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5 Rookie Trails That Are A Must See In New York

Advice For Rookies

Even if you haven’t had a lot of chances to camp in New York State, you can find trails that will take your breath away without stealing all of your energy. 1. Study your hike—yes, the pictures on Instagram and Google Images are cool, but you should take a little time to look at the hike you’re thinking about. A combination of web searches that yield feedback from general visitors, experienced hikers, and even inexperienced hikers can give you a full range of what to expect and anticipate. Some great sources are AllTrails, The Outbound, and TripAdvisor.

Explore with a Friend

Not only does having a friend make your time more fun, but it can also make it safer. Exploring with a mate helps you to look out for the well-being of each other. It also allows you to drive each other when there are challenging segments.

Besides, there may be occasions when the temperature increases higher than anticipated, the water supply is drained, or an incredible outdoor experience occurs. Whatever the case, the planning is the secret. Hiking alone is an option, but you should tell your friend/park ranger your location and the estimated time for your return if you want to do so.

Get yourself comfortable

If you’re not comfortable with it, nothing else matters. Hiking is a relaxing, liberating, often challenging experience. The trick to being happy is to know what you’re all right about and balance that with your trek. Also, make sure you have the required things to make your travel more enjoyable. Purchasing a sturdy pair of hiking shoes/boots is going to be a big step (pun intended) in the right direction. The right shoes keep your feet comfortable (or warm in a cold climate), promote mobility and agility, and provide the help you need to complete your walk.

Take It Slow

As you become a more seasoned hiker, you’re going to want to face more obstacles, and understandably so. As a rookie hiker, we recommend a modest start to create confidence and experience. First, try to visit more popular destinations, as other hikers will be on the trail with you. Look at the nearby parks (city, state, and national) and recreation areas for simple outdoor opportunities. Trails within the most popular parks are usually well-marked and well-maintained. You will be safe, and you will continue to build your confidence on your journey.

For the best results, follow the basic hiking rules not to suffer any skin breakdown or structural injuries. Never hike in new shoes and never pack more than you need.

Shelving Rock Mountain Trail

Campers and glampers near Fort Ann, New York, will love the hiking in Lake George Wild Forest. Throughout this nearly two-hour hike, you’ll enjoy views of Lake George and a roughly 800-foot elevation gain. There will be many spots to stop, enjoy the light and the fresh air, and enjoy the spectacular views.

Consider staying in a luxury tent in Bakers Mills, New York, then heading just a bit east to Lake George for a lovely day of hiking and perhaps some swimming. Like many lakes in upstate New York, you’ll find plenty of cool water to soothe tired muscles. Even better, you may find a winery on your way back to your tent.

Indian Head and Rainbow Falls

West of Lake Champlain, you can enjoy an 11-mile hike that will reward you with views of a waterfall. Even better, you can rent a cabin near Keene Valley that will perfectly suit you and a partner, or shelter just you for a weekend of peace.

The Indian Head Trail is well-trafficked, particularly in the summer as folks flee New York City looking for fresher and cooler air. While this hike will take some time, your risk of isolation is very slight, and the chance to see Rainbow Falls will be worth putting some miles on your boots!

Cascade Mountain

While a rookie hiker may question anything that includes “mountain” in the name, it should be noted that there are many exciting lookouts along the way. There will be some bare rock scrambling at the top of this 5-mile hike, or you can skip the summit and enjoy the view lower on the trail.

The key to having a good time on this trail is to start early enough in the day that you can get home before it’s dark. In the summer, mosquitoes can be quite a challenge in this area, and the winter will be cold. Just to the northwest, you’ll find glamping new york sites galore near Lake Placid.

Watkins Glen

While this trail is only two miles, the descent will take you down 400 feet and give you the chance to enjoy almost 20 waterfalls. Enjoy the scenery on the way down and celebrate your achievement when you get back to the top by visiting one of the many remarkable wineries in the area and treating yourself to a crisp white wine.

For your stay, consider glamping at the Mountain Horse Farm. This area is used as a sanctuary. If you need peace, quiet, and a place to breathe, you may never want to leave! There are multiple glamping options, and bed and breakfast are what you prefer.

Grimes Glen

Your glamping trip to Grimes Glen can include an excellent, simple hike along Grimes creek as well as views of a 60-foot waterfall. For those who are more experienced and enjoy having a bit more of a challenge, there are ropes in place to help you climb up to the top of the falls. If you’re also looking for a glamping trip, consider a stay in a rented RV in the Arrowhead Marina and RV Park.

A hike will enhance your stay near Naples, New York, in the Cumming Nature Center. In addition to natural beauty and fresh air, schedule a visit to the Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm. Study the maple syrup making process, from tree maintenance to sap collection to final treat at this working farm.

Hiking is just one of the enjoyable and relaxing things you can do on your glamping trip. Stay in a tiny cabin, a custom tent, or a private cottage with room for you and a loved one. Check out the local hiking trails and plan around the sights you want to see. Most importantly, enjoy the fresh air and lakes of the wilder parts of New York.

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