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5 Tips to Make Better Decisions at Work and in Life

Decision making is an integral part of our lives, every day, every hour and every moment we are dealing with something or the other inevitably been involved in some kind of decision-making process which tends to define our lives. As we are nothing but a product of our decisions and choices.

No matter how big or small every decision has a profound impact on our lives in some way or the other. Yet after taking so many decisions albeit decisive or lethargic ones there is still scope for improvement.

Hence every decision matters and should be taken prudently and carefully by taking into account all the data we have access to in light of all the options we have and all the possibilities which may occur. So to make better decisions and escape from labels such as procrastinator, overthinker, slow to act and etc. The following tips can help one to make better decisions at work and life and excel in it.

The 2-Minute Rule:

This is an interesting concept where one has to force oneself to take a decision under a specific time limit which is often a self-imposed deadline. The beauty of this tip is that we can incorporate it anywhere and anytime to make a decision, all we have to do is just set the timer and start assessing the pros and cons quickly which will lead to a decision. This tip can be a real time saver as well as a lifesaver if we are slow at making decisions and can help us get better at taking any decision. If the decision is going to have a grave impact on our lives than we can even extend the time limit to 12-24 hours.

Think Black and White:

There are often times when we are lucky enough to many choices or alternatives more than we want, but an excess of the places us at risk of analysis paralysis by overwhelming our thinking. When we are faced with such a situation all we should do is just try to see thing’s in terms of black or white i.e good or bad, which can simplify the process and eliminate less important elements or the noise which is hindering us from settling onto one decision.

Put It in a Hat:

This is one of the simplest decision-making tips here, it is for the times when all the options we have seems about quiet of equal weightage and yet one of them is to be chosen. As the name suggests we should write it on a chit and put it in a hat or maybe a bag and pull out a quick random decision from it. But surely it is not a good idea when we are looking forward to buying a home or switch a job or use this one wisely.

Focus on the Present:

We often are overwhelmed with the future prospects and each and every possibility which may occur after taking that decision. This can mentally drain us and lead us to a state of indecision. Which may further complicate the situation. Instead of doing so, we should focus on the present and the outcomes which we will get after every step and proceed in a stepwise decision making fashion, and making the best out of every step. Rather focusing on the big picture and being overwhelmed by it.

Embrace the Idea of Failure:

The biggest and worst impediment in decision making is thinking that our decisions may lead to bad results. In order to overcome this idea, we indulge in overthinking which does more bad than good to us. It delays and hampers the process of decision making which may lead to deadlocks. These deadlocks can be avoided by embracing the fact that delaying a decision is worse than making a bad decision as if we do not take this decision for ourselves someone else will and our life will unfold in a manner that is out of our control. Hence it is better to take the decision on which we can regret rather than regretting decisions which were taken by someone else for us.


We can incorporate the following tips to make better decisions and make exponential growth. For instance, we can take Nick Gamache Journalist who has appreciated the importance of prompt decision making and has been professionally progressing since then. Nick Gamache CBC career began in Quebec in 2002 as a reporter and producer. He eventually moved to Ottawa, where he took on roles in radio and television broadcasting, in addition to writing and editing for CBC’s online platform.

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