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7 Things for Entrepreneurs: Every Entrepreneur Need to Give Up When Starting a Business

Get too comfortable with your surroundings and see how you fail at life. Because only the people who know how to adjust to the hardships and mold themselves accordingly succeed. When my brother was to start his marketing recruitment agency, this is the first piece of advice that our dad gave him. He used to say that we must learn to get out of our comfort zone if are to achieve something in life. Besides that valuable tip, there are a few traits you need to know that an entrepreneur should give up if making it big is the aim.


Laziness can cost you your career. And no one wants that to happen. Lazy people know that perhaps they can never be entrepreneurs. Or they do not wish to be one. Becoming an entrepreneur means that you have to work day in and day out to stand out. Apart from that, you also have to keep looking for new opportunities to be able to keep innovating. And that is the only thing that will aid you in staying in the market.


Not that having a pessimistic approach towards life will get you through anything in life. But you should make a conscious effort to block all negative thoughts if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. As you will have to struggle hard to make your newly started business a success. And won’t lie but you will have to face many failures as well. But it will be upon you to decide whether you want to learn from them or let them get to you and make your business suffer.

Now here is when many people confuse being realistic and negative. You should be the former but never the latter. A negative mindset will only stop you from making any plans for the future. Hence, leading to your failure even before you begin your journey on the road to success.

Instead of Taking Charge

Perhaps the only trait that sets aside an entrepreneur from an average person is being a trendsetter. If you recognize yourself as a follower, you should probably not be an entrepreneur. Because entrepreneurs take the lead and people follow them. No doubt that they have to face tough decisions and it often becomes hard for them to take the lead.

However, you should have faith in yourself. Believe that whatever you are about to do will be a game-changer. And even if the results do not come out in your favor. The fact that you tried will make you feel better about yourself. Other than that, it will also give you the confidence to come up with a fresh strategy and start working on it. Therefore, be a boss. Set trends and let people follow you rather than the other way round.

Going for the Safe Route

There are no safe routes in entrepreneurship. And if you think otherwise, you should not consider becoming an entrepreneur. As the field is not for you. Taking risks is what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Sometimes you will fail and at others, you will emerge as a leader. You want to live for the latter. Therefore, you will have to take risks and not feels bad even if a venture fails. Because everyone makes bad decisions. You won’t be any different.

However, what matters the most is how you deal with your failures. If you find a lesson in your failures, you will be able to come up with better strategies. Otherwise, you will keep struggling.


Do not expect to roll out a product or service one night and wake up rich the following morning. It takes a patient man to be an entrepreneur. Because the results take time to show. At times, it will take weeks but sometimes you will have o wait for months to get a favorable outcome. Therefore, patience is the key. But you should not stop trying and improving your strategy during this time. Sitting back after introducing the product/service is the worst you can do.

Quitting is not an option either. Unless you fail miserably. Remember that there is always a way to make things better. And that is what you have to do as well. Keep trying. I remember my brother struggling when he implemented talent acquisition strategies. He failed repeatedly in the beginning until finally, it all came together! So keep trying and stay hungry for more. This hunger to succeed will take you places.

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