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7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Santo Domingo?

Santo Domingo will be perfect for you if you love beach areas or resort gateways. Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic that was once the capital of the Spanish Americas and houses numerous entertainment regions to visit. People across the country visit the city to relieve de-stress, away from their dull lives. Explore the great city sites, including the social movements, gastronomy, nightlife, culture, and tons of things.

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 Read the below list of stunning places to hop into:

 La Zona Colonial

La Zona Colonial is a historic colonial center and the most exciting place to visit in the city. The center is tucked near the Microteatro Santo Domingo, where people across the country spend weekends or holidays in this area while exploring the Dominican Republic’s social movements, museums for cultural events, nightlife, art galleries, and trendy restaurants. Visit this fantastic center, which has been the best place for tourists to display a unique theatre concept 15-minute plays by Dominican actors/writers. You will love the center’s Dominican life, culture, love, and relationships found in this city. So guys, if you find this spot captivating, then visit this beautiful area. 

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Microteatro: 15-Minute Plays on Dominican Life 

The Microteatro space is the most fantastic thing to do in the city. The microtear is an exciting place to spend your whole day watching plays. You will like the space offering a beautiful colonial building in an open-air courtyard contributing various eateries and drinks. Hop into this fun-filled place to relish some of the best nights out in Santo Domingo, enjoying food, drink with friends or family while watching four different 15 minute plays in between.

El Museo de la Resistencia

El Museo de la Resistencia is a gorgeous museum paying tribute to those fighters who have fought against oppression that includes the infamous dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo. This stunning museum provides different ways to get educated on the history and contextualize the country’s experience. Come to this museum that offers many displays, including various artwork, inspirational videos, text, photographs, and more. 

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Los Tres Ojos National Park & Open Caves Schemes


Los Tres Ojos National Park is an impressive open-air limestone cave system park located in Santo Domingo, just a ten-minute drive away from the famous Colonial Zone. Visit this nature reserve with a crystal transparent lake system referred to as the “eyes.” Hop into this beautiful park that provides a sweet experience that offers a de-stress feeling away from the city’s hustle and bustle. You will have to hire a learned guide at this place to watch out for stunning open water caves and acquire more about the pre-colonial and ancestral origins. 

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Mamey Libreria: Books, Art, Film & Coffee

Mamey Liberia is one of the exciting places to pay a visit, which offers an art gallery and a bookstore housing incredible Dominican-related books, a theatre in the back with a collaboration with several Dominican artists. You will also find a safe zone for visitors where you can order drinks or snacks. In addition, there are many cultural events, concerts, and meetings that also take place here.

Larimar Museum

Larimar is an exciting place to visit that houses one of the world’s rarest semi-precious stones and is unique only to the Dominican Republic. The stone is only found from one mine in the province of Barahona. You will adore the stone for which the museum is famous, having a pale cyan blue color that divinely matches the water of its coasts attractively. So guys, visit this fantastic museum that offers fun to stroll through. The museum is free and lies above a Larimar store.

Ride El Teleferico

Santo Domingo offers a ride for less than .50 cents USD spotlessly in a clean metro with a free connection to the teleférico that is the cable car. Through this cable car, one can go up and above and through different neighborhoods. The cable car is located below the outskirts of La Victoria. You will find kids playing in the natural pools, roosters singing, hearing dogs, and the smell of the toasted wood campo aroma. Explore the schools, lush plains, busy streets, homes, and rivers as you fly above them. 

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Chinatown Sunday Morning Market

Chinatown Sunday morning market is a large market flushed with a considerable number of people all around. You will find an excellent fusion of Chinese-Dominican culture. This market has a special day for a market that is on Sunday, where various Chinese and Dominican farmers and different street vendors come out to sell delicious food, drinks, and crops harvested locally. You will like the Chinese fruits and vegetables that are grown in the Dominican Republic. You will find this market fascinating, along with the encounter of two very different cultures coming together. 

Local Gastronomy

Santo Domingo is famous for its trendy and delicious restaurants popping up at every corner of the city. So, reach the city and find out the top best, the most famous places for Dominican food. You will find the quality is of supreme quality, which can be compared to homemade Dominican food. So, guys, if you feel tempted to try out each variety, then visit and explore each street here. Give your taste buds a treat during the food tasting experience. 

La Fabrica Contemporánea y El Coloquio de Mujeres Dealings

La Fabrica Contemporanea and El Coloquio de Mujeres are favorite places for every traveler that offers a fusion of library, delicious restaurant, and artistic community space. Hop into this exciting place to experience the best nightlife here. In addition, you will find several social activism events, talks, and parties. Finally, visit the great place that offers an incredible plate of Dominican food along with a beautiful cause. 

Centro Dominico-Aleman

Centro Dominico Aleman is an indoor/outdoor community space. It is home to markets, meet-ups, a German bar, events, classes, performances, and different things within a well-kept colonial building. In addition, this center is a home related to Dominican-German relations and provides German exchange students.

Parque Mirador Sur

Parque Mirador Sur is an excellent park situated just under the Bella Vista neighborhood tucked on the luxurious Anacaona street. Visit this beautiful park to enjoy an active lifestyle along with kids. This park offers numerous things to do while people hop here on weekend mornings. Visit the park and go for several sports activities, including Dominican exercise enthusiasts running, skating, biking, and many more.

So, guys, this was all for the city. This city has many top-rated significant attractions that are watched by the massive crowd every day. So, make a trip to this city that ensures that it will not disappoint you soaking in plenty of natural beauty locations.

Make sure you visit and share your experience with us.

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