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5 G-Suite features businesses absolutely love


If you have your own business, it is highly likely that you have come across the premium services of Google, in the form of G-suite. It’s the only service you’ll ever need to streamline the way everyone interacts and collaborates on important tasks and projects in your company. Not only does it offer a number of amazing features, but it also comes with G-suite support that is outstandingly helpful in explaining to you how the different features of this application work as well as guiding you towards the right feature that may assist you in the issue you have been facing in your business. In this article, we will talk about the particular features of G-suite that will be beneficial to any organisation, no matter the field.

What is G-suite

G-Suite, now known as Google Workspace,  is a series of tools, applications and products created and distributed by Google for cloud computing, productivity and collaboration. Google Workspace includes Gmail for emails, shared Calendar for scheduling, Contacts, Meet and Chat for communication; Currents for employee engagement; Drive for storage; Google Docs suite and Slides for content creation, and Google sheets for other purposes. Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Calendar can be easily shared and so can be the drive itself. However, there are separate options for sharing within a specific G-suite community and outside of it in order to retain privacy. There is also an Admin Panel for managing the users and services.

Although most of these services are accessible individually to customers using free Google (Gmail) accounts, Google Workspace adds a lot many business features which can be extremely beneficial for businesses, including extremely reliable G-suit email hosting and 24×7 telephone and G-suite support. What is more, a G-suite account is completely ad-free – there are no advertisements while using the services and the data over this workplace is not used for any advertising purposes like in the personal accounts – making the information in these accounts much more private. The users of a G-suite can also tweak the privacy and security settings according to their needs.

5 G-suite features every business loves

  1. A super flexible account with your company’s own domain name:

G-suit provides each company with its own professional email ID. As you must have noticed, your personal email ID looks like or and the like. A professional email ID for a company has the company name in it, as in, This serves a number of purposes – 

  • You endorse the name of your business: The professional email you and your staff use ends with “” and that is everywhere. From your clients to your other connections get to learn the name of your company even if you haven’t provided any service yet, which is a big head start in your marketing process.
  • Customers start taking you seriously: A legit website along with an email ID where the company name is attached looks more professional to customers and increases the reliability of your business. People trust your company more, bringing you more clients.
  • Email marketing becomes much easier: You can send emails without fear of them falling into spam folders if you have a professional, i.e., a trustworthy email address. Moreover, having a business email which comes with its own G-suite email hosting makes this part much more trustworthy for you as well.
  1. Google cloud services:

Everything that you do over a google account – files in Google Drive, emails and drafts in Gmail, Conversations in Hangouts Chat and Google Groups – get saved in Google clouds. However, a G-suite account gives you huge storage for this data. While the basic plan gives you 30GB, you can extend it up to unlimited storage with the higher plans, and this is only for the data you specifically save, i.e., excluding all the files you create and store using Google’s own Docs, Sheets or Slides.

This cloud feature of Google not only helps you sync all your company data across devices to make all remote work extremely feasible, even when one of the devices is replaced with another, but you and every user of the G-suite account can search across all apps in the account by using Google Cloud Search feature. As an administrator of the account, you can scan through both your own details and other users’ G Suite accounts, while your users are only able to search for the data they have access to. You also get your office G-suite support in Australia available any time of the day for any issues that you might encounter while using the services.

  1. Management becomes much easier:

One of the best features of a G-suite account is the help it brings to the management. 

  • Employee accounts management becomes easier: 

The G-suite account gives you the option of creating as many users account as you like, with their own individual email IDs. Creating a user account in your G-suite Admin Panel also gives you control over which Google Apps that user will be able to use within their G-Suite account. You can even add multiple users in a group and manage them in a group setting as well, which means you can give permissions in a group, or share specific files or messages in the group, etc. What is more, you can monitor the behaviours of each user inside a G-suite account – their conversations, their sent/received emails, the files they are creating and communicating with – and many more.

  • Manage video meetings:

Not only can you share up to 10GB with drive sharing directly through Gmail, but you can also hold meetings with 100+ participants from the G-suite Google meet. The Enterprise plan, in fact, gives you recording, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, and in-domain live streaming – all from Google Meet itself.

  • Data management with Google Vault:

The Business and Enterprise plans of G-suite give you a place to store your sensitive business data, files, and conversations securely – Google Vault. You can save the data for a time specified by you; hold the data safely so that it cannot be accidentally deleted even by you; and you can also search and export any archive, email (including spam, trash, and draft) and conversations. The Enterprise plan also comes with a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature to keep all data safe.

  • Delegating tasks inside G-suite:

As you understand you can create user accounts under your G-suite account, you can even delegate particular tasks to these users using those G-suite accounts themselves. Certain roles are already fed into the system that you can assign to your employees – you can find this option in your admin panel. However, you can also create custom roles for a user which gives them access to the exact features you want and restrict them from others. You can employ someone as “Super Admin” if you want to give them full control over your G-suite environment. There are other less important roles like Group Admin, User Admin, Services Admin, Mobile Admin, and more for the respective specific administration jobs, without relinquishing all your control within G-suite.

  • Manage the location of storage for your data:

G-suite gives you an option of choosing a particular geographical location where you can store the data from Google Calendar, Drive, Forms, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts chat, and New sites. If company policy, country law, or some other enforcement forbids you to store your own and your employees’ data in specific regions, you can use this feature to store your data anywhere, globally. You can even change the region for the storage any time, without experiencing any downtime.

  • Manage what data Google is taking from you:

This privilege comes with an Enterprise G-suite plan. In this, you can see the exact data Google has taken or is taking from you in the logs. This log includes your company data on which a specific action has been taken, the details of the action, the reason behind the action, and more importantly, the location and other details of the Google staff member that took the particular action. In case you have a complaint against the use, you can directly contact Google or G-suite Support to inquire.

  1. Extra privacy of data:

G-suite has a special feature called Google’s Data Leak Protection which essentially scans the data a user shares within Google drive or over Gmail and blocks the sharing if it contains personal data such as credit card numbers or social security numbers. This serves as an extra layer of data privacy, particularly from wicked employees whom you may have provided access to such sensitive data. As a matter of fact, this feature of G-suite support in Australia includes 90+ pre-defined detectors of information that can be used to avoid sharing confidential information. You even have the choice of building custom detectors if you have any other type of information that you want sharing to be restricted upon.

  1. Extra security:

Subscribing for a G-suite account attaches quite a few layers of added security to your account and its data.

  • G-suite security dashboard: 

You can track your entire G-Suite account on your security dashboard and keep an eye out for any security compromises you might have encountered. Your security dashboard shows you the number of spam messages, malware, and phishing messages that have been sent to users in your G-Suite account, the number of failed password attempts for a specific account, the number of activities from a compromised device, i.e. a jailbroken iPhone or a rooted Android, and more. With this tool at hand, you can easily identify the weaker areas of your G-suite account and pay immediate attention to resolve those issues from within the dashboard itself. 

  • Spam, Malware, and Phishing Detection:

G-Suite utilises an advanced machine learning-based scanner to locate and identify dangerous files, documents, and attachments so that you don’t lose valuable information to third-parties; and offers complete G-suite support to help you organize them. Google claims their software to have a success of 99.99% in identifying phishing emails.


Here we could only cover a few features that G-suite provides for you, there are many more which had to go unmentioned because of space constraint. This amazing new invention of Google, along with the strong G-suite support in Australia that it provides, can take management and administration of your business to a new height no matter that size of your company.

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