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5 Law Firm Website Design Tips To Get Better Branding

It is true that legal industry is one competitive field, which makes it quite crucial that your selected law firm must stand out in the crowd. The first step to implement in this regard is to ensure that your potential clients notice you. For that, you have to create a wonderful online site using proper law firm website design. It must be able to focus on your practices well and show the potential clients that you have the perfect knowledge and skills to pull their projects off. You are out there to win cases for your clients and they better know your credentials for that.

With the help of WordPress and some thousands of themes designed with lawyers’ needs in mind, creating that perfect online site is not difficult anymore. However, if you want to stand out, you have to go up and beyond the basic premade themes. There are some of the top-notch website designs available and applicable for the law firms to create one beautiful and engaging website for covering your legal practices well.

1. Some branding tips you need to follow:

Greater branding will work far better than your colors and company logos. The brand is what makes you stand out in the selected industry and ensure how your clients will remember your portfolio. The same rule is applicable in the law industry. The brands need to be well reflected on website. For that, going through some necessary tips to create a perfect legal website design is crucial.

Using logo and name of the legal firm:

The logo needs to be used in the website design of the attorney as this helps in building brand recognition. Then the brand recognition will allow client to recognize the posts immediately both online and offline.

  • It is mandatory for you to use the name of the legal firm or practices in URL of the website rather than just using exact matching domains. Even though, it is noted to be a standard practice previous time, right now it bears nothing on SEO ranking.
  • You can consider taking examples of some reliable websites of personal injury attorneys. They are using the name of their law firm as main domain name. Furthermore, they are describing areas of law practiced upon and location, right on homepage of website to gain further organic traffic.

2. For the brand colors:

A perfect way to ensure that your Custom Law Firm Website Design is unique even when you are using a premade theme is by using the colors of your brand. You can make use of the color as the background, CTA and on buttons. You can use the same colors in links or when you are trying to add visual separation to various sections of websites.

  • Right now, the WordPress themes will come with various customization options to help you change colors with a click.
  • If you want, you can further add brand colors in various sections of the online site. While doing so, remember to offer sufficient contrast between text and background.
  • Another noted tip over here is to save some of the brighter colors like oranges or reds for CTA. It helps them to be spotted easily.

3. Make sure to stress advantage:

You have to find out what will set you apart from some of the other law firms, specializing in same practice area and stress it throughout attorney website design. The advantage over here will help the potential clients to just relate to you and decide whether you are that one right lawyer for covering this case or not. If you want, you can always use advantage in headlines on site, and try to use the same in About Us page and add it to your tagline too.

4. Get on with the marketing tips:

There are some tips available to help make your site more visible on search engines. It can further be used for attracting more traffic to site through content marketing and social media.

5. Remember to list law firm with Google My Business:

The first and primary thing to consider is listing law firm with Google My Business. You can create the listing over here completely free of cost. For that, you have to enter information like name of business, website, industry and location. After that, you have to verify business by just entering that code, which will be mailed to you directly. The law firm web design companies might help you to cover these steps.

  • When the business gets verified, you can enter valid information like your description, valid working hours and what you plan to do. It helps in increasing chances of website showing up in search results more when people are searching for lawyers near your location at Google.
  • The results on Google will display those firms with phone number, star rating, working hours and directions and links to the original website of the law firm. You might even notice some reviews, designed to build a stronger reputation of your site.

These simple tips and steps are the ones to watch out for whenever you are planning to design the perfect website for the legal firms. Always be sure to ask the pros for help as they know what they are doing. They have already worked with some of the brilliant names of the legal industry, and can help you find your way as well.


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