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6 Ways To Football Team Successful Season


There are many known benefits of playing team sports, staying outdoors and engaging into social activities in general. Please read on to know some of them.

Educational Benefits 

According to a study that followed children from kindergarten to fourth grade, organized sports activity helps them grow and strengthen their cognitive skills (Piche, 2014). Physical activity, in general, is linked to higher academic performance, including grades and standardized test scores. Furthermore, such practice can influence attitudes and academic conduct, such as improved focus, attention, and classroom behavior (GAO, 2012).

Teenage Athletes

High school-aged students that are known athletes are more likely than non-athletes to attend college and earn a degree. Team captains and most valuable players do even better in school (U.S. Dept. of Education, 2005). According to data collected for the Healthy Sport Index (Women’s Sports Foundation, 2018), high school athletes are more likely to expect to graduate from a four-year college (73 percent girls, 59 percent boys) than non-athletes (67 percent girls, 53 percent boys). High school athletes have a higher proportion of A/A- grades than non-athletes (Women’s Sports Foundation, 2018).

As students enter their adolescent years, a connection has been discovered between physical exercise and mental health. 25.1 percent of students who exercised six to seven days a week felt sad for two weeks or more in the previous 12 months, compared to 35.7 percent of students who exercised zero to one day (Women’s Sports Foundation, 2004).

In the previous year, 15% of students who exercised six to seven days reported suicidal ideation, and 6.4 percent reported a suicide attempt, compared to 24.6 percent and 10.3 percent of students who exercised zero to one day, respectively (Journal of American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 2015).

Long Term Benefits

The advantages apply to the workplace. According to an EY Women Athletes Business Network/espnW survey of 400 female corporate executives, 94 percent have participated in sports, and 61 percent believe sports have led to their career performance (EY Women Athletes Business Network/espnW, 2014).

Getting your football team ready for a successful season is a demanding but gratifying process. Football is a physical sport that requires toughness, but what makes an athlete challenging? 

Emotional Benefits Of Sports

A 2019 study shows that young who reported no exercise were twice as likely to experience mental health issues, especially stress and depression, when compared to those who followed the guideline of at least one hour of physical activity per day, and a 2020 study found that the more physical activity adolescents engaged in, the less likely they were to experience depression as 18-year-olds (The New York Times, 2020).

Sports, in particular, may have a positive impact on facets of young people’s personal growth, such as self-esteem, goal-setting, and leadership. However, research suggests that the consistency of coaching is a critical factor in improving positive outcomes (GAO, 2012).

Addiction And Sports

According to studies used for the Healthy Sport Index (Women’s Sports Foundation, 2018), both male and female high school athletes are less likely to smoke cigarettes. They suffer from loneliness and low self-esteem as compared to non-athlete peers. However, high school athletes are more likely to binge drink alcohol, with youth in contact sports (football, lacrosse, and wrestling) exhibiting the riskiest off-field activity.

Game On

Of course, being big, strong, and mighty is an advantage, but, ironically, football’s physicality often reveals the monumental importance of a team’s collective mindset, preparedness, and belief in a winning culture. Mental toughness goes a long way toward a successful football season, but it’s a term that breaks down into many equally important subcategories worth acknowledging.


Though all athletic contests have a starting and a stopping point, football is a game of stops and starts. Highly detailed plays in which each of the 11 offensive and defensive players attempts to execute specific assignments happen in allotments of four or five seconds, on average. Compared to most other sports, that’s a blink of an eye. After each play, both teams reset, the offense calls a new play, and both sides compete to execute another objective comprised of new individual assignments. 


Football teams need the discipline to thrive in such a challenging, detail-oriented athletic environment, and discipline starts in the offseason. A custom football jersey can help instill a disciplined culture because football teams need many different types of jerseys. Similar to the belt system in martial arts programs, a football team can have captain’s practice, official team practice, and of course, eye-catching game jerseys to help represent your player’s commitment and a sense of belief in the team. 


Wooter Apparel is a great company that can customize your squad’s practice and game jerseys any way you want. In a timely, three to four-week turnaround, Wooter will have your team looking great in uniforms that fulfill your custom design specifications down to the last inch of top quality, breathable polyester.


Discipline is admirable because it’s hard to maintain. Determination is the fire that makes discipline possible, and successful football teams have players determined to contribute when given the opportunity. Committed players become experts at eliminating distractions and focusing on helping the team, even if they aren’t a starter. Next comes each player’s drive or passion—the passion for playing, winning, and above all, to compete. Ultimately, no one can control how big and fast they are, but everyone can own how much effort they give in each team activity, whether it be a tackling drill or watching game-film. If your players have the drive to compete in practice, a winning culture will take root because that honed competitive attitude will translate into success during game situations. Outfit your squad of disciplined, driven athletes in custom compression shirts and shorts from Wooter Apparel to carry that sense of competitive desire into the weight room and other off-the-field, supplementary team activity.


Even if your football team is highly talented, it won’t thrive if there isn’t a baseline level of respect amongst your players. Another word for that is character. Now, character and respect among players might not be as easy to measure as discipline or desire, but they are critical components of establishing a culture of excellence. 

A team of high character players who may not all be best friends but can respect each other will have an easier time building trust. Since every football play is contingent on players carrying out their assignments, trust is critical because your players need to believe that they will do their job next. That unspoken belief is what makes one of the most important aspects of a successful football season possible; preparation.


Preparation comes from building blocks like discipline and respect, but it is undoubtedly the ultimate goal of any football team’s off-season and in-season practice weeks. Reward your football team’s preparation while instilling a sense of pride and belonging with custom swag like hoodies, sweats, and caps complete with your squad’s logo, individual player names, and numbers.

Discipline, determination, drive, character, trust, and preparation are individual components that combine to make up a successful football team ready for a winning season. It’s easy to notice the size, strength, and speed that the physicality of football requires. Still, no athleticism can compensate for lack of mental toughness, intelligence, and preparation. A hard-working football team deserves to have uniforms and athleticwear that represents their commitment to excellence and winning. Look no further than Wooter Apparel when outfitting your football team for a successful season.

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