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7 Way Mobile App Can Help You Boost Your Business


Everyone is investing a huge amount of money in the mobile app development for business and enhancing their stand in their entrepreneurship journey irrespective of their niche. After knowing the importance of shifting the business online. All are taking advantage of the unique features of the app which they will avail after its development to boost their business.

We are here to enhance your knowledge about the Advantages of mobile apps for business. This blog will guide you about the same and will keep you updated with the latest track of features which increases your business growth or sales by 70%

Top Ways Mobile App Can Help You to Grow Your Business

  1. Boosts branding

As your company’s logo and the brand message seem more difficult sometimes to remember but as it appears on the mobile screens clearly it becomes quite difficult to forget and improves your brand image among your customers. It is also useful in providing tough competition to your competitor. If you are willing to boost your brand reputation and a clear brand image creating a mobile app will help you a lot in this, enhancing your brand standings.

  1. Enhanced Customer Retention

Creating a mobile app abruptly enhances the customer experience as due to an increase in the customer experience the customer retention ration also increases with a high pace as it becomes very important to retain your previous loyal customers. An extensive example of the following can be seen in the Starbucks app.

Making the app easy to use by adding some of the user-friendly features like in-app payments integration, customer loyalty programs, discounts, and coupons, etc. has made Starbucks very and user-friendly due to this almost 30% if the payments are done online through mobile payment options which makes it more compatible for the users.

  1. Social Media Sharing Feature

With the use of social media mobile app marketing becomes very easy. Adding the feature of sharing on social media your customers can share their activities regarding app on social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with a single tap on the app. By this feature, the user can easily share his experience with your app or service to his network which will act as a free advertisement of your app resulting in the increase of a huge and loyal customer base according to your niche and the customer interests.

  1. Acquire more customers

As mobile devices are becoming most used by each and every age group and everyone is addicted to it whether it kills time or saves it to a huge extent. Now it is in your hands to take benefit of this constructively.

Using the refer feature you can provide extensive discounts to your customer as everyone has the mobile the user can send the referrals to his friends and family which will help the app to grow more customers extensively and also provide the user an extra discount, increasing his loyalty and engagement to the app.

  1. Increased operation efficiency

As a business always runs on budget optimization improvising the internal operations and inter-departmental communications can bring down the associated cost to a huge extent.

Due to the current situation, remote working has created a huge inefficiency in the system and ruined the interdepartmental communication. The mobile app can easily solve this problem out and can create better management perspectives by bridging this gap. It keeps the employees engaged and connected to the company which will in turn keeps them motivated to perform better for a longer period resulting in improved competence.

  1. Boosts customer shopping Frequency

Converting the visitor to a buyer is the most difficult thing of the business. To make it happen the customer must come to your site more.

Moving to the mobile app will help you visit you more because the app is present in front of their eyes and it reminds them every time they use their mobile phones. According to a survey conducted by Asda app the came to know that over 90% of the grocery orders were placed from the mobile app. It helped them to boost their revenue from 10% to 18% that is almost double.

  1. Generating high revenue

The mobile app also helps to generate more revenue than that from the website and a physical store. For an instance making a restaurant app, food app, events app you can avail of a high amount of revenue by many sources like commission-based, subscription-based, and many other bases.

You can also get paid for the in-app ads, featuring the particular item or event, etc. These things boost your revenue to a certain extent and make huge profits for you.


Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are not able to understand the opportunity to grow business with the mobile app and miss out on their advantages of the same, and when they understand the advantages of mobile apps for business it’s too late to implement it in the cut-throat competition.

But one who understands the importance and benefits of the mobile app for business can achieve his goals quickly. If you are too willing to make a mobile app that grows your business and revenue you can hire mobile app developers and start your success journey as soon as possible and get the best results with preeminent proficiency.

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A Technical graduate, Entrepreneur full of enthusiasm, founder and CEO of iGlobsyn Technologies.  He loves to write about software development, web & app development technologies related such as Nodejs, Angularjs, PHP, WordPress, etc. and thereby sharing his knowledge and research via related articles.

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