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5 Methods to Increase Durability of your Lipstick Boxes

The expansion of the cosmetic industry has posed a whole new level of problems for the manufacturers. Apart from making their products high-quality, they also need to focus on packaging such as lipstick boxes to get an edge over their competitors. Though marketing and promotion through packaging are important, the primary objective of boxes will always remain the protection of the product. For the sake of promotion, using customized packages is essential, since, through their usage, they can be printed into desired colors, styles, and designs. As far as enhancing the strength is concerned, packaging manufacturers keep searching for ways and techniques through which the ultimate protection of the product can be guaranteed. This includes protection from both physical pressures as well as environmental deterioration such as UV rays, etc. Keeping both aspects of marketing balanced is necessary; otherwise, major repercussions will have to be faced.

Improving the durability of lipstick boxes is necessary. However, getting this done is quite a difficult task, and requires a lot of thinking before being achieved. This durability needs to be gained, but not at the expense of the looks. Therefore, a substantial amount of effort needs to be done to come up with a durable design. Let’s discuss some possibilities through which such designs can be made. 

Rigid Packaging 

The first step towards getting stronger packaging is the usage of stronger materials. Often, manufacturers neglect the material of the packaging and choose low-quality material, which costs low. However, these materials are detrimental to the safety of the product. Lipsticks are generally an elegant and delicate product; they can break if the box they are placed in is weak. Since many custom display lipstick boxes which are placed at the shelves and aisles of retail outlets are not dealt with a lot of care, there is a high possibility that these boxes and hence the contents inside can get damaged. To ensure that this does not happen, rigid packaging must be used. These boxes are considerably sturdier than the normal boxes and stay in shape even if they have to undergo strong physical pressure. Moreover, their protection can also be recognized by the fact that they often have double layers on the interior, which ensure that even in the worst possible scenarios, the product does not get damaged.

However, unlike popular belief, these boxes are strong but not unappealing and visually displeasing. Rather, they are more aesthetic and premium looking than regular boxes. These are likely to make the customer perceive the product as high quality. This perception can be cashed in terms of monetary benefits as a higher price can be charged. Moreover, the customer attraction towards these boxes, while it is displayed amongst its rivals, is higher, therefore giving an edge to the company. 

Sleeve Boxes 

No matter how tough material is used, there remains the possibility that under extreme pressures, a box can give up. This means that at least a double layer of protection should be present. This dual protection is not provided by any packaging design but sleeve boxes. These packages come in a double layer. The upper one is a mere slider that covers the actual box which holds the product. The primary box is usually made out of strong materials such as paperboard, which guarantees the utmost standards of protection itself, but the security is enhanced with the sliding panel, which like the box, is quite strong.

The facility of obtaining custom printed lipstick boxes mean that sleeve boxes can be printed as per the requirements of the company. All information such as usage directions, ingredients, and medical board approvals, etc., which guarantee the quality of the product can be mentioned. In addition to that, the printing of logos and slogans and usage of desired colors is also a possibility. Therefore, the best protection and beautiful looks, both can be gained simultaneously with this box. 

Protective Labels 

Physical deterioration is not the only factor that deteriorates the durability of the packaging. Rather, the product can also be harmed through natural agents such as UV rays and water. For ensuring that such factors do not deteriorate the product, labels such as waterproof labels can be essential. These labels have a special coating of waterproofing on them, which means that water cannot damage the box. Further enhancing of the protective features can be done by adding weatherproof labels. These labels, in addition to water, also protect from heavy sunlight. What makes them even more attractive is the fact that like custom lipstick boxes, these labels can also be customized, and branding is possible through them.

Airtight Design 

Moisture and humidity can affect the results of a lipstick; therefore, this aspect of the packaging must also be considered. Airtight packages should be used. This airtightness can be guaranteed through designs that do not allow any moisture or air to get inside. The flaps, as well as the panels, should cover all the gaps, and any openings such as windows should be covered with clear plastic sheets. This thorough covering not just protects the product from deteriorations such as humidity, but also physical shocks and pressures. Packages like lipstick boxes USA must be made airtight to sustain the product for a long period.

Strong Adhesives 

Box panels and flaps are glued together to each other. These adhesives need to be strong so that they can hold the packages together for a long time. Strong tapes and glues must be used, which can keep the packaging in shape. Even if heavy lipsticks are placed in the box, no damage will occur whatsoever. Therefore, improving the durability of the box.

All the aforementioned points are going to be essential for improving the endurance of the packaging. Boxes with such traits can be obtained in bulk quantity from lipstick boxes wholesale dealers; therefore, availability is no issue. Moreover, they are not very costly either, since discounted lipstick boxes can also be bought from packaging providers. This means that extremely durable boxes can be obtained easily and cheap prices, therefore they must be used.

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