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5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Freelance Celtx Expert

Are you looking to produce the next big blockbuster in Hollywood? You probably need a working script before you jump the other hurdles in production. Screenwriting is one of the initial stages in a film, TV, or theatre production workflow. In the TV and Film industry, lots of screenwriters work on a freelance basis. Getting the right screenwriters is a crucial element that needs utmost thought. You will find hundreds of Celtx freelance experts on the internet, but you need to do your due diligence before hiring.

A Celtx freelance expert is a well-versed writer with Celtx- an online program that allows you to write stage plays, screenplays, and other forms of digital writing. Celtx is a tool that has in-built features that format your script into the standard accepted screenplay or stage play formats. So what should you look out for before hiring a freelance Celtx expert? Lets’s delve into some tips.

Check The Portfolio

Whether you are hiring from an online platform or an agency, your hiring decision should be reliant on the portfolio provided. The Film and TV industry is a cut-throat business where everyone wants to cast their net wide as they try to make it. Some things you may want to be on the lookout for in the portfolio should be:

  • Has the Celtx expert used the software program to produce a screenplay or stageplay? 
  • How many episodes did they write?
  • Can this freelancer tell you about their previous work? Any Freelance Celtx expert worth their salt should be able to tell you about all the films, TV shows, or stage plays they worked on or are involved in behind the scenes

As you carry out your due diligence, it is vital to hire a Celtx expert passionate about his work. Are they film lovers? What is their motivation to write? These are crucial elements to explore as you go into hiring a Celtx expert.

Time management is everything

TV, Film, and Theatre have stringent working deadlines. Production houses often have to work within a limited amount of time. The Celtx expert you hire should understand and appreciate that time management is everything. Screenwriter and Blogger John August says “For feature films, I’d be reluctant to hire a writer who couldn’t deliver a script in eight weeks. For television, writers sometimes have less than a week to get a one-hour episode written.”

These are strict timelines to work with if the Celtx expert is not conscious about time management.

Creativity in content

We often hear the phrase “content is king,” but what does it mean for screenwriters? The content they write needs to be the most captivating and appealing. As a Celtx expert, content is the primary ingredient in their work. It is not a quality everyone possesses. The profession involves a lot of creativity. The ability to bring characters to life, build storylines, and give your characters beautiful dialogue is a skill that every Celtx expert should possess. They should be great storytellers and have a knack for creating extraordinary from the ordinary. A writer who loves storytelling will love building their own stories to recreate their fantasies on paper. A good storyteller can create unique and engaging characters well incorporated into the story. 

Before hiring, you also need to check for originality. Originality sets your work apart from the rest, which is critical in the industry. You are sure that your work is relevant and high quality that will engage the viewers.

Ability to take criticism and Flexibility 

The writing process for TV, Film, or theatre is a rigorous one. Screenwriters rewrite and write scripts until it is fine-tuned to meet the targeted audience. A freelance Celtx expert should take criticism and opinions and adapt to other people’s views and ideas. This means that they need to be flexible in all areas. The producer could change a script due to budget cuts; the director could be changed mid-shoot, leading to changes in the writing. All these unforeseen eventualities are aspects that a Celtx writer should expect on any set.

Team player

Film and TV is a collaborative industry. One party cannot work in solitude. Hire someone is a great team player. A Celtx expert who will actively participate in the writer’s room, whether virtual or in-person, is an excellent asset to any production. A show could have as many writers, and the script’s success depends on how the writers can work together to write an engaging and captivating story.

Hiring a freelance Celtx expert is as crucial as hiring a director for your film or TV show. They play a very vital role in your production, so you need to vet carefully. Finding the right Celtx expert who understands the in’s and out’s of production will determine your project’s success.

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