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5 Steps To Boost Your Content Marketing ROI

Content marketing works, and it will for your business too. Otherwise, the stats would say it differently!

  • In 2019, a study conducted by SEMrush revealed 78% of the companies have a content specialist team with at least 2-3 members.

A sharp approach will increase the ROI of your content marketing strategy and hiring experts like a Digital marketing agency in Bangalore will help you get most out of your content marketing campaigns.

Let’s understand how…

  1. Create High-Quality, Evergreen Contents

Before creating content invest time and effort for research. Persist to create new content that not only work for the present, but for years to come.

  • Cornerstone the E-A-T factor. Google indexes contents that are well-researched and add value.
  • Even if the topic you are about to cover is existing on other websites make sure you represent from a different perspective.
  1. Find Relevant Topics Useful For Your Audience

Despite how good your content is, it has no value unless it addresses user concerns and provides solutions.

  • Use focus keywords along with broad keywords that describe the topic covered. An SEO Company in Bangalore helps you to find low-competition and highly relevant keywords.
  • Research your users, what they need out of the topic you’re about to create content. It’ll help better address their needs.
  1. Never Forget To Update Contents

In the fast-paced data-driven world, contents become outdated in no time, even the evergreen ones. 

  • Google always places fresh content on top of the search results. Also, updating old content will allow you to promote them again. Users also prefer content that is relevant to the time.
  • Plus, updating content also helps you to avail the SEO benefits that come with new content apart from being fresh and relevant.
  • That’s the reason why 51% of the companies found updating old content as the most effective content marketing tactic.
  1. Improve Your Website UX

Over the years Google’s intent has been providing a user-friendly experience. If users find your content hard to access, it will demoralize Google from promoting your content. To make your website fast, accessible, and easy to navigate you need to-

  • Make sure to improve your site speed and pagers load quickly.
  • Reconstruct your page navigation in an easy, clear, and concise way.
  • Include interstitials and ads only when they have relevance. Otherwise, it will distract and annoy them, and they’ll leave without reading out.
  1. Review Internal and Outbound Links

Proper use of an internal and outbound link is effective to improve your site’s E-A-T.

  • When you publish a new piece of content, link it with other relevant ones, it’ll keep users engaged. However, do not overemphasize it.
  • Similarly, linking out to other relevant authority sources will give credit to your content also.
  • Many are resistant to this practice, but as long as you’re not linking to your competitors, it’s good for your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Once Google observes a trend in your contents, it will tag you with authority, and visit your site more to collect information.

Consistency is the key. Regularly updating your site with long-lasting content is not an easy task and a Digital marketing agency in Bangalore analyzes your business to derive the best content marketing strategy that lasts.


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