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5 Proven Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking can be like a thrilling roller coaster ride, often very overwhelming at first but once we get used to and overcome our fear it can have a profound impact on one’s persona. It holds the potential to radically transform and advance us from personal to professional and almost in every sphere of our life. Aiding in boosting self-confidence, developing critical thinking, and refining communication skills, it can be quite a daunting and frightening experience to step on the stage and speak to any number of audience. Speaking in front of a crowd is considered the number one fear of the average person, fear number two is death.

So here we put together some proven methods by which we can overcome the fear of public speaking and deliver a speech flawlessly with confidence.

Admit Nervousness:

Admitting that we are nervous and stressed makes us manage it more effectively. As when we realize that we are nervous we can now divert our focus from telling ourselves that, “I’m not nervous” to “I’m nervous” which will bring us back in the present moment. The next step is to recognize the fact it is natural to be a tad nervous before taking on stage. No matter how big or successful a speaker is, everyone feels this tickling before taking on stage.


This can be a powerful tool when it comes to public speaking. Being aware of one’s Breathing brings back us in the present moment giving control over our nerves, restoring confidence. Shapira, who has been a Harvard lecturer, opera singer, and TEDx speaker and also has her own communication consulting believes, Deep breathing also keeps your voice centered and prevents dangerous uptalk which undermines your credibility and confidence.”

Picture yourself as a winner:

Visualizing or creating the scene and audience contributes greatly to building confidence and overcoming stage fear. As we think that what our body is experiencing is almost areal. This exercise of picturing ourselves positively and delivering an award-winning speech can go long in making us feel more confident when we are delivering the speech. As we have already run that scenario in mind it becomes easy to bring it to life. Karen Mccleave GTA served the public as an Assistant Crown Attorney for more than three decades by handling a variety of caseloads from summary conviction offenses, domestic, sexual, and child abuse, complex frauds. Karen Mccleave Toronto based lawyer knows that life is not always planned; you will come across circumstances outside your control.

Practice, practice, practice:

The often over trite phrase that, “practice makes perfect” can go a long way in warding off the fear of public speaking. There are Some people who are naturally endowed with the ability to go on stage and deliver a flawless speech without any rehearsal or practice. But not everyone is born with it and even the best speakers make it a point to practice before taking on the stage. 

The more you practice open talking, the more effective you will be. With training, you can likewise figure out how to control your nerves and become progressively certain. Start by talking at little occasions and afterward develop to greater gatherings. Acknowledge any open door conceivable to rehearse your open talking and have faith in what you are stating.

Rarely people are born with this great life skill. We must know that no one is a natural public speaker it’s a skill and can be developed and refined through practice. Practicing again and again in front of a mirror wearing the same attire in which the final speech would be delivered has proven to be psychologically quite reassuring when step up to deliver the final speech.

Stop and don’t overthink:

As recommended, to think and picture oneself delivering an excellent speech helps greatly. We also suggest stopping overthinking, as it can ruin any situation. As counter-intuitive it may appear but intense concentration and overthinking may trip us.

Lastly, it is easier to be fearless and fears less when we are together. Get along with people who help feel that way. Practicing together can help us to be prepared, original, vulnerable, and generous and help to polish our public speaking skills and build confidence. We all have something to offer and share, speaking is an opportunity to give it.

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