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6 Places to Visit in Spain during Winters

People tend to travel during summers a lot, but travelers who wish to witness many cities during winters said a city glows up more during the winter season with all its magical charm and beauty. For this very reason, we have curated a list of 5 cities in Spain that everyone must visit during the winter season. Travelers can book their flights using Qatar Airways reservations options for the best winter-y vacation in Spain with family and friends. 

Ontinyent, Valencia

It is one of the most beautiful places to visit during winters in Spain. Travelers can start planning and book their flight tickets to travel from the month of November to December as the spirit of festivities lights up this small city with all the glitz and glamour. Festivals like saint patron, La Purisima. You can find tourists and locals strolling down the beautiful alleys of the Vila district. Explore the MAOVA archeological museum to understand more about the artistic history and culture of the city. It is advised by the experts to visit the natural paradise of Ontinyent, Pou Clar, where the Clarion river was born and has created spectacular pools.


Travelers who are fond of old small towns, Lugo is the best place for them. Surrounded by the Roman wall, which is the only wall that has retained its entire perimeter, you can often see locals and travelers jogging or simply strolling to witness the city entirely. This small town does not require any vehicle to travel within. It is a place full of mesmerizing medieval and baroque structures with arcades. Taste the rich gastronomy of this small town along with local wine at really affordable prices. 

The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Everyone says it is always a good time to visit the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, but winter gives another vibe to these beautiful alleys and also it is the best time to be in Barcelona as the number of tourists is less. Further, due to the diminished crowd, this beautiful area of the Catalan capital becomes even more pleasant. It is the place to take a walk without any direction by just using your sense of navigation. You will find talented opera singers entertaining with delight for all the passersby to enjoy the Gothic Mansion’s interior courtyard. 

Espot, Lleida 

One of the most favorite travel spots for most avid travelers is this small winter city called Espot in Catalonia. This city breaths Christmas city and transforms into the most beautiful cities during Christmas amidst the snow-capped mountains. The town is usually covered in snow during winter, and the best part is, there will be hardly any tourists. Travelers find more locals strolling through the alleys and markets with older people sharing stories regarding the place and children playing in the snow. It is a typical town with a homely feeling in its every corner. 

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Although Granada is a beautiful destination for the whole year, it is in winter when the area shows its most adventurous side and its most impressive images, with the Sierra Nevada being the queen. Unique and fun experiences such as hiking through the snow ascending the Veleta and the Mulhacen, skiing in the mountains, pleasant walks through Puerto Llano, games in the snow and sled jumping make together with the delicious tapas of Granada and the snowy Alhambra a unique experience in winters that will enamor both the adventurers and the most romantic and simple travelers.

Agres, Alicante

If you are looking for a place to disconnect from the concrete jungle and enjoy the natural vibes, Agres is the most suitable place for you to travel during winters. If possible, take a motorcycle ride to this Alicante town with around 500 inhabitants and is located amidst the beautiful Mariola mountain range, which is about 700 meters of altitude. Agres holds unique gastronomy opportunities like bajoqueta facade, which is pepper stuffed rice. And for desserts, you can give a try to local nuts dipped in honey along with a shot of mistela or herbero, which is the local herb liquor to warm yourself in chilly winters. Travelers can even explore the town’s historical centers or choose one of the many offered hiking trails for an energetic adventure in the snow-capped mountains. 

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