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8 Guidelines to Make Your Dating App Successful


Nowadays, millennials do not have the time for meeting someone special in parks or cafes. For them, the Internet has provided a powerful platform, wherein people can look for their soulmates or even indulge in a short-term relationship.

Innumerable websites and apps offer a yeoman service in matching people based on their similarity, compatibility, and mutual sympathy through highly innovative, accurate, and effective algorithms. Therefore, if you are also interested in designing and developing a dating app, then you must learn the ropes. 

To make your task easy, in this post, we will provide the top 8 tips that are followed by leading dating app developers around the world to create highly successful dating applications.

 8 tips to follow while creating your dating app

Market research 

Comprehensive market research is necessary to lay the ground for building a successful dating app. The market research will inform you about various parameters (demographics and psychometric) that you need to focus on while creating your dating app. Your priority is to select your target audience. When we talk about the target audience, then it does not mean that you should exclude anyone who does not fit that profile. It just means that your app should have enough information, especially for the group that you wish to target through your app.

Some of the important parameters of your target audience that you must look at when you are building the dating app include the following.

·         Their age.

·         Their gender.

·         Income bracket.

·         Occupation.

·         Ethnic background.

·         Their likes and dislikes.

·         Their personality traits.

·         Their core values.

·         Their hobbies. 

When you get the requisite data on these parameters, then it would not only help you to design and develop your dating app but also help you with its promotion strategy. 

Analyzing the dating app of your competitor 

You must carefully study other competitive dating apps. It will give you a good idea about what functionalities are widely used by people and different monetization methods used by your competitors. Find out the key selling points of the top dating apps. You must also go through their user reviews to figure out their strong and weak points. 

Concept finalization 

In concept finalization, you can ask some of your potential users about their ideas for a perfect dating app that would meet their requirements. To do this you can conduct a poll wherein you can directly put forth questions before your target audience about what functionality they want to see in the dating app. This will help you to create a powerful matchmaking algorithm for your dating app. 

The name and logo of the app 

Once you have crossed the concept finalization step, then you have to think about a catchy name and logo for your app that is easy to remember. 

The dating app design 

In this step, you give a shape to your idea. While designing the app, keep a keen eye on the UX/UI of the app. User experience is extremely important because it can make or break your app. Your user interface should be attractive and fully support the app’s functionality. To attract the user’s attention and improve their experience you can use things like blurred background images, swipe navigation, energetic color schemes, and gesture functionality for greater engagement and interaction. 

Quality content 

You must focus on offering high-quality content on your mobile app. For that, you should work on a powerful algorithm using AI to help people find their match from a huge database based on their specific criteria.

While designing the algorithm you must include the following in it to get the best possible results.

· Match based on Geo-data.

· Match people based on their age, gender, height, music and others.

· The algorithm should also include a matching based on friend connections (you can use data from the social network).

· Using behavior-based attributes.

You must create filters within the app that would help the users to stay connected with their preferred people. 

Messenger and other communication options 

Messenger is an essential element in your dating app. After you have matched people through your algorithm, the next step will require communication between the parties. It is important to fix the rule about who should message first. You must use messaging encryption for the security of the user information. You can also offer GIFs, emoji, animated stickers or even video calls to improve the overall experience of the users. 

Monetize the app 

You must also find out various ways through which you can monetize your dating app. Some of the ways that you can adopt to make your dating app make money for you are as follows.

· Making in-app purchases: In this method, you can offer an option, wherein the user can buy specific in-app items like emoji, animated stickers and so on.

· In-app ads: While this is an excellent way to monetize your app, instead of pop up messages, you must use built-in banners wherein advertisements could be shown.

· Premium access: This is another effective way of monetizing your app. In this method, your premium members (after paying an additional fee) can use some additional features of your app.

· Partnership with local business: You can offer partnerships with local dating -related businesses and allow them to advertise for their products and services like restaurants, bars, flower shop etc within the application. 


When you are trying to build a dating app, you should work on an original idea otherwise your product will have no value for both the investor as well as your target audience.

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