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7 Best AI And Data Science Certifications and Undergraduate degrees for 2021

Data science is exploding. If you want to know why — it’s because companies are increasingly moving towards data-driven decision making. The emergence of artificial intelligence has further led to the adoption of data science in the industry.

So it’s not surprising that companies are seeking talented data science professionals. Good salary and tremendous growth opportunities further make data science and artificial intelligence lucrative fields to be in today.

The demand for data science and AI professionals has skyrocketed during the past few years.

To meet this demand for talent, colleges and institutions have introduced undergraduate courses. Additionally, corporates and accreditation bodies have introduced certifications and courses in data science and artificial intelligence. If you’re looking to pursue a career in these areas, the following undergraduate courses would be an ideal option.

1. Harvard University – Data science program

Correlation One, a pioneering body in assessing data scientists, ranked Harvard’s data science on number one. The university offers two data science tracks as part of its undergraduate degree:

– First focuses on mathematics and statistical side
– Second specializes in data analytics as used by government

The government course includes mathematics, statistics, computing, and social elements. The alumni have gone to work in data-driven journalism, government, and top tech corporates including Google and Netflix.

2. University of Michigan – Undergraduate program in data science

The undergraduate data science program equips students with strong skills in mathematics, computing, statistics, and more. The candidate will learn data mining, machine learning, and how to write algorithms to put them use in the real world. The university is known for cutting edge research in data science and artificial intelligence. A degree in data science from the university will act as a catalyst for your data science career.

3. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore – BSc in Data Science and Artificial intelligence.

Offered by the school’s Computational Intelligence Lab, the Bsc program aims to create a balance between computer science and mathematics. The lab is known for researches that link biological and cognitive brain function and their implications for artificial thought. The Data Science and AI Research Center explore real-world use cases and societal implementation of AI and analytics.

4. Data Science Council of America ( DASCA) – Associate Big Data Analyst ( ABDATM)

This is an entry-level data science certification for undergraduates who come from technical disciplines including engineering, economics, mathematics, and more. The certification proves your competence in R programming, data analysis, advanced data analysis, Hadoop, Hive, machine learning, and more. This certification offers an alternative route for undergraduates who plan to move into data analytics, irrespective of their undergraduate degree. ABDATM is globally-recognized vendor-neutral certification.This is one of the best data science certifications online, you can get.

5. Dell EMC Proven Professional – Data Science Associate ( DSA)

This is an entry-level certification offered by Dell EMC. This certification equips you with fundamentals of data science including Python, machine learning, statistics, and more. This is suited for students who are in their undergraduates but are looking to get into data analytics.

This certification will pave the way for the desired goal.

6. Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTIBA) – Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AIETM)

This is an entry-level certification for starting a career in artificial intelligence. You would require an associate degree or diploma in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or related discipline along with 2 years of experience in a computing sub-function to take this certification. As part of the certification process, you will learn supervised and unsupervised learning, heuristic search techniques, genetic algorithms, natural language processing, object detection and tracking, neural networks, reinforcement learning, etc.

7. University of Edinburgh – BSc in Artificial Intelligence

This is a four-year program that teaches two important aspects of artificial intelligence and data science – the use of computation to understand human intelligence and the use of technology to replicate those functions. Further, you will cover programming, neuroscience, and advanced robotics. At the end of the course, you will in an invaluable resource to employers. Some alumni have built successful start-ups in artificial intelligence. 

Well – if you’re looking to embark on a data science career, choose one of the above undergraduate data science and AI courses and start your journey!

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