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5 Steps to Make Oven Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen add-ons are significant to provide a hassle-free kitchen experience. People try to make their kitchen organized, spacious, and attractive so they don’t feel frustrated. There are many kitchen devices and accessories to help humans cook conveniently. But a number of such devices can make your kitchen look messy and less spacious. There is some sort of cabinets provided by credible kitchen cabinets providers, like RTA wholesalers, to deal with this issue. The kitchen cabinets are the most important component for efficiently utilizing kitchen space and storing items in an attractive manner. That is why interior designers prefer the best kitchen cabinets, which they install to avoid dirty kitchens. Almost every kitchen in the United States now has cabinetry. It is critical that you get them from the greatest kitchen cabinet store in the United States. RTA Wholesalers is our first pick.

Now you can get a cabinet as precisely as you require as there is a considerable range of kitchen cabinets. Like, microwave hutch oven cabinets for built-in ovens, microwave base ovens to occupy countertop’s below space, or wall oven cabinets to utilize walls and save space. They are available in different colors, making them look even more appealing, like dark grey kitchen cabinets. The best part is, you can manually prepare these cabinets for your kitchen with ease. It is a budget-friendly option to renovate or construct your kitchen.

Steps to make dark grey kitchen cabinets for built-in ovens

In the past, people store kitchen accessories under mud or cement shelves which were inconvenient. With time, wooden cabinets have come on the ground, which is notably helpful to give a sleek look to your kitchen with full-on functionality to store a lot of kitchen mess.

These cabinets are available in the market in pre-assembled or partially assembled form. You need to install the assembled microwave base cabinets. It is a bit pricy. While if you buy partially assembled microwave hutch oven cabinets, you have to add a little more effort to assemble and install them, but it will cut off the burden on your pockets.

Another helpful way to lighten your budget is to prepare dark grey kitchen cabinets by yourself. It might sound tough to you, but it is quite an easy-going process that you can actually make kitchen oven cabinets in 5 easy-going steps. Kitchens play an important role in making a house livable, both practically and aesthetically, so it’s worth thinking about while renovating or building your home. We frequently overlook the appearance of our kitchen, which is unjust. Various accessories have evolved over time to ensure that the kitchen does not appear disorganized.

Complete your preparations before you start

Before you make dark grey cabinets, you should complete some arrangements as gathering all the tools and take utmost caution to prevent any injury while cutting or assembling.

The tools you need are;

  • ½’ Plywood sheet
  • Pine sticks
  • Polish
  • Paintbrush
  • Protective glasses
  • Gloves
  • Saw table
  • Drilling machine
  • Nails
  • Wood adhesives
  • Woodcutter
  • Welding machine
  • Rough sponge

Before doing anything, be clear with the instructions to have pleasing outcomes.

How to make oven kitchen cabinets

Have a look at these convenient steps to make various kinds of oven cabinets. Like wall oven cabinets, microwave base oven cabinets, microwave hutch oven cabinets, or corner oven cabinets for your built-in ovens in your favorite material with proper ventilation.

So let’s start this process;

  1. Sketch your oven cabinet

Before you start, you should keenly observe the kitchen space that you’re planning to cover. Your kitchen layout would help you decide whether to opt for wall, base, or microwave hutch oven cabinets.

If you have less space, then make an oven cabinet on the walls. If you have ample counter space, dark grey cabinets on base could be the best option as they don’t look stained. If you have an expansive kitchen or a wide plain wall and you like innovative, sleek cabinets, go for hutch oven cabinets.

  1. Measure oven cabinet specifications

An essential part is completing the measurements for the cabinet so we can cut wood accordingly. The standard wall ovens take 30 inches of width. But the length varies.

Built-in ovens have almost the same width and depth while the length varies.

Other specifications for various built-in ovens are;

  • Standard ovens are classified as 24 inches, 27 inches, and 30 inches.
  • The double oven has a 90cm height, 60cm width, and 55-58cm depth.
  • Built under ovens consist of 70cm, width of 60cm, and depth of 55-58cm.

It is wiser to measure your oven’s specification manually. So you know how much to cut for which side. You should check the oven’s depth, length, and width—Mark some extra inches to place the range in a cabinet easily.

  1. Cut the plywood wood.

Before cutting plywood, complete the tools and make sure the plywood sheet is one inch above the saw table. The designs would be different for wall or base ovens. It depends on the storage spaces you need. The sketch would help you out.

Cut long cabinet walls as per decided according to the base and wall size. Make cutting for proper ventilation. Add two slabs on pine sticks above for base ovens. In-wall ovens, two slabs will be added above the oven cabinet and two below the oven cabinet to increase its storage capabilities. Else, you can go with your chosen designs.

Don’t forget to cut the doors and partitions as per measurements.

  1. Assemble the piece and polish its edges

Now assemble the walls of cabinets with its base with the help of a driller. Add nails or wood adhesives to join the parts firmly.

Smoothen your wood edges with the help of a woodcutter and saw. And add pine strips here.

Now polish the uncovered parts evenly to give fine finishing to dark grey kitchen cabinets.

  1. Install the wall oven cabinets

Now when everything is assembled, drill apart for ventilation. The surface of built-in ovens does not get heated. So it safe to make it with plywood, but ventilation should not be overlooked. When it comes to remodeling or building a home, the kitchen should not be overlooked. Assuming it is a vital element of your home, it deserves just as much attention as the rest of your home. The kitchen has a lot of items in it, which makes it pretty messy. In addition, an unorganized kitchen can detract from the attractiveness of any home.
Various elements have been added to the mix. 

Now add steel supported with nail drills, and fix your dark grey cabinets with the help of nails and wood gums. Make sure to fix it in the specified place appropriately. You can approach a helping hand for this purpose. to expand storage capacity, improve functionality, and improve appearance at a lower cost The greatest kitchen cabinets have become the most common kitchen add-on, leading the field of kitchen interiors. So, if you want to renovate your kitchen to keep up with the latest trends, you’ll need some good ideas to obtain the best results for the least amount of money.

Final words

As you have read it thoroughly so it would be easy to clear your confusion if you can make it or not. You can go for pre-assembled dark grey kitchen cabinets if you are not confident enough. RTA wholesalers provide high-quality cabinets at reasonable prices that can save your money, energy, and time. 

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