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5 Helpful Ways To Secure Your Business Name


Your new business may not be famous yet, but the genius behind your brand will be the foundation of your global success. When you formally do the research and choose your forever business name, you will be offering a bold statement to the world. The internet provides worldwide exposure for every business, so you must not only create your business name but protect it from infringement. It’s time to dive deep into the mission and persona of your new business.

Here are 5 Helpful Ways To Secure Your Business Name.

1. Search for Existing Domains and Trademarks 

Before you commit to your formal registered office address in London, choose your domain name and a trademark. A trademark reinforces your domain name and consists of words, slogans, tag-lines, logos, shapes, and colors. Every business needs a name that you can protect legally. Your domain name is vital since you will use this for your website, social media, emails, and all branding.

Since the domain name will be uniquely yours, the first thing you must do to secure your business name is to find out if anyone else owns the name. Your first step is to make a list of your top three-five company names. 

First, create a unique name for your firm. Then, you must register your business trademark. Frequently, trademarks are rejected if they are too descriptive. Avoid celebrity or product names; don’t try to fake a name that “sounds like” another famous brand either. If you can, create a catchy, unique “coin word” for your trademark, which you came up with on your own.

Then, armed with your inspirational names, you must do some deep research to be sure another company is not using your new business name. Do an internet search for your favorite business name, first by using any search engine such as Google. Then, you can also use the AI search engines at for free. If your domain name is available, purchase it.

2. Purchase Your Domain Name and Create Logo

Once you are ready with a unique name, purchase it from a domain site. Some well-known domain companies include GoDaddy and SquareSpace. These two giant domain platforms offer affordable prices and much more similar services. You can buy your domain name here and pay a small fee for your business emails, which always set you separate and above impersonal emails.

Another benefit of working with these large domain sites is their affordable, easy-to-use websites and landing pages. If you keep your website simple, use their drag-and-drop creative tools for a fast, clean, and robust site.

An essential branding tip for success for any new domain is to design an attractive logo. Please keep it clean, easy to understand, and be sure you do not copy any other business logo. You can find a local graphic designer for this or visit Fiverr, an international site brimming with creative visual artists, writers, and more. Fiverr is the perfect way to find someone for designing your logo and doing it fast. Prices vary, and designers share examples of their work.

3. Register Your Business Trademark and Logo 

When you have your domain name, logo, and website underway, it’s time to register your Business trademark plus logo with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). This legal entity allows you to find information and the forms you need to fill out for your new business. As noted above, the IPO also has search tools, so be sure always to use their free search engine.

When you register for your UK trademark, you must first choose a class. The site lists 34 types of classes and ten service classes right on the front page. So scroll down and find the one that matches your new business. Each class is numbered and labeled, so it’s a simple process. The categories include goods in classes 1-34, and services are listed in 35-45. Costs to register a trademark are £170 for one specific class online, but you also have an option to send in your registration via printed forms for a higher cost of £250. 

If you want to choose more than one class for your trademark, pay an additional £50 per selected extra class. Make sure to have your slogan, tagline, logo, or keyword ready when you register.

4. Why Copyright Protection for a Business Name is a Must

When you copyright your work and business logo, you protect it from thieves or anyone mistakenly using your business assets. Every copyright offers both “moral” and economic rights in the UK. Moral rights refer to every copywriter owner’s legal right to be known as the creator of that particular work.

Economic rights protect your copyrighted work from being copied, shared, distributed, or broadcast. A copyright owner is given economic and moral rights to their work. The moral rights get centered around the owner’s rights that need to be identified as the work’s author. However, all these are separate from the economic rights, which incorporate the right to distribute, copy, adapt, or broadcast the work. Once you copyright your work, this protection lasts for the author’s life plus 70 years.

5. Licensing Your Business Name

A powerful benefit of copywriting your work is your ability to license your work once your brand grows. The possibilities for positive exposure, brand protection, plus profits are enormous when you copyright your business name and assets. Any copyright protected company can license the brand to larger firms to grow the reach, enjoy large profits, and delve into new iterations of sales.

Licensing is a legal agreement that protects your agreement and means you financially benefit from its use by another company. Authorized licensing is a way to protect your business name further. When you activate licensing of your protected business name, this action can be used as evidence against any other party trying to repudiate your licensing agreement or anyone using your work or brand without your express permission.


Final Thoughts

Protecting your business name is an integral part of owning a company. In the UK, the process is simple, once you determine your name and take the legal steps to register your company. Your new business will be protected for life by following these helpful ways as it builds an enduring legacy.

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