7 Common Mobile App Development Myths, Busted

mobile app development services
mobile app development services

Developing a highly functional mobile app has become crucial for businesses across all industries. It helps entrepreneurs gain more exposure, engage customers and generate higher revenue. Top companies like Zomato and Amazon enjoy their leading statuses in the market largely due to their smartphone applications.

As much as business mobile apps are rewarding, there are certain common myths that need to be debunked. Because if they are not, it can land you in unforeseen complications. In this article, we are going to bust 7 common mobile app development myths to help you launch successful, revenue generating smartphone software services. Let’s begin.

Have a unique app idea

Unique app ideas are great, and may possess the potential to break through thousands of apps in your niche. But the important question is how feasible is it? Besides conceptualizing a great idea for an app, you must also ask yourself what the market scope for the app you are going to develop is. 

Furthermore, you must assess how useful your one of a kind app will be for customers. Afterall, you want to deploy an app that is popularly used and loved. These are some factors to consider before jumping right into developing an app. They help mitigate risks and enhance success rates.

Release the app on both Android and iOS for maximum profit

Android and iOS are two completely different mobile operating systems that have two distinct groups of users. Launching an app on both channels can drive more profit, but only after you’ve examined the background of these platforms and how your app will perform on them.

Designing an app for both platforms is expensive. The primary mode of revenue generation is different in both of them. If you choose Android app development, its users prefer free apps and don’t invest in a lot of in-app purchases. In this case, displaying ads is a great way of making revenue. iOS users on the other hand don’t mind spending money on getting premium apps and making in-app purchases. It is imperative to perform adequate customer research on both these platforms, before deciding to launch your app on both of them.

Building an app is easy 

Building a smartphone application is no longer a hassle. Numerous world-class mobile app development companies like SmartPoint are available for hire. Creating an app is more than just investing a budget and expecting the best results. It also involves extensive planning. 

You must ask yourself crucial questions like who is your average customer? What features will your app have? What platform will your app be available on? In addition to their answers, you must also chart out a roadmap. This will help you get a complete clear idea of what your app should look, feel like and at the pace at which all phases should be completed. Once that is known, you can efficiently convey your requirements to a development company of your choice.

Users will automatically discover your app once it is launched

App stores on both Android and iOS harbor millions of apps. If you have an app idea for a business, there is a high chance that an app exists for it already. When the marketplace is deluged in so many apps, simply launching your app live will not automatically attract customers.

Besides developing the app and making it look good, you must also focus on how you can put your app in the hands of new potential customers. You can get your app more visibility by optimizing it for app stores and developing a result-driven marketing plan prior to and after launching the app. 

App Store Optimization (ASO) is sufficient to garner traffic

App marketplaces are inundated with a myriad of smartphone apps. After mobile app development, a common notion associated with garnering high traffic is to make the app keyword friendly. It can help gain customers, but it can also be extremely slow.

Along with ASO, it is also wise to get the word of the app out via paid advertising. You can also hire social media influencers, publish press releases, run social media campaigns and more. The amalgamation of ASO and modern marketing tactics will help your app reach millions of potential users.

Customers who download your app will continuously use it

Just because your app is downloaded onto a customer’s phone doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is going to use it all the time. There is stiff competition for smartphone applications. If your app is a little difficult to use, is unresponsive or bug-ridden, your customer won’t think twice about switching to another app.

Your customers want to use a minimalistic, fast performing and easy-to-use app to make purchases and hire services. If your app ticks off those checklists, then you must move on to focusing on retaining customers on your app. You can do this by creating surveys, offering discounts, sending in-app/SMS notifications, regularly updating content, adding new features, providing updates and more.

The more features your app has, the more successful it will be

Highly functional features are a major reason for the popularity of smartphone applications. Features like GPS tracker and multiple payment options make using mobile apps to purchase and hire services an extremely easy task. On the contrary, packing your app with a lot of features isn’t always a good idea.

You must implement features that genuinely solve customer problems. They should be easy-to-use and shouldn’t clutter the user interface of your app. Moreover, even if your app has industry-leading features, it still has to be marketed through multiple marketing channels.


More and more customers are preferring to shop for products and hire services via smartphone applications. As a result, it has become a lucrative option for businesses to increase their prospects. But before you decide to invest in a full fledged mobile app development, it is wise to get a clear understanding of what some of these common myths mean. Although they are true to an extent, there are many underlying factors that together contribute to the veracity of the myths. 

If you’re looking for world-class mobile app development services that can help you design a successful app right from start to finish, along with exceptional marketing strategies, then contact SmartPoint. Reach out to them and get started today.