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5 Reasons Why You Need An Email Marketing Campaign For Your Business


Over the past few years, email marketing seems to have taken a back seat, with rivals such as SEO and PPC becoming more predominantly used. However, the benefits of email marketing shouldn’t be overlooked as it is an extremely cost-effective and personal marketing method that has proven to be very successful in the past. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you need an email marketing campaign for your business! 

An Introduction To Email Marketing

Email marketing works by collating people who subscribe to receive emails from you, whether that be existing customers or people who are interested in becoming customers. You then send out highly relevant and interesting content to all of your subscribers, with the hope that they will visit your website and make a purchase or enquiry. 

Now, this is not always the case, as the amount of people who click through to your website from an email is around 2.5%, and of course not all of those people make a purchase. However, as email marketing costs next to nothing, your return on investment is likely to be very good. 

Email marketing is not as widely used as it once was, for the most part because companies weren’t doing it properly so it wasn’t effective. However, if you have a good long term strategy, you don’t overwhelm you customers and you send them emails that they genuinely want to open, then you have every chance of being successful! 

  1. It Doesn’t Cost Much

If you have a marketing department, aside from time, email marketing will cost next to nothing. One of your staff could be responsible for crafting these emails, and although they will have time taken away from other tasks, it is certainly worth the investment. It doesn’t cost anything to send out the emails, so it is a perfectly viable option for every business.

Alternatively, you could hire copywriters and graphic designers who will be able to design amazing emails for your campaign. Again, although this might involve a small investment, your returns are likely to be fantastic when things are done properly! Doing in-house SEO or PPC can be difficult as it is a hard skill to master, so email marketing is a much better option for companies without a huge budget. 

  1. You Can Offer Personalised Content

Another great benefit of email marketing campaigns is that you can offer personalised content. You could analyse what your customers are buying, or the things that particular age groups in your customer base are interested in, and create the perfect emails for them. 

For example, say your customers who are 18-30 are particularly interested in the mens full tracksuits that you sell. If you are releasing a new product line of these tracksuits, you could send out an email to those who would be interested along with exclusive access to the products before release. You could also send a 10% discount code to thank them for being such loyal customers. 

The chance of a customer not only opening your email, but also clicking through and buying something, will be much higher if you spend time considering exactly what they might want. 

  1. Fantastic Return On Investment

When email marketing is done right, it can produce a fantastic return on investment. Due to the low costs, you will be looking at about 42x ROI, meaning you will make £42 for every £1 you spend. 

You can run many different cost effective campaigns throughout the year. A great tip to maximise your ROI is not to overload customers with too many emails. Not only will this be frustrating, but the more often you send emails, the less likely the customer will be to act on it. 

So, send emails around every two weeks or once a month with enticing offers that they can’t refuse, and you should save money and make money at the same time! 

  1. Build A Strong Relationship With Customers

Email marketing is also a great tool in order to help you build a strong relationship with your customers. You don’t always have to send discount codes, but instead you should mix it up with content that your customers will really enjoy. For example, a women’s clothing brand might send out a summer lookbook for all their subscribers. 

First and foremost, this will provide useful content that people will enjoy, thus reinforcing their trust in the brand. However, this is also a great opportunity to highlight new pieces to your audience and hopefully increase sales. Email marketing is about finding a balance between providing great content and encouraging your customers to purchase. Once you have done that, you will be flying! 

  1. Easy Way To Collect Feedback

You can easily collect feedback through email marketing to help make consistent improvements to your brand. Every few months, you could send out an email containing a link to a survey about the company and any areas you want feedback on. The subject of the email could be something like ‘Complete Our Survey For 20% Off Your Order’. This will get people interested. 

Again, make sure that you don’t send too many of these out. 2-3 a year should suffice, depending on how often you are wanting to receive feedback. Your customers will be happy and you can make improvements, so it’s a win win! 

What To Avoid When It Comes To Email Marketing

Before we leave you to start crafting your amazing email marketing campaign, it would be handy to point out a few things you need to avoid. 

Firstly, be conscious of any words that may come across as inauthentic, and therefore spammy. Make sure you don’t stuff too many keywords into your email, overuse the word ‘free’ or use too many capitals or exclamation marks. 

Also, make sure you don’t try too hard to sell. This will completely put off your potential customers, so as we said previously, focus on providing excellent content and your sales should naturally increase. 

You should also ensure that your emails are optimised for mobile devices. For many businesses, the majority of their users are on mobile, so making sure that the email looks great on their device is essential. Ensure that it loads quickly, the clickable items aren’t too close together and they don’t have to scroll for a long time to reach the important information. 

Finally, don’t make your email too long. Whilst you want to provide good content, this doesn’t mean it has to be really long. Make your point and provide the value the user will want and then leave it at that. This is a great way to leave a customer wanting more! If you are struggling to fit the information you want to into a concise email, write a blog post for your website and attach the link into your email. This way, if the customer wants to read more, they can. 

Final Thoughts

If you are wanting to try something new when it comes to marketing your business, give email marketing a go. There are plenty of different ways to gradually build up your email subscribers, whether that be through offers and competitions or more organically. 

Spend a small amount of time and money investing in email marketing and you won’t regret it. 

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