on the “Your Fans” tab.

Then, hit the “Likes” tab to check where your Page Likes came from. This allows you to check where you published your content for your audience, and at the same time, where you can reach them. 

Consumer Barometer

Consumer Barometer is a great way to understand your target audience’s psychographics. Their data allows you to choose several topics and questions that will help you know your audience better.

It also allows you to identify the specific interests of your audience and even forecast trends. Moreover, this also showcases how people from all around the world use the internet. 

It’s easy for marketers to look for a country or industry-specific data through its ever-evolving storehouse of online resources. Regardless, Consumer Barometer provides insights on how users make purchasing decisions. 

Subreddit Forum Search

Subreddits are a great place to find what other people are saying about your brand or topic. 

You can easily research what particular questions or topics people have about your products. Then, use that information to help drive in content and other marketing initiatives. 

Subreddits also lets you figure out how your target audience is talking about your brand or industry.

For instance, in a subreddit for cloth diapers, you’ll notice that most users share photos of their kids in cloth diapers. This is an excellent indication that photo contests can help you generate user engagement on your online channels.


AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that allows you to understand your audience better. It also lets you engage with your audience and followers from a single platform. 

This tool also lets you segment your audience based on age, interest, location, gender, industry, or whatever matters most to you. 

Apart from that, it also provides you with consolidated information about your audience. A typical example is who is viewing or engaging with your business. You can use this information on your end to reach out and serve your audience even better. 

It also allows you to customize texts and images based on earlier conversations. This will enable you to reach out to prospective customers, with their past conversations as your reference. 


To be an effective social media marketer, you need to know how you can effectively target your audience. 

This is an excellent social media management tool that allows you to identify who your target audience is. It’s also used to research different factors, allowing you to come up with a customer persona. 

In a nutshell, a customer persona is your customer’s unique and individual profiles based on likes and other behaviors. 

Now, QuickSprout allows you to come up with a customer persona that represents your ideal target audience. It will then prepare these personas based on specific demographics like age, gender, spending habits, education, and a lot more. 

Through these unique personas, you can then design and optimize the content that’s shared with your audience. You can also create specific audience marketing campaigns that are based on these customer personas. 


Audiense is another excellent social media marketing tool that’s designed to help you find the right audience. And by “right audience,” we mean people are relevant to your business or brand. 

This tool will assist you in finding your target audience and personalize your messages to deliver it to them effectively. 

Through the help of available social data, this tool analyzes your audience’s interests and behaviors. Audiense will then shortlist the audience that is most suitable for your brand. 

The filter options also help you develop a relevant report, letting your focus on your most important audience segments. 

This tool also allows you to analyze all the connections between people through machine learning.

Over to You

Your brand exists to serve people. However, you will need to identify them to ensure that your business will thrive.

While it can be easy to be swayed on focusing on one audience that works for your brand, the tools listed above lets you find the right people based on their interests and other data. 

The more targeted and specific you are, the better your chance of finding the right audience. 

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