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5 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Online Shopping

No matter where we go today the outreach of AI is spreading everywhere and in each corner of the world at a very high pace due to which it is now hard to resist AI. We can find AI from a non-manual cash register at stores to the very high-tech security verification deployed at the airports. With engulfing every walk of life it should not come to our surprise that AI is also now dominating the E sector.

Today the world has come closer due to globalization and the phenomena of the internet in turn which have given rise to non-stop consumer engagement regardless of time and geographical boundaries, this is where AI becomes the center of an upcoming technological revolution. AI helps us to achieve the many goals of our company by gathering valuable information and data in real-time. Due to this rising trend, many companies have already adopted this irresistible technology and many are in the due process of adopting it. So here are 5 ways we can use Artificial Intelligence in Online Shopping to generate more leads and provide excellent user engagement.


We can use artificial intelligence which is nothing but using the technology and algorithm to figure out what we as retailers need and what exactly our customer exactly looking for. As the volume of work in the respective fields also tends to grow too. There is also Various software dedicated to this purpose such as GroupBy software which is a search, merchandising and SEO solution, which enabled by machine learning can empower any digital team to deliver a personalized site experience that demonstrably increases online revenue, GroupBy software empowers a firm and reduces the costs and IT complexities.

Providing Recommendation to the Customers:

Another amazing thing that we can do with AI is to help our customers with relevant and useful recommendations regarding our products and services based on their past searches. What it basically does is collect all the data which have been feed and searched there. Followed by it the algorithms uses the information, history, third party data, content data, and other information which will then provide the necessary reference to our customers.


It is because of the chatbots that the e-commerce industry is able to cater to the needs of customers by providing 24*7 assistance. By use of these chatbots, we can possibly give answers and solutions to almost all of the active inquiries of the customers. Along with these, there are currently also some chatbots which can be even used to help our customers with their buying decisions.

Creating Customer-Centric Visual Search:

At times when our customers are looking for some products and they end up with results of their searches that are not satisfying but sometimes irrelevant too that they are even compelled to leave the site. Well, AI can do wonders here by tackling this issue using NLP or natural language process to contextualize and enhance the search result. Going even one step further one can even provide visual search options which are now possible due to AI capabilities that can help our customers to match the product with an image of the product they are looking for.

Voice Assistants:

Gone are the days of typing long text and writing the product description to search and compare for product and prices while shopping. As we can offer a shopping experience of our product with just one voice command.

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