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5 Truths About Vaping That You Did Not Know!

Vaping is the inhalation of vapor produced as a result of heating certain substances. Generally, vaping involves a special device, known as an e-cig, vaporizer, or vape device and a liquid also called e-juice, vape juice e-liquid. 

The vape device comprises several components. Examples include a tank where you administer the e-liquid and coils that heat the liquid through a wick extending from the heating chamber to the reservoir tank. There’s also a mouthpiece that delivers the vapor generated to your mouth through suction force. 

Besides e-liquid, there are several other substances that you can vape, including wax concentrates and herbal extracts.

The following are the five facts about vaping that you probably don’t already know.

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  1. Vaping Was Developed As a Smoking-cessation Aid

The concept of vaping was developed as a smoking-cessation aid. Inventors were responding to numerous research findings that proved how harmful cigarette smoking was. 

The logic was that there’s no combustion taking place in vaping devices. Therefore, no smoke is produced, which means that a vaper is exposed to lower health risks than a cigarette smoker. 

But while e-cigs were developed as a smoking-cessation aid, the practice has become more of a lifestyle. A significant proportion of the vaping community is not necessarily people with a history of cigarette smoking. 

  1. There Are Numerous Products You Can Vape

We already mentioned that you could vape e-juices, wax concentrates, or herbal extracts. That’s how flexible vaping is. 

Note that the original idea behind the invention of e-cigs was to reduce the health concerns of cigarette smoking. It wasn’t to eliminate the consumption of nicotine. As you shall find, nicotine is still one of the most popular ingredients of vape juices and various concentrates. Apart from causing addiction, no conclusive scientific findings are suggesting that nicotine presents any severe side effects. 

In addition to nicotine, cannabis extracts are other common ingredients of vape juices and concentrates. You can even choose to vape your regular herbal extracts, such as chamomile, kratom, lavender, etc. 

However, note that you’ll need to purchase specific e-cigs depending on whether you want to vape e-liquids, wax concentrates, or herbal extracts. 

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  1. Vaping Can Get You High…..Or Not

Another fascinating fact about vaping is that it’s ideal for users looking for either therapeutic or psychoactive effects. It all comes down to what you vape. 

For instance, you can vape cannabidiol (CBD)-based e-juices’ if you have any of the medical conditions that CBD can help with. Examples of such conditions include pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, etc. CBD is the most therapeutic extract of the cannabis plant, which is famous for its non-psychoactive properties. 

On the flip side, you can get your hands on THC vape juice if you’re craving the psychotropic effects of marijuana. THC produces mind-altering effects that are famously known as ‘high.’ The substance is also a stimulant at low doses and a sedative at high doses.

  1. Vaping Laws Vary Significantly

Granted, vaping enjoys higher medical approval compared to cigarette smoking. However, it would be naïve to move around with your vape accessories from one country or state to another. That’s because vaping is still illegal in some countries. 

Vaping laws vary significantly from one state or country to another. While vaping appears to be mostly legal in North America and most countries in the European Union, the opposite seems to be the case in most Asian countries. In other jurisdictions, vaping laws aren’t very clear. 

Also note that while some countries impose a ban on e-cigs, others are more concerned about the composition of e-liquids. Therefore, it’s prudent to always establish the vaping laws in your locale before distributing, possessing, or consuming vape products. 

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  1. Vaping Is Not Risk-free

Vaping may be healthier and safer than cigarette smoking. But it still carries its inherent dangers. Again, this depends primarily on what you vape. 

It’s important to note that the chemical composition of the vapor produced by e-cigs has not been conclusively investigated. And researchers now postulate that some of those chemicals could still be reasonably toxic, even though not as toxic as those in cigarette smoke. 

Cases of vape-related lung damage and deaths aren’t unheard of. As of January 21, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had confirmed sixty deaths associated with vaping.

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Vaping is safer and even more affordable than cigarette smoking. Besides, vaping allows you to experience fuller flavors. Not to mention the flexibility to choose how much of a substance you can vape in one sitting. However, note that vaping still carries its inherent risks. So, if you must vape, do so with temperance. 

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