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5 methods for tree stump removal


There can be many reasons to remove a tree from a yard. Some people do it for aesthetics. They want to change the look of their yard and the tree just happens to be in the way of that. The same can be said for landscaping and renovations. Sometimes a tree needs to be removed to make way for a new decking, shed, or garage in the backyard. 

What a lot of people don’t realise is that a standard tree removal service doesn’t always get rid of the tree stump too. So what you’re left with is a tree stump sitting there in the middle of your yard. While this may not always be a problem, for some homeowners it still represents a job that’s half done. A tree stump can still get in the way of putting in new plants or landscaping features.

To eliminate a tree stump from your yard completely you can do it yourself or book a stump removal Melbourne service. You’ll find many stump removal specialists in Melbourne. So it’s a matter of choosing the right service provider you can rely on. Once you call a stump removal expert, you may have the choice of a few options. 

Confused about which stump removal option is right for you? In this article we’ll break down all the options you may have for a tree stump removal. So read on to find out more about stump removal Melbourne options that may be available near you. 

  1. Using chemicals

Some tree stump removal experts will offer using chemicals to remove the tree stump. This is one of the most time-consuming ways of doing it. Stump remover chemicals can take up to a year until the stump starts to rot. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to remove a tree stump. 

One advantage of this removal method is that it doesn’t require any heavy-duty tools and equipment like a chainsaw or drill. Chemicals for this form of tree stump removal can cost as little as $20 from your local hardware or gardening store. 

So if you’re not in a rush to remove your tree stump, using chemicals may be one of your best options. It will save you a lot of effort and money that other methods may require. 

  1. Manual removal

Depending on the size of the tree stump you may be able to remove it manually. This is another cheap option but it’s not necessarily one of the easiest ways to do it. This method of trees stump removal can take several hours to complete. So it’s probably best you set aside an entire day for the task.

This tree stump removal method isn’t exactly cheap. You may need tools such as a digging bar, bow saw, and an axe. This method will require you to dig around the tree stump before using a tool like a digging bar to get underneath it, creating a lever to essentially lift the tree stump out fo the ground. 

This method is one of the most physically taxing ways to remove a tree stump so it’s best to use the right gear and get as much help as you can. 

  1. Stump burning

One fast way to remove a stump yourself is the burn method. This is best done with the combination of using chemicals or manually lifting. You will find various stump removal products available online that are specifically designed for helping you burn down a tree stump. 

To start this tree stump removal process you should first drill holes into the stump and insert tree stump removal product inside. Next, you should pour a flammable liquid like kerosene or fuel oil into the holes. After igniting the tree stump the flames should help break down the tree stump for you. 

When the flame starts to smoulder it’s time to cover the stump with topsoil to help kill the fire completely. Once the fire is put out, the tree stump should be weak enough to break apart and remove from the ground. 

  1. Stump grinding

When a stump’s roots are in too deep, one of your best options will be using a stump grinder. These machines are specifically designed for grinding down old stumps down to their roots. You can hire a stump grinder to use at home but it can be costly and very heavy. So you’ll need the right vehicle to take it home in if you decide to hire one from your local hardware store. 

You’ll also need the right safety equipment such as gloves and goggles to protect yourself while you’re grinding away at the tree stump. One of the great things about using a stump grinder is that you will be able to get down deeper into the root system after you’ve gotten through the larger part of the tree stump. 

After you’re down grinding up the roots of the stump you’ll also find it easier to dig up whatever is left of the root system underneath. 

  1. Ask the experts instead

If all of these tree stump removal methods seem too time-consuming or complicated to do yourself there is always an easier option. Simply call a local tree stump removal service. Tree removal experts like Daryl’s Tree Care have specialised in tree stump removal for years now. 

With certified Arborists on the team, you can rest assured that your tree stump removal will be taken care of by real professionals who know what they’re doing. The experts at Darryl’s Tree Care have the right knowledge, experience, and access to the right tools for the job. So to book a reliable tree stump removal Melbourne service, call Darryl’s Tree Care today on 9897 4418.

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