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At present, there are 30 million Android apps in the Google Play Store, as the  Android apps development is increasing at a steady rate. Now, companies, as well as Android app developers, want to create unique apps that can address issues. In addition, the average number of hours spent on the mobile app is also increasing year by year. Take a look at the statistics:

In this blog post, we’re going to read the top five tips that every newbie really wants to listen to. These tips will help you a lot if you are having trouble creating an Android app or are in the process of creating the Android app.

These tips will be very helpful for you, that you should not ignore this blog how hard you are struggling. This blog will also solve your problem regarding things you are facing like installing Android studio or other things. So let’s talk about it


This is a crucial little tip that you need to follow. It would help you if you have a stable internet connection in order to build and learn Android apps. I’m not writing this because you might want to explore a lot on your own or maybe you want to hang around Stack Overflow to explore a lot of the issues you’re facing, it’s all about installation stuff. Now when you install Android Studio, it is very important that you have a stable internet connection.

By the term stable internet connection, I don’t mean that you should be able to watch YouTube videos all the time. This is not at all a test of constant internet connection and generally I have seen that the mobile connection you are using on the mobile network is not at all as stable.

At the end of Android studio installation, you come across issues like Gradle sync issue where connection has been reset. It means that your internet connection was not good enough to provide constant and stable internet connection when installing Android studio. Hence, you faced the problem. So do not install Android Studio while you are on a mobile network. I’m not saying this is true for all countries and all students as a lot of students are lucky and are able to set up Android studio on mobile networks as well, but this is not always the case.

Usually 90% of the time the Android studio wants to have a Gradle sink and this sink is only possible when you have a stable internet connection. This stable internet connection will therefore solve a large part of your problem. So get yourself a broadband connection or go to an internet cafe or university so that, for a few, the Android studio is always set up correctly. The most asked question all over the internet on Android I have Gradle sync failure issue. It says the connection has been reset, what should I do now! Obtain a stable internet connection.

Whenever there is an upgrade in the cradle it updates all the time like 2.1 to 2.3 it does it all the time like this and if you have this update again you will have need a stable internet connection.



This is by far the most important thing I can tell you. Get original things as well as the latest news. Now I saw people download Android studio like a month ago and want to install it will not work because Android studio updates quite frequently and especially Gradle updates quite frequently. You might want to get the latest version of Java and the latest version from Android studio. It’s super important. In addition to that, your operating system is also important. Whether you are using a Mac, make sure it is updated to the latest version of High Sierra.

You need to make sure it is the latest version. It doesn’t say any update available on a Mac. As for the Windows part, the students here face most of the problems here, because Windows is just rolling out updates in a crazy way without notice. They come almost weekly, so make sure you’ve updated properly. A separate problem that a lot of Android app developers do is that they are using hacked Windows. This is not at all good for Android app development as these hacked Windows usually don’t update properly and are not good for the latest Android studio version.

What the guys at the Android studio do is they try to make sure that whatever the latest operating system is Windows, Mac, or Linux, they try to make it compatible with that operating system and if you are using a hacked system, it means it is obsolete. Some people that I have seen are using Windows 7 and this even hacked version and always say their Android studio is not performing well. It won’t, as it wasn’t supposed to work properly. So make sure you get the right and original tools.

I can also understand that a lot of people cannot afford to buy additional windows. If you can’t buy this get Ubuntu or maybe Fedora as these are free operating systems and if you can’t afford something it probably means you don’t really need them. . So get rid of that and install an Ubuntu. The Android studio also works great on Ubuntu.


I am fully aware that Android is totally designed and runs on Java. They’re native too, but let’s talk about the majority of people and they’re still trying to learn like Java an insane amount of Java. Let me be honest with you, too much Java won’t make you a good Android developer. Yes, although we all understand that Android all code is mostly written in Java and Java is used in the design of all of these applications. But I still saw a lot of people just learning Java.

