6 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair


Is your air conditioner showing signs of wear and you are wondering if it would be a good idea to have it inspected? At Mr. Mahir, we have experts for the installation and repair of air conditioning. If you see any of the signs of wear or malfunctioning in your AC, download Mr. Mahir AC services app for quick and reliable repairs.

Why Keeping an Eye for These Signs is Important?

Understanding the signs that indicate you need to get your air conditioner repaired will allow you to get your air conditioner repaired before things get worse. Most air conditioner repairs are fairly straightforward, but homeowners often avoid calling a technician because they fear a high bill.

Oftentimes, necessary repairs cost much less than the bill would cost after a problem worsens and requires a larger repair. If your AC unit is new, the repair may even be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Timely repairs will help your air conditioner run at peak efficiency and save you money.

One of the most common air conditioning problems is improper use. If your air conditioner is on, be sure to close the windows and exterior doors of your home. But if your air conditioner isn’t working as it should, there’s obviously a problem. Here are some common signs that indicate your air conditioner needs service before your air conditioner actually breaks down.

1. The Device is Noisier

Is your air conditioning making new noises – and annoying to say the least? Hissing or bubbling may indicate a refrigerant leak; a shrill sound is often a synonym for a failing compressor and a knocking or clicking sound usually indicates that an object is stuck in the device. Our professional will find the source of the problem and correct the situation quickly.

2. The Air Conditioner is Less Efficient

While temperatures remain within seasonal averages, is your air conditioner taking much longer than usual to cool down the affected home or room? Here is what should do. Book our AC service through our AC repairing app to have professionals at your doorstep without delay!

3. The Blown Air is Hot or Lukewarm

The thermostat is set correctly, but the air conditioner is sending you is not refreshing at all? The coolant level or the compressor could be the cause. In both cases, the intervention of our specialist is required as soon as possible.

4. Your Energy Bills are Increasing

Your consumption habits haven’t changed, but your electricity bills are skyrocketing during the hot season? Your air conditioner may have to work harder than it needs to do its job properly, which means it may be defective. So, do not waste anymore time and download our electrician app to avoid wasting money on excessive electricity bill.

5. Frost Forms on The Outdoor Unit

Have you noticed the presence of frost on the exterior pipe? Everything suggests that the coolant is leaking. A technician can locate the crack and seal it, then top up the fluid according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

6. Water Flows Continuously

Does your device leak all day or even when it’s turned off? This phenomenon is usually explained by a blocked or cracked drain. Repairs are needed to remedy this.

Have You Noticed One Or More of These Worrying Signs?

Without hesitation download Mr. Mahir AC services app to book our AC repair services in a hassle-free and efficient way.  We are YOUR benchmark in air conditioning systems. Contact us now… and enjoy perfectly functioning air conditioning all summer long at a market competitive price!

What Not to Do While Cleaning Your Sofa?

● The location of the sofa in the room plays a major role in its longevity. So, we take care not to expose it directly to the sun. This could dry out the leather.

● Heat sources should obviously be avoided near the leather sofa. Be careful not to install it near a fireplace, radiator or stove. The leather may crack under the pressure of the heat.

Finally, a preventive gesture that is often difficult to enforce but insisted upon by professional sofa cleaner: prevent the whole family from snacking on the leather sofa. This will prevent some bad stains from damaging the leather.

● No cleaning product on hand and a stain has just appeared on the leather? Do not worry, the solution is at hand in a cupboard in the bathroom. We collect baby’s body milk or his own and apply a thin layer to the stain with a cotton pad. This milk will hydrate the stained surface.

The Final Piece of Advice for the DIY Sofa Cleaners!

Once you have cleaned your small stain locally with a suitable shampoo, it will be advisable to clean the entire leather panel. For example, for a jam stain in one part of the seat, it will be necessary to clean all the rest of the seat so that there is no difference in the shine of the leather on the entire panel.

Two-step Sofa Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, once a quarter or a year you should book sofa cleaning services to get your sofa thoroughly cleaned. In case, you feel that you can do it yourself, follow the two-step process for 100% results. The idea is to clean your leather with a special leather shampoo. The objective is to sanitize the leather to keep it clean and prevent the dirt accumulated on the surface from damaging the leather in depth (destroying the colour pigments or the varnish)

First Step: Iimpregnate a sponge with this ready-to-use shampoo, pass it over the leather without rubbing but by tapping in a circular motion and then rinsing with a clean sponge.

Second step: apply a specific care cream for leather. The purpose of this product is to isolate the leather from external aggressions. It is a preventive cream that will allow the leather to keep all its flexibility.

Mr. Mahir App for Booking Sofa Cleaning Services

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Mr. Mahir’s Cleaner Cleaning Specific Stains on A Leather Sofa

A food stains? The leather sofa will not absorb food or liquid stain. The stain is first extracted with an absorbent cloth and then a special leather shampoo is used to clean thoroughly.

Chewing gum? We will use the good old methods of grandmother: we put an ice cube in a plastic bag that we stick against the stain. By cooling the stain, the sticky effect will disappear and all you have to do is scratch carefully.

The paint, the varnish and the cigarette burn? In such cases, it will be better to call in a leather specialist in the store who will advise you on a suitable product without having to change the entire leather panel.

Need A Professional Sofa Cleaner or Carpet Cleaner?

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