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5 Technical Ways to Improve Your Car’s Acceleration

We all want to improve our car’s performance so that we may enjoy a long drive comfortably. In doing so, it’s important that you should know about the elements that affect the car’s acceleration. It helps to understand what elements can be opted for improving your vehicle’s workability. Let’s take a look at the 5 technical ways that any best remap company would opt for:

Suspension Improvement

One of the most important elements of your car is the suspension. Suspension allows you to take control of your car, making it possible to make those tough turns without lowering the speed. This functionality also allows improving control over the car, mitigating the risk of rollover. If you’re looking to would improve your car’s acceleration, then upgrading the suspension is something that would work if your vehicle is at its maximum engine capacity.

For this purpose, you’ll need to get several components changes. One of these changes can be made to the body kit. The lowering of the springs will allow you to get more control for your car. Since you’ll have no issue turning the vehicle at sharp ends, it will reduce fuel consumption while keeping the acceleration high. A full set of springs and dampers is also recommended for this purpose. You’ll also need to add sway bars and tower braces that will reduce chassis flex.

Wheels Improvement

Wheels play an important role in setting the pace for your car. Wheel weight impacts your vehicle’s overall performance. That is the reason you’ll find aluminium alloy wheel tires instead of old-style stamped and welded steel wheels. Moreover, this also helps in improving braking and handling. However, an important thing to consider is the type of wheel you’re choosing.

This is important because your vehicle’s suspension needs to adjust with the wheel size. Bigger wheels will need a stronger suspension to run the wheels. However, having bigger wheels with smaller suspension would require more power to accelerate. That is why choose lightweight tires.

Apart from that, you can also choose tires that come with a high grip. When there’s no grip in the tires, your car can’t stick properly to the road. As a result, tires lose traction and your car slips from the road. Having tires with a high grip would help reduce braking distances as well as improve cornering speed. Get properly inflated tires that will have a responsive grip on the road.

ECU Tuning

Vehicles coming from factories are designed according to safety measures. That is why manufactured cars have performance restrictions so that the vehicle cannot go out of the safety barrier made for driving on the road. However, opting for the best remap company can help you get your ECU tuned.

This kind of tuning can allow removing factory installed barriers. These barriers are removed with the installation of performance inducing components that would give additional horsepower, speed as well as fuel mileage.

Opting for this, your car’s acceleration can be improved significantly. This basic method is the tuning of the tuning box. The ECU system can be replaced with other full engine management systems that are widely used for tuned vehicles. These systems offer real-time insights on fuel mixture, power, acceleration, etc. Although it’s an expensive way of doing things; however, using this solution will surely add more power and hence improve your vehicle’s acceleration.

Weight Adjustment

This is pretty common. We all may have noticed our car becoming sluggish when there is excessive weight. Especially in small cars, this issue does become persistent since these cars aren’t made for driving at high speeds. What you can do is to remove or replace your car’s body parts. One of the easiest and most common ways is to use carbon fibre parts. Carbon fibre is lightweight and removes the extra weight that comes with stock parts. Doing this makeover will surely result in more acceleration, better handling as well as improved mileage.

Another step that you can take in this matter is adjusting the downforce and drag for your car. Downforce keeps the car steady with the ground. However, this also reduces the speed as the greater the downforce, the greater the drag your vehicle will encounter. 

But what you can do is adjust with spoilers and body kits. Body kits are designed to tackle the effects of downforce, minimizing drag force. Moreover, you’ll get more cornering speed that will not reduce your car’s acceleration.

Brakes Adjustment

The vehicle’s performance isn’t just about the engine or power. You need to make sure that every element is working at its best. Having your braking system done is one of the important tasks. Better braking would allow you to get better car control, effective throttle as well as power when you stomp the brake.

For this, you’ll need to upgrade to disc brakes that would ensure proper braking as well as enabling you to get maximum torque when release. Big brake conversion with a huge caliper and disc brakes will give superb braking. Ensure to have brake fluid to get the maximum potential from this adjustment and upgrade.

There you have it! These are some of the ways that any best remap company would adopt to improve your car’s acceleration. However, you need to make sure to have hands-on experience with this improved performance to avoid any problem driving.

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