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With the news of revival during the ongoing pandemic situation, fitness industry is again coming to forefront in consumer’s mind adapting competitive strategies in people life. Fitness centres and yoga studios have been putting countable efforts to make their services available to you with welcoming resources at first place.

Online classes, workshops, downloadable contents through websites or Fitness studio software and events were organized to keep you fit in these adverse conditions. Studio owners and fitness instructors are embracing skills and determination to keep you updated their offerings amid this pandemic situation while maintaining social distancing, hygiene and making digital offering much easier for you.

Businesses have now started to reflect their marketing strategies to excel in the upcoming year with new interest and plans to nurture the community. The main highlights were safety and hygiene measures at first place. Studio owners are working on their yoga studio software and websites to make the marketing ideas afloat during this global pandemic. Here, we will look forward to approaches that attracts new customers and boost the engagement ideas to serve the desired customers without levying immunity scare.

Fitness ideas were always evolving with varied services by fitness experts that stretches beyond physical studio appearances. COVID-19 led many businesses to rethink their current marketing budget as businesses have started offering digital and virtual fitness trainings to see a significant growth amid crisis.

With studio owners actively involving their experiences to invest in digital marketing to communicate more with their audiences. So, now can leverage their marketing strategy to target people via online offerings that add values in their customers lives.

Communication as a Connection Methodology

Communicating with relevancy is the key in this period of pandemic. You want to remain relevant and valuable to both your existing members and potential customers. Your customers and targeted audience are in need of your assistance to keep themselves fit. A proper communication strategy that prevails Genuity of your offerings is much appreciated rather than overwhelming their inboxes with unwanted messages.

It’s normal these days where people are anxious about their fitness and health issues. Your communication and marketing plan should put worries at ease and offer ways to stay fit and healthy that are entirely relevant that may be through your workshops, online tutorials, events keeping the social distancing norms intact or motivational thoughts shared through your notifications from websites or applications.

Transparency in your Job is your Job

People tend to trust you of your Genuity. They will often refer you when they trust your offerings that suits their need in a hostile situation. Whether you share your offerings or words on social media, blogs or sharing membership prices, be transparent. Your Adaptation Strategy is a Mirror to your services towards your audience.

Top 10 Marketing strategies for Yoga Studios for better Engagement

1.Utilize the Importance of Targeted Advertising

With People stuck to their homes, social media is there to take a leap of decade enthralling users to adapt online offerings. People are finding ways on social media to stay healthy and keep themselves updated.

You can use robust targeting solutions such as Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising to close the gap between you and your targeted audience. You can easily target your desired audience by location, demographics, age group, interests and much more.

2.Inspire on Social Media

The intent of using your social media channels effectively must be inspiring and motivating to add value to your customers lives. You can use varied content and posts in visual arrays to influence your targeted audience. Share success stories, fitness challenges or workout tips and tricks to motivate your customers. Add stories to your Facebook, Instagram or twitter channels that will allow your customers to follow you and increase engagement organically.

3.Create a Coherent User Experience

In an anxious world, people are more time-sensitive and when it comes to delivering a successful digital marketing strategy before them, your potentials are keenly judged.  Anything that stops a customer to take required action impacts negatively to your motives and business.

A well-build website or a well-optimized yoga studio software can help expressing your fitness offerings to your customers and help them to move towards a seamless experience.

4.Share stories of Success that Inspires

Stories make reality more beautiful and powerful. When you share great fitness stories of your previous clients who got benefitted from your services and offerings, your future prospects tend to follow you with similar vibes as before.

Sharing stories acts as selling a service for your brand with happiness, self-confidence with proper social proof and authority.

5.Remarketing to Encourage Sign-Up and Referrals

Remarketing is a great way to keep your customers thoughts busy with your services and offering that has helped them previously and would help them in future too. People who visited you once and due to some reasons have not availed your services at that point, may find it beneficial now. Remarketing encourages for sign-up’s and even encourages your customers to refer your efforts to friends and family.

So, create a referral program that treats your customers as cheerleaders of your brand and would offer you with individual fitness programs in turn.

6.Keep moving with your Digital Services

With fitness industry seeing a physical shutdown of workshops and centres, people stuck indoors are looking for alternatives that could help them grow their immunity by keeping them fit and healthy.

Despite closing your fitness centre, revive your digital marketing strategy to encompass relevant value propositions to your customers through visual classes, online workshops, scheduled events and fitness motivations through regular notifications. Try and re-evaluate your strategies to expand more into digital fitness till this pandemic passes away.

Also, you can go ahead with blogs to videos and podcasts, content marketing helps you stand out from the competition while sticking to your marketing budget. 

7.Use a personalized Strategy

Personalization will never fade as a strategy to keep your customers intact to you. As a part of brand experience, personalizing your success and communication strategy will help in many segments of your business.

With multiple people personas and varied needs, fitness owners and instructors can build a stronger repute for their yoga studios like never before. Personalization add value to your customers lives and influences their buying journey as well.


If you are a Pilates studio owner then You can also use Pilates studio software. By understanding the customer needs and requirements, one can easily implement an effective marketing strategy in a competitive niche like fitness industry. In the coming years, the situation of pandemic will change but keeping the customers interest as a priority must be a stand-out affair for the yoga studio owners and their management towards their yoga studio management software in the same lane.

Raushan Bhardwaj, is a SEO Professional in India with a 5+ years experience in search engine optimization and a proven consultation expert in Business Growth Strategist

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