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7 Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you have plans to sell your home in the foreseeable future or you just want to leave your children with a worthy piece of real estate, improvements are the surest way to add value to your home. What is more, home improvements aren’t that expensive if you know exactly what you are building.

A garage like no other

In most cases, a suburban garage gets “converted” into a provisional storage room. However, you stand to get a lot more out of your garage by converting it into a living space. Just imagine, you will be getting an extra room without the full cost of construction.

In some places, you might require a planning permission before you start converting the garage. Once the municipal planning authority gives you the green light, it’s time to soundproof and isolate the walls of the garage. Of course, if you own a car or plan on buying a four-wheeler, better skip this improvement.

One house, several flats

The next home improvement on our list is twice as lucrative as converting the garage into a living space. A house is usually considered a single housing unit but if it’s large enough, it can be split into smaller apartments.

This trend has been present in London for years now, as homeowners have realized that apartments are more sought after than houses. Splitting your house into two or three apartments ensures you maximize rental income in the short term and profit on sale in the long term.

A lofty bedroom

If you have friends often coming by, then an extra bedroom is precisely what you need. Some estimates show that an extra bedroom can increase a property’s value by as much as 15%. The most suitable section of the house for a remodeling project is the loft.

It isn’t that hard to convert a lot into a living space but you should nevertheless consult an architect or at least a contractor. The biggest change in the loft is going to be the shape of the roof that is no longer going to be slanted but flat.

A clean home is a rich home

Most of the projects we list here are proper home improvements that are affordable but you need to invest time and effort in them. On the other side, a cleaning spree can produce much the same results without you moving a finger.

Namely, there are professional house cleaning services that will clean the entire place in no time. You should hire a professional cleaner before the house goes up for sale, so prospective buyers can see how the house’s interior really looks like.

A brand new bathroom on a budget

Few owners can boast a state-of-the-art bathroom that has all the modern amenities. Instead of adding one detail at a time, why not redo the whole bathroom all at once! Such a project sounds expensive and it is but there is room to cut costs.

For instance, leaving pipes and power lines where they were will save you hundreds of dollars (only fixtures get repositioned). Moreover, an exposed shower has that industrial but it actually costs less because the pipes don’t have to be chased into the wall.

Open-plan living area

The feeling of spaciousness is something every homeowner out three is after. To achieve this effect, all you have to do is take down a non-load-bearing wall that is dividing the living room. This is definitely a DIY job if you take all the safety precautions. Once the wall is down, the living room will grow in size and proportion.

Stepping outside

Moving on from the house’s interior, the garden and the front façade could use a facelift. Even if the backyard is crammed with all sorts of junk, personal outdoor space is precious, especially during the coronavirus pandemic when lockdowns have become commonplace.

Simply cleaning the garden and replanting the lawn is enough to produce the “wow” effect. If you are feeling bold, then add a patio or a gazebo to the backyard to make it truly stand out. On the other side (literally), boosting curb appeal involves a fresh layer of paint, a brass house number, and perhaps some solar-powered garden lights.

If you are imaginative and intuitive enough, there are endless possibilities to add value to your home. The 7 improvements listed above are merely a solid starting point, as these renovations projects have been known to raise property value in the past.

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