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7 Signs A Girl Actually Likes You And Not Just Playing Around

Are you confused about a girl whether she likes you or not?? we have the right guide for you. Here is how to tell if a girl likes you and you are more than a friend to her. These signs can vary for every case, you get in details of everything and then make a move. 

  1. The eye contact: Eyes speak the most when a girl is into a guy. The intense and deep look with a deadly shine is the first sign to look when you want to know if the girl likes you or not. If the girl makes very intense eye contact while talking, or make ways to look at you or meet your eyes, damn boy!! She is into you.
  2. Physical Closeness: if a girl directly comes to you in a party, or keeps herself closer to you while dancing. She will try to maintain the closeness and make yourself available for you all the time. It is not necessary patting your back, pinching you or pulling your hair is the sign to look for. You need to differentiate between the general touch with the special touch or approach.
  3. Twirling hair: This is the most overrated yet very right way to tell if the girl likes you or not. A girl will play with hair and twirl hair around you. This could be a sign that you were looking for. But be extra sure, it is possible that she actually likes her hair and not you.
  4. Flirting: this is the most straightforward way to tell someone that you like them. If a girl always flirts while talking to you (not in a fun way). A serious flirting can be a great sign to tell if a girl likes you.
  5. Self-conscious: The girl is self-conscious around you, or always acts nervous with you, she might like you. But make sure you are not the one who is making her uncomfortable and nervous, it should be natural.
  6. She remembers the details: If a girl really likes you, she will remember whatever you say. All your interest, likes and even dislikes, she will make an account of everything. This is a very great sign.
  7. She is real around you: She knows no boundaries around you and always brings her quirky side when with you. This is one obvious sign. But make sure she is not doing this because you are her close friend but she actually likes you.

Ideas to Propose a Girl

With Sweets – A classic way to propose a girl is by going with chocolate and roses. You may think of it as a cliché, but it works every time, and girls love it. You can even put your own spin to it and do something crazy with a chocolate box or roses to propose to her. 

Special Words – If you are not good at expressing your feelings to a girl, you can compose a beautiful note and slip it to her. There is nothing to worry about; you can express your feelings on paper and give it to her at the right time. 

Long Drive – When you are in a special relationship, you can take a moment and go on a long drive with her and propose to her in a special place. You must find a place that is near your heart, take here there, and express your feelings. Spend some quality time amidst nature and enjoy open roads and when the right time comes to propose to her. 

Romantic Date – If you have money and want to make something beautiful for your significant other, take her to the most romantic place on earth or ancient place and enjoy the vacation. Places such as Eiffel tower are the hottest tourist destinations on Valentine’s day. You can go down on your knee and vouch for your love for her on the eve of Valentine’s day when Eiffel Tower lights up, and fireworks start. Or you can fly down to some more scenic places such as coral reefs or anywhere else. 

Desert Date – Whether you want a romantic date, dinner date, or coffee date, a pretty plated dessert with coffee will win hearts. You can pick any place in the city with the most romantic setting that offers enough privacy and not too crowded. This kind of setting would be beautiful to have a proposal.


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