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5 Remote HR Initiatives To Boost Employee Morale


According to Business Insider magazine, approximately 50% of human resources were expected to work remotely by 2020, and the COVID-19 outbreak accelerated this. Employee morale involves the feelings and satisfaction of your workers regarding their duties and workspace environment.

Your HR department is responsible for developing remote initiatives that boost employee morale. Furthermore, workers’ perceptions of their workspaces often impact their morale and performance. Workers with great morale appear satisfied and enjoy their responsibilities in your business. Conversely, workers with low morale appear dissatisfied and perceive their job negatively.

Today’s virtual work environment requires unique HR strategies to boost your employees’ morale. As such, HR teams are creating remote initiatives that aim at enhancing employee morale for virtual workers. High morale among workers is realized when they feel recognized, appreciated, and valued by their organization.

Here are 5 remote strategies that can help you boost employee morale.

Encourage Regular Virtual Face-to-face Meetings

Encouraging regular virtual face-to-face meetings is one of the most powerful strategies to boost employee morale. Studies have shown that over 80% of workers who attend weekly virtual meetings feel valued by their companies. Such remote meetings have particularly proven useful during the Covid-19 pandemic period. Therefore, your HR team should create regular virtual meetings to boost employee morale.

Additionally, your HR team should stay focused on the well-being of your virtual workers. Creating virtual social forums where workers can share ideas, the challenges they encounter, and socialization can help boost their mental well-being. Employees whose mental state is taken care of have high morale and are more productive. Ultimately, establishing social forums helps avoid anxiety and stress among your virtual workers, leading to a workforce with high morale.

Leverage the Right Virtual Tools

Technological advancement has made it easy for HR managers to develop remote initiatives that boost employee morale. Virtual team building apps offer robust and flexible sharing and engagement platforms for your virtual workers to interact. Your company can utilize such virtual tools to boost employee morale in various ways.

First, the tools can be used as a platform for the recognition and acknowledgment of workers. For instance, you can recognize new employees, individual employee achievements and enable workers to propose their co-workers for awards. Second, the tools can help post essential updates, such as attained objectives and acquisition of new clients. Therefore, using the right tools, HR teams can boost employee morale, leading to high performance among your virtual workers.

Collect Workers’ Feedback

Collecting your workers’ feedback is a perfect way to boost their morale. Your HR team can create remote platforms where workers can voice their suggestions and give feedback. For instance, you can create social media platforms where you collect workers’ feedback. Through such initiatives, you can boost employee morale as workers feel valued, keeping them motivated while working remotely.

However, gathering employee feedback alone isn’t enough. Employees want to see you implementing their suggestions. Therefore, acting on some of the employees’ feedback or merely thanking them for their opinions can boost their morale. Recent research has shown that demoralized workers cost businesses in the U.S approximately $550 billion annually in lost productivity. These statistics are alarming, and HR teams should encourage the collection of employee feedback as an initiative to boost workers’ morale.

Provide Remote Employee Training and Development Programs

Establishing remote training and development programs for your workers can give them a sense of purpose. In turn, having a purpose helps employees to stay focused and work towards achieving set goals. Your HR team can offer online training to enhance employees’ skills, thus helping them have a sense of career development. Eventually, such programs can help your workers stay motivated.

These trainings don’t have to be only skill-set trainings. They can include trainings on how to handle work stress or what to do when you are struggling with your mental health when working remotely. Your HR department needs to be in direct and frequent contact with your workers so you can know when and how they are struggling in the transition to remote working.

Establish a Healthy Remote Workspace

Creating a healthy remote work environment is crucial to boost employee morale. Your HR team should ensure that employees have access to all the necessary tools and technology to facilitate remote working. You should also establish a mechanism to respond to unhealthy situations to make the workflow smooth for your remote workers. Eventually, creating the right remote workspace can help boost employee morale, leading to high productivity.

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