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Books are one’s best friends and are meant to be the self-healing source for anyone. While we get books from various genres, some books can change your life. Creative novels or best self-development books can be life-changing experiences and one learns a lot by reading such novels. Not only do they provide self-enlightenment they also make one positive towards life.

 Here in this guide, we will walk you through some of the high-rated self-development books that you can readinshort and make a huge difference both mentally and emotionally.

1. Pay It Forward:

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Written by the famous Author John Green, this book is a fiction that is based on doing good deeds to people and then extending it in a chain pattern. It inclines towards doing good to people and spreading kindness and help to the world.

In a wider perspective, it focuses on thinking at a larger scale but starting with a handful of people that expands the chain of love and kindness and lets people be positive about their lives and never give up on anything.

Why Read Pay It Forward:

  • Helps us achieve long-term goals and not get frightened by small failures.
  • Develops a ray of hope in people.
  • Paves a path towards a better and emphatic world.

In a nutshell, this amazing book is a warehouse of inspiration and one should read it.

2. The Richest Man In Babylon:

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Written by Kurt Vonnegut, this book teaches you how to spend your money wisely and is a life learning experience for everyone. It is based on an experience of how a courtier of the king in Babylon imparted his knowledge to others. The courtier shared how the king started from scratch and became the wealthiest man. It imparts knowledge about how money should be governed properly and maturely.

Why Read The Richest Man In Babylon:

  • Teaches you how much money you should save for a better future.
  • Makes you understand the importance of money and how one should spend it.
  • Let you have a better idea of how to save money should be invested.
  • Learn how to secure your future.

3. The Secret:

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Yet one of the best self-development books that cater to personal life experiences by famous personalities across the globe. Written by Rhonda Bryne, it focuses on the power of positiveness. It says when you think positive, and emit positive energy, it will attract positiveness more towards you. Bryne said positiveness is like a magnet and helps one succeed, be happy, improve their health, and also develop the urge to succeed and live a happy life.

The Secret helps make life-changing resolutions and regulate their thoughts towards a better and positive living.

4. Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles Rediscovered:

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Foreword by Jeffery Gitomer, this book helps you shift towards a positive attitude in your life. It strives at how some of the most famous personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison became rich with positive thinking, determination, and perseverance towards being successful.

Why Read:

  • You become what your mind believes and how you can control it to have a successful life.
  • Keeping a positive attitude towards life and changing patterns into actions can help you achieve anything.
  • Be confident in yourself rather than thinking about what others think about you.


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This book by Mark Manson teaches you the secret to having a good and peaceful life even after all the obstacles you have to face in life. It helps you embrace the unpredictable and uncertainty in lives and overcoming through them with a positive approach and not thinking of failures.

Why read:

  • It teaches you how to concentrate on the right thing rather than being troubled about unnecessary things.
  • Try not to feel angry or irritated to avoid stagnancy in life. Rather strive to come out of the loop.
  • Even if there are numerous hurdles to overcome, just learn how to ignore them and that will lead you to a new ray of hope that makes you much stronger.


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Another book that can change your life, is written by Hector Garcia. Ikigai is a creative book that tells you about the different cultures and theories of Japan like yoga, flow, tai chi, etc, and teaches you different mantras of life that leads to a happy and successful life.

Why Read:

  • Helps you enlighten your life and is inspired to follow a path towards happiness.
  • Helps inculcate a positive attitude towards life that can change your life for good and peace.

7. The Fault In Our Stars:

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This is an amazing book by John Green that teaches you how to laugh and smile even when life is giving you a tough time. Based on a love story it beautifully portrays the willingness of being happy even in the hardest phases of life.

Why Read:

  • Teaches you how to overcome life’s battles with a smiling face.
  • It reminds you never to give up on life and live it the way you want.
  • It portrays the love between two individuals connected by any relationship.
  • Helps you lead your life in a peaceful and lovable manner.

Creative novels and books can change your life. Not only do they teach you some of the biggest life lessons, but they also inculcate good habits in you.

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