If you stick with Java indefinitely, you won’t learn Android. If you are comfortable with loops, functions, classes, objects, and a few other things like that, then you are totally ready to switch to Android. Working with Android and working with Java are two completely different things. Although they are used interchangeably, they are completely different things.

There are a lot of things and a lot of ways to do it in Android. You learn them in Android itself and you don’t learn them in Java, especially GPS and maps. All of this is done in Android itself. They have nothing to do with Java. So don’t hang around with Java too much if you want to become a good Android developer. Without a doubt, Java is great, you can still get stuck forever, but if your goal is to become a good Android developer, make sure to switch from Java to Android as quickly as possible.

Yes, many of your solutions will be available in Java and you will implement them in Android. Still, I am fully convinced that if you understand loops, functions, classes and that you will be able to understand this code. So again don’t start too much for Java, you are completely ready to get that trust and understand my words, you are good to go to Android. Get yourself a favor and switch to Android now.

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The first version is going to be bad, but that’s the most important thing. Now, as soon as you learn Android, your first goal should be to reach the Google Play Store. Your app can be a bit crappy, it could be a simple calculator, or maybe just a button you press and change a background. But reaching it on a real device as well as the Google Play Store really gives you a lot of confidence.

Again, your friends or family might say this is a crappy app that I don’t like. But it is very important to you. If you want to learn or work on something from a particular application, you have to spend a lot of time on it. It’s not like that in two days or a month, you’re going to be extreme in this. You have to spend a lot of time with this app to work on it to improve its functionality and improve compatibility or speed, but again the most important part is version 1 if there won’t be version 1 on which you will be working on.

So make sure you have version 1 in a convent now, usually what the great nurse does and there is nothing wrong with them trying to learn and explore a variety of options that ‘they can find in Android. Now, sticking to a single app calling it as version 1 and doing everything in that app isn’t as fruitful for those newbies, although I would definitely advise you to explore and create a variety of applications. Some apps may use camera, audio, GPS, firebase, or something.

So be sure to explore a variety of options as a beginner. Once you’ve figured out all the aspects of the majority of the features like shake, animation, or maybe Firebase, you can move on and design your very first large-scale app if you really want to. .


This is the final part where you step out of your comfort zone. Now, maybe you are learning Android from an online course from a book or any offline store. Now, whenever the instructor teaches you something, he will give you all the tasks and everything. You do this mission, you follow the instructor and it’s great, it’s amazing. But whatever app the instructor teaches you, whether it’s me or another instructor, it won’t be perfect, there will be flaws in that instructor’s app because this app was designed for teaching purposes.

It is not applications like the code learned online that have to be put into production in the hands of hundreds and thousands of people. So this app will be a little flawed. Your job is to learn how you can improve these apps. Actually your job is to create and design and create your own idea and make this app as perfect as you can get. No one can teach you this thing in any class, in any book, or maybe in offline boot camps.

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This is the thing that you have to figure out on your own and it is called getting rid of spoon feeding. Yes, the instructor does their best and teaches you everything, but they can’t teach you everything: no book, course, or bootcamp can. In fact, it is the truth; the app you really want is your creativity in your mind amazing. So make sure you understand that. There is no book, there is no stack or stream that can actually give you the exact code that you are looking to implement.

You need to grab parts from Stack Overflow, thanks to the instructor’s experience, and put them together yourself to create the app of your dreams. When working for the Android app, maybe you are an entrepreneur and want to design your own idea, maybe you want to work for a company, or maybe you want to work as a freelance writer regardless. either case, there will be the moment when you will be completely autonomous.

There won’t be a lot of help on the stack overflow and there won’t be a lot of help on an instructor or a book. I’m not saying that to scare you. I tell you, the sooner and faster you get into the habit of solving your own problem.


I’m sure if you follow the tips mentioned above before you build your first mobile app, you can come one step closer to building a successful app. In addition, there are many Android app development companies in Dubai that can help you create the feature-rich, secure and scalable mobile app according to your specific needs. If you want, you can seek help from these companies and their developers will help you at any time.

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