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5 Ways To Customize Bux Board Boxes According To New

Bux board boxes are a cost-effective packaging solution for product manufacturers that cannot afford heavy corrugated cardboard and other excellent materials. They are ideal for packaging retail products and items that are not too heavy. They can be added up with rows to package several things inside a single box. They are an ideal choice of packaging when the requirement is to deliver food items. Since they are made of corrugated paper stock, which is a little stronger than the regular paper stock, they can be used for purposes that are a bit more demanding than those suitable for paper packaging boxes. This is one reason why these boxes are not so much experimented on in terms of shape, and we usually see them in regular or standard styles. Since they are ideal for retail display, they can be immaculately printed with high-resolution graphics that highlight their key features and give them prominence amongst the amalgam of the same to slightly different products. Bux board is one of the most desirable and demanded packaging types due to its exceptional features and qualities. But it can be made even better by introducing some customizations such as the ones described in this article.

Handle on Top

Luxury and comfort are the most desired aspects of packaging in modern times. People now prefer to have premium bux board boxes even when they are not paying premium prices for the products they are buying. It enhances their prestige and makes them happy. Customization is the best way of making a box look more luxurious and beautiful. And one way of customizing the table is to attach a handle. This handle is attached on top of the box so that handling becomes way more comfortable. There are different ways to do it too. One is to attach a single handle that can be made a bit thicker for comfortable handling. On the other hand, two handles can be attached to each other so that if one gets damaged, the other can be used.

The Window

Displaying a product well can transform the sales of brands. Companies that have focused on this strategy and have tried their best to present products as attractively as possible have been more successful. The best way to do it is to attach a transparent window in front of the box, and bux boards boxes the wholesale UK are unmatched in this regard. The reason for making it open is to ensure that customers can see what the box contains. When customers arrive at the stores, they have hundreds of products to look at and choose from. They would incline towards buying instantly visible products. The more a product is hidden, the lesser chances it has of selling. Conversely, with packaging like the window design, it is ensured that the product is visible as much as possible so that customers are attracted to it instead of going for its alternatives.


Efficiency is a crucial part of modern packaging, and to achieve it, customization is the best path. But what kind of customization, one might ask. The answer lies in adding sections or compartments in affordable bux board boxes wholesale. By combining them, it becomes easier to store more items within one box instead of having to manufacture many. For instance, if different earrings are to be packed, usually, different boxes would be made. But with the compartmentalized design, that is not the case. Different sections can keep different earrings, and in this way, costs are brought down substantially. Moreover, it is also an eco-friendly option because of the need for manufacturing additional boxes is reduced. This means fewer materials are used, and energy expenditure is kept low too.

Attractive Neon Printing

There is no doubt that colors are essential for enhancing bux boards boxes printing. Thanks to technological improvements to the page, the use of colors has also been transformed. Traditionally, the CYML or four-color print was a norm. But it has changed, and now neon inks are being used by manufacturers. Neon colors are bright and startling, which makes for a polished appearance. Usually, while using neon colors, only one color is used for maximum attraction. The white background provides beautiful contrast too. But if much deeper contrast is needed, one can go with the black color also. Since neon colors are exceptionally bright, some brands make the mistake of going overboard and overwhelming the customer with their use of colors. This makes the overall layout less legible and can affect the look of the logo and other details. Therefore, one should experiment with different colors and see what suits the situation best.

Thematic Printing

Theme based printing is one of the latest printing trends that have captivated the packaging market. During its short lifetime, it has gained massive popularity among customers, thanks to Bux board boxes in the UK. Thematic printing refers to printing packaging around a specific theme. For instance, if it is Christmas, people would definitely want packaging that shows the colors, graphics, and photos related to Christmas. In the modern era, these things can be printed with high quality and legibility. Packaging for sports products can feature images and graphics related to sports such as football, field, players, etc. There is no end to customizations available for Bux board Packaging. Choosing one or combination of customizations depends upon a particular situation. It is advisable to adopt are a middling strategy that does not go overboard and makes everything appealing and sophisticated. When a brand chooses quality over quantity, the results are always encouraging.

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