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7 Wire Management Hacks To Use In 2020


It is the age of decluttering. With more and more techno-savvy gadgets at one’s disposal, the need to look at a wireless world is gaining prominence. But a computer nerd may still have his mind on having a wire jungle around him. Tangled wires around a workstation can create chaos. They can slow down the performance of electronics and can be hazardous too. Of course, they are an eyesore.

Ditch the thought of having long and dusty cords around your workstation by choosing simpler ways in wire management. Here are some brainy means to manoeuvre heaps of wires and still work in a safe and protected workspace.

1. Wire Tray for Cable Management

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When you are working amidst a jungle of wires at home or office, get a wire tray for yourself. It is a good way to keep the wires together under your desk and not have them running independently in all directions. Wire trays or baskets are also used by most electricians when they have to work with a huge amount of cables.     

The Signum cable management system from IKEA is a perfect case in point. The cords mounted under the desk, not on the floors spells innovation. So, no more fear of dragging your chairs on the dusty cords and cables. Since the cords are all in one place, they are easier to spot and clean. The workplace looks much neater, and you may earn recognition for being the tidiest employee!   

2. Plug Identification with Labels

It is not an enjoyable sight crawling on your knees under the desk to identify the right wire point for a laptop and printer. There may be several extension cord vying for your attention, causing mayhem and confusion.

A good way to sort this mess is to put DIY labels on the plug points. It is a good technique to tell you the distinction between a printer point and the UPS system. Stick the different coloured stickers on the plugs for easy identification and zero confusion.         

3. Cable Concealer to Hide Cords and Wires

Watching a few black wires running up to your fancy wall-mounted TV can ruin the movie-watching experience. Sounds like getting back to the old times where wire visibility was important.   

Hide the look of wires smartly by way of an on-wall cord cover raceway kit. It is an electrician’s tool to put up wires in a plain-looking background. Little rectangular tunnels, they stick to any surface and snap together with the help of self-adhesive tape. A cable concealer is a good way to hide those messy cables moving up the walls without putting a hole in the wall.

4. Zip Ties Adhesive-Backed Mounts for Wire Movement

Installation is a breeze in this wire management hack. Zip ties use adhesive cable clips for surface mounting. The mounts need no tools for a surface stick. Peel off the backing paper and put it on a clean, dust-free surface to get the best adhesion. Make use of the built-in screw hole to get added strength and grip. Slip a zip tie into the open slot to secure the wire.

Bear in mind that zip ties at the time of removal can rip off the surface paint. So, use them judiciously.

5. Decorative Disguises to Hide the Wires

Unsightly charging stations are a perennial eye-sore. So, when you want your wires and cords within your reach without their nasty looks staring at you, go in for decorative ways to mask their appearance.

Recall your coloured shoebox, this time to hide your wires. Etch out a few wire slots on the side of a shoebox that looks comfortable to you and hides a power strip. It’s a concept that works well in offices that have multiple gadgets needs for the working staff. Having all your charging cords in one place is a good way to keep your devices together.    

6. Cable Sleeves to keep Wires Grouped

The beauty of cable sleeves is that they not only keep all the cables and wires in one place, they also protect them from high heat or occasional flames. The wrap-around sleeve works like a cable jacket housing several cables.  

A cable sleeve helps get you a clean and tidy look of the wires, whether it is a home office or a TV console. It also prevents pets from chewing the wires.    

7. Going Wireless is the new Wire Management

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In the wire-free world that we are moving into, it makes immense sense to get rid of cable clutter by getting rid of wires.

Wireless gadgets are a welcome idea for a domestic and business need. They keep the workplace minimalistic and mess-free. In the growing market of wire-free products, techno-gadgets like wireless mouses, printers, and keyboards are finding more consumers. Visit standardluggage.


It is time to move onto a new civilization thanks to wire management hacks. Adopt these simple ways to dress up your workstation and you will see a world of difference in your performance and convenience.  

